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Game Updates/2016/October 5

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September 16, 2016 October 5, 2016 October 21, 2016

October 5th, 2016 Land-Based Air Squadron Update

  1. Nakau collaboration mode CG
  2. Maximum number of home base slots expanded to 310.
    • Max equipment also increased by 40
  3. Four new quests added:
  4. It is now possible to use the Land Air Base in the latter part of the central waters (World 6)
    • You need a "Construction Crew" item to unlock it
    • You can get a Construction Crew by completing the quest or from the cash shop
  5. A new map has been implemented in the Central Waters
  6. Once you enable the Land Air Base, you can deploy the following:
    • 6-4: 1 squadron
    • 6-5: 2 squadrons
  7. Regarding air raids:
    • 6-4: There are no air raids
    • 6-5: There is a single air raid while clearing the map. After clearing the map, this no longer occurs.
  8. Two new BGMs will be implemented:
    • "Land Air Base" for the Land Air Base screen
    • Wings of the Sea Eagles" for the 6-5 battle BGM
    • "Carrier Task Force Interception" Off the Coast of KW Atoll - The boss node formation will change as you deplete the gauge.
    • Also, the boss fleet will be accompanied by an escort fleet (this is the first time an Abyssal combined fleet has shown up in any map). Please plan your sorties accordingly!
  9. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
  10. UI & Other Miscellaneous Updates
    • EOs will now display boss gauges at the map selection screen (which will disappear once the gauge has been fully depleted)
    • Updates to the appearance of the Type 1 Land Attacker Model 22A
    • Reduced the bauxite regeneration penalty when the Land-Based Air Squadron is in Rest mode to be less than half

Update Bug

  1. Torpedo animation is bugged and moves slower than usual.