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Game Updates/2013/December 11th

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December 4th, 2013 December 11th, 2013 December 24th, 2013

The artwork for Kiso's second remodel.
  1. Kiso can now be remodelled a second time at level 65. (note: Kiso kai ni converts into a torpedo cruiser).
  2. Fixed carrier bug - they no longer launch planes on orange or less health (both in sortie map and PVP).
  3. Can now turn idle voices on/off in the volume options.
  4. You now know how much exp until the next level for your ships on the formation page, exp bar below the ship picture.
  5. Minor graphic fix for Souryuu.
  6. Two new formation quests added.
  7. Remodelled heavy cruisers (except CAV) now use slightly less ammo.