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Game Updates/2015/August 10th

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July 31st, 2015 August 10th, 2015 September 7th, 2015

August 10th, 2015

Counter Attack! The Second SN Operation Event Update

For information on this update, please visit the summer event page.

  1. Time-Limited Map "Counterattack! Second Operation SN" Begins!
    KanColle Summer 2015 Event "Counterattack! Second Operation SN" is implemented and the operation has begun! The operation period will be roughly 20 days this summer. This operation is a *large-scale* operation.
  2. Regarding "Counterattack! Second Operation SN" First-Part Operation (Main Operation)
    This portion of the operation consists of four maps:
    • Map 1: Preparation for Second Operation SN!
    • Map 2: Combined Fleet, to the Solomon Sea!
    • Map 3: Confrontation! Second Southern Pacific Ocean Battle
    • Map 4: Charge into the Strait! Destroy the Enemy Airfield!
  3. Encountering New Kanmusu in the First-Part Operation (Main Operation)
    Fleet completing the 2nd map "Combined Fleet, to the Solomon Sea!" will encounter the new kanmusu of this summer... Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer Kawakaze. Admirals completing the last map of the main operation (4th map) will rendezvous with the aircraft fuel oiler Hayasui.
  4. Regarding Combined Fleet
    Map 2 "Combined Fleet, to the Solomon Sea!" and Map 3 "Confrontation! Second Southern Pacific Ocean Battle" are maps involving Combined Fleets. To form a combined fleet, form the main fleet in your first fleet and an escort fleet in your second fleet, then drag the icon for the second fleet over the icon of the first fleet.
  5. Regarding Special Equipment & Items Obtainable During Summer Event
    • By completing the 3rd map "Confrontation! Second Southern Pacific Ocean Battle", it is possible to incorporate the new carrier-based plane Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) into your fleet. It's also possible to chance the plane type via completing a mission.
    • By completing the maps, new items may be obtained, including consumable items such as battle rations and maritime resupply.
    • New Kanmusu encounterable via completing maps do not vary due to difficulities, but item and equipment awarded will change depending on difficulty chosen.
    • The Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) is obtainable on all difficulties.
  6. Regarding "Reinforcement Expansion"
    New item "Reinforcement Expansion" allows a single Lv30 or higher Kanmusu to equip an auxiliary equipment (such as Repair Team/Goddess and Battle Rations) which doesn't take up a regular equipment slot. Available from the item shop, but multiple copies of this item are available from the summer event.
  7. Regarding "Battle Rations"
    Battle Rations is a new item that can be equipped. Between battles during the same sortie, there is a chance of the item activating. The activating Kanmusu will gain a large morale boost, and the ship directly next to her (slot above and below) will share the ration and gain a slight morale boost.
    • The ration is expended upon activation.
  8. With Regards to New System "Plane Expertise"
    Fighters, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, recon planes and such, can now gain expertise level by engaging in battles and scouting. Planes with higher expertise level will now have stripes in their equipment slot to identify them.
  9. Effect of "Plane Expertise"
    Planes with higher expertise level will be able to perform better during battle and recon (including contact/spotting). It is now possible to see bigger results by using planes with high expertise level.
  10. Gain/Loss of "Plane Expertise"
    The "Plane Expertise" level goes up if the plane is used repeatedly in battle, but will be lowered if high amount of loss is suffered. If it is completely eliminated, the expertise level is reset.
    • The plane's performance will never be lower than current status, however.
  11. Regarding the Expanded Operation (Extra Operation)
    It is possible to participate in the expanded operation by completing the four maps of the main operation.
    • Note that Map 5 is an operation to a different front, so please consider how to divide up your forces.
    Admirals completing Map 5 can participate in the further expanded operation "Operation FS". The second stage of the expanded operation, "Operation FS", begins tomorrow (August 11th) at 18:00 (JST). Map 6 and 7 will be available at that point.
  12. Addendum to "Second Operation SN" Main Operation
    It is possible to encounter new kanmusus via defeating enemy main forces even during the main operation. During the main operation, apart from what we introduced earlier (Kawakaze and Hayasui), it is possible to encounter seaplane tender Mizuho and Shiratsuyu-class destroyer Umikaze.
  13. Addendum Regarding New Items Implemented Today
    Multiple copies of each item implemented today - despite being available in the item shop - can be obtained from this event. Also, they can be gained via completing repeatable quests and such even after the event. Please utilize them at your own pace.

August 11th, 2015

Counter Attack! The Second SN Operation Event Update Part 2

  1. Summer Event: Second Expanded Operation (Extra Operation) "Operation FS" Has Begun!
    The further extended operation for the KanColle Summer Event... Operation FS. Operation has begun!
    • Operation FS will only become accessible upon completing "Second Operation SN" and the first expanded operation.
    • A certain quest must be completed in order to start this operation.
  2. Deployment Strategy for the Summer Event: Second Expanded Operation "Operation FS"
    "Operation FS" consists of Map 6 and Map 7. Fleet centered around the mobile task force that were participating in the Second Southern Pacific Ocean Battle can be deployed to the 6th map, where as all ships deployed in the Solomon Seas can be used in 7th map.
  3. New Kanmusu Encountered in the Second Expanded Operation "Operation FS"
    The Italian Destroyer Libeccio could be encountered in the expanded operation to the western waters; Yuugumo-class Destroyer Kazagumo can be encountered in the "Operation FS" that began today, and upon completion of all operations, Akizuki-class Anti-Air Destroyer Teruzuki can be encountered!
  4. Bug Fix for Plane Experise
    It's possible to gain (and lose) plane expertise when you initiate a PvP Battle, but this was also taking place when PvP battle is initiated against you, and this has been fixed.
    • The intended effect was that plane expertise level does not change if a PvP Battle is initiated against the player.
  5. Bug Fix for Display of Kawakaze's Appearance
    There was a bug in the text when destroyer Kawakaze is obtained, and this has been fixed.
  6. Expanding Hashirajima Server
    The newest server group Hashirajima server hit capacity, and the capacity has been expanded. Rankings have started to update.
    • When the capacity of Hashirajima server is reached, the lottery-less server opening will temporarily stop.