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Game Updates/2016/November 18th

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November 4, 2016 November 18th, 2016 December 9, 2016

Nomvember 18th, 2016 The Fall 2016 Event Update

  1. The Fall 2016 Event has begun.
    • The maps for the main operation (E-1 to E-3) have been added.
      • E-1: The Maritime Transport Operation
      • E-2: The Mainland Air Defense Battle
      • E-3: Announcement! The Third Fleet Operation Act!
    • Maps E-4 and E-5 were unlocked on November 19th, 2016, at around 23:35 JST.
      • Clear your cache and/or refresh your game if the new maps aren't showing up for you.
    • An important note to all Admirals intending to clear the event on Hard difficulty - further (new) conditions now apply:
      • When switching difficulty from any other difficulty to Hard, the map's debuff mechanism (where applicable) will be reset.
        • Switching between any other difficulties will not reset the debuff mechanism.
      • If you are playing on Hard difficulty, it is necessary to preserve the strongest elements of your fleet for the final map.
        • Based on data that has been data-mined so far (refer to the Fall 2016 Event page), it is believed that the final map utilises a separate fleet-lock on Hard mode. Do take this into account before committing any ships to the main operation.
    • The new seaplane tender Commandant Teste will be a reward for completing the main operation (maps E-1 to E-3).
    • The new Shiratsuyu-class destroyer Yamakaze will be obtainable "from E-2 and E-3".
    • As always, equipment and items will be rewarded according to the difficulty selected.
    • A new Kamikaze-class destroyer will also be obtainable; details to be confirmed.
    • Lastly, the Lexington-class aircraft carrier Saratoga will be obtainable as well; again, details to be confirmed.
  2. A note to Admirals who are attempting Transport Operations for the first time:
    • There are various types of ships as well as specific ships that are best suited to performing this kind of operation. If you encounter the enemy many times, or if the amount of supplies transported is very small, consider changing the composition of your fleet for better results.
      • Equipment can also help with improving the amount of supplies transported.
      • ASW countermeasures are also important.