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Game Updates/2016/July 15th

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June 30, 2016 July 15th, 2016 August 1, 2016

July 15, 2016 Summer Swimsuit 2016 Update

Browser Version

  1. Summer Swimsuit Mode Implemented
    • Summer "Swimsuit mode" has been implemented. Kanmusus from last year's Swimsuit mode will be brought back for this year's swimsuit session.
    • In addition, Isuzu, Okinami, Kazagumo, Fusou, Yamashiro, Mamiya and Irako will be getting new Swimsuit Mode CG art for the Summer.
      • Mamiya and Irako's images can be viewed from the Food supply screen, if you wish to view them, if you don't want to use the supplies, just say no so you don't use them
    • Akebono and Oboro's Summer CG art has been modified
    • Kanmusus that you own from the Rainy Season mode CG will be placed in your Kanmusu Dictionary.
  2. Summer Furniture has been implemented
    • Rainy Season Furniture has been removed and replaced
  3. Summer Season Voice Lines
    • Some Kanmusu will have some early Summer and Summer voice lines,
    • 30+ new lines have plans to be given to some kanmusu
  4. New Mission
    • A total of 4 missions have now been added into the game which include the following:
      • B75 [Torpedo Squad, Repeatedly engage the Nansei Island Defense Line!]
      • B76 [Patrol the Oil Refinery Zone Coast!]
      • F36 [New Torpedo Weapon Development]
      • F35 ["Skilled Crew Member" Training] (quaterly)
  5. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
    • Akasahi can now start improving the following Equipment:
      • Zero Fighter Type 53 Iwamoto Squadron
      • Zero Fighter Model 52A Iwamoto Group
      • Zero Fighter Model 52C Iwai Group
      • Zero Model 62 Fighter/Bomber
      • Zero Model 62 Fighter/Bomber Iwai Squad
  6. Kazagumo Drop Location
  7. Naval Base Bar Counter Top Update
    • Now bar countertop will feature Summer themed elements to it.
  8. UI Improvements
    • Connection stabibility has been improved
    • Confirmation screen added to prevent accidental unlocking of ship girls in fleet (Android Version Only)
    • Quest Description has been updated to display in two lines
    • Firework Window Furniture's will display firework display with more power.

Android Version

  1. Updated Expansion of Player Frame
    • More players will now be accepted into the Android update following the completion of the Android version's update.