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Game Updates/2016/August 1

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July 15, 2016 August 1, 2016 August 12, 2016

August 1st, 2016: Summer Part 2 & Android Release Update

Preview of Haruna's swimsuit design from Ichiban Kuji Flyer in Japan
  1. Maximum Home Base Expansion
    • Maximum number of ships and Equipments have been increased. You can now have up to a Maximum of 300 ships and 1300 pieces of equipment (upon purchase)
  2. Additional Mid Summer Voice Lines
    • A Total of 30 new voices lines have been given to some Kanmusu for the Summer!
  3. More Shipgirls in Swimsuits
  4. Summer CG Mode for Mizuho
    • Unlike the Swimsuit mode the others got, Mizuho will be serving Iced Red Beans
  5. New BGM
    • New BGM music can be played at home based titled "Swimsuit Sortie"
  6. New Furniture
    • Sandy Beach Floor *Will play above mentioned BGM
  7. Kancolle Android Version will be open to all admirals.
    • All Admirals who have currently joined the game are now allowed to play Kancolle via Android.
    • New Arrivals will not be able to participate for the time begin.
  8. Update for communications/display
    • Maintenance and upgrades for servers
    • New voice data compression
    • Fixed some ship girl displays
    • Significant upgrades to Rabaul
    • Some updating of communications protocols
  9. Summer Event is set to Start in Mid-August.
    • For all the Adrmials out there, good luck as you prepare for the upcoming event.