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Game Updates/2016/May 3

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April 22, 2016 May 3, 2016 May 13, 2016

May 3rd, 2016 Spring 2016 Event Update

  1. Implementation of the Limited-Time Map for Spring Event 2016
    • Spring Event 2016 "Deployment! Land-Based Air Group" has been implemented and the operation started! This operation is a large-scale operation dividing into three phases: Early-Stage, Expanded, and Late-Stage Operations.
  2. Early-Stage Operations
    • E-1: "Secure the Control of the Frontline Sea!"
    • E-2: "Land the Team Setting Up the Base!" *Landing Operation
    • E-3: "Set-up the Frontline Airfield!" *Transport Operation
    • E-4: "Launch! Base Airfield Squadron!" *Start using the Base Air Squadrons
  3. About the Results of Early-Stage Operations
    • Clearing Map 3 will allow you to encounter the name-ship of Kamikaze-class Destroyers, Kamikaze. Also, clearing of the map will allow the use of Base Air Squadrons. Clearing Map 4 will allow the increase of said squadrons.
  4. Using the Land-Based Air Groups
    • Once able to utilize, for the maps that allow the usage of Land-Based Air Groups, you will be able to sortie such squadrons. For each squadron, you can give orders to attack a maximum of 2 locations. (You can order the squadron to concentrate on 1 location.)
    • Said squadrons can utilize the usual carrier-based fighters and bombers, but can also utilize land-based bombers and interceptors. Each squadron can have a maximum of 4 Flights of planes. Each squadron can be ordered to "Standby" as well as "Deploy".
    • Expanded Operation (E-5) and the last map of the Late-Stage Operation (E-7) are "Air Elimination" maps. At the start of those maps, air raid from the enemy air base will occur and incur damage to resources and planes in the air squadrons. It is possible to intercept such air raids with fighter squadrons.
  5. Late-Stage Operations
    • Clearing Early-Stage Operations will allow participation in the "Expanded Operation" and "Late-Stage Operations". Late-Stage Operations have 2 maps. By clearing E-7, you can encounter the name-ship of the Iowa-class Battleship, Iowa.
  6. Expanded Operation
    • The Expanded Operation is the "Rabaul Air Elimination". Deploy the Base Air Squadrons to the south and encounter the enemy who has built a new air base.
    • Clearing the operation will allow you to fortify the Base Air Squadrons.
    • It isn't necessary to clear the operation to move to the Late-Stage Operations.
  7. Expanded the Maximum Naval Base Size
    • Now a maximum of 290 ships can be held. Maximum number of equipment that can be held is also increased by 40, to 1260.
    The implementation was delayed for about 10 minutes compared to the rest of the update.
  8. About Using Your Forces
    • Admirals who are choosing Normal or harder difficulties must take care as to which ships will be used in which map. Participating in a map will split up your forces into multiple fleet. The last map of the Late-Stage Operations will allow the full forces to be used.
  9. New Kanmusus
    • Name-ship and 3rd ship of the Kamikaze-class Destroyers Kamikaze and Harukaze, Kagerou-class Destroyer Oyashio, 3rd ship of the Zara-class Heavy Cruiser Pola, and Iowa-class Battleship Iowa are implemented with this update.
  10. Kanmusus Encounterable in the Event