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Easter Eggs

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Below is a listing of various easter eggs within the game.

Compass-chan Surprise

Compass-chan surprise.png

Within an older version of the game, a scene consisting of dancing compass fairies appears when the player extends the flash object at the ship drop screen, and then clicks on the upper left third of the black area (the cursor will change to a hand). It seems to have been removed during December 2014.

Non-functional repair cancellation dialog

Cancel Repair Glitch.png

The "cancel repair" dialog is a function that is likely removed from the game. After placing ships in the repair dock, stretch the game window horizontally until there's a significant amount of wide black space on the left and right sides. Clicking on the space on the left will display the dialog, which does not actually cancel anything if "yes" is selected. Note that selecting "yes" also causes various bugs to occur.

Clicking the black space once again (by cancelling the window for the first time and clicking on the black space again) will sometimes show a random ship that is currently in your possession instead of an "undefined" ship (it can even show a ship that is currently going on an expedition).

Bug bouncing in the visual gallery

The fairy (with the books on her head) in the gallery also has a bug on top. If you click on the fairy, the bug will bounce, and sometimes fly away. There has been a mini-game where some people see how many times they can click on the bug before it flies off (record on the Japanese Wiki seems to be 78 times).

Jumping Construction Girl 

This common Easter egg only happens when you begin constructing a Ship girl, and click on the construction girl with a ponytail carrying boxes.

Unimplemented features

By taking apart the flash game client, one can discover features that are unimplemented, or have been cancelled.

Unused ship and equipment classes

#海防艦 (Escort ship)

    • Same repair time as submarines and shorter build time.
    • Similar to DD, but can't use torpedos.
    • According to a quarterly mook (艦これ鎮守府生活のすゝめVol.1) released in 2013, there are plans to implement new (Ukuru-class) escort ships, and because their displacement is less than that of destroyers, they would take a younger form. However, they are said to be for the final phase of the war and thus, while the game devs want to release them as soon as possible, they have told the fanbase to please be patient about it. (That volume of mook also revealed the plan to implement Musashi, Akizuki-class destroyers, and Agano-class cruisers which are all now part of the game).
    • Escort ships are now implemented into the game.
  1. 補給艦 (Supply ship)
  2. Escort ships have been implemented
  3. 超弩級戦艦 (Super Dreadnought)
    • Similar to BB.
    • Historically, all battleships in the game are classified as super dreadnoughts.
  4. VT信管 (VT fuse)
    • Usable by all ships except submarines.
Unimplemented items
  • Development material box (開発資材箱) (small/medium/large)
  • Treasure chest (宝箱) (small/medium/large)
  • Return directive/order (帰還命令書, 帰還司令書)
  • Challenge (挑戦状)
  • Trap detector (罠探知機, 罠探知機・改)
  • Danger detector (危険探知機, 危険探知機・改)
  • Excavator (掘削機, 掘削機・改, 深海掘削機)
  • Clover (よつばのクローバー, 黄金のクローバー) (4 leaf/golden)
  • Compass (高価な羅針盤, 伝説の羅針盤) (expensive/legendary)
  • Blue searchlight (青い探照灯)
  • Mast (銅のマスト, 銀のマスト, 黄金のマスト) (copper/silver/golden)
Unimplemented items.png
Equipment category selection screen at development screen
Unimplemented features.png
In-game message sprites
離脱成功 (Withdrawal success) is what is currently shown on the top left hand corner of the screen when the player is prompted with the choice of continuing into night battle, with 100% chance of success (in smaller print).
The existence of the 離脱失敗 (Withdrawal fail) message might indicate some form of forced night battle being considered at some point.
The 敵艦隊に逃げられた (Enemy vessel fled) message indicates that some kind of mechanism disallowing players from entering the night battle phase might have been considered before.
敵直援戦闘機が妨害 (Obstruction by enemy interceptor aircraft) is a message found together with other statuses for abyssal fleets in the fighter combat stage.
Message sprites.png
Messaging system
Mail feature.png
Sortie node events
When reaching a node, certain events can occur:
  1. Whirlpool: 司令官!うずしおが発生しました!
  2. Huge wave: きゃーっ!! 高波が発生しました!
  3. Bad weather:
    1. 悪天候でこれ以上は進めません。 帰還しましょう! (We can't advance because of the bad weather, let's go home!)
    2. 前方に悪天候が発生していますね。 迂回して進むことにしましょう! (We see bad weather before us. Let's take a detour!)
  4. Octopus: おや…大きなタコさんが何かを持ってきましたよ! (Oh, a big octopus is carrying something!)
In the KanColle RPG (a TRPG edition of the game) bad weather is preserved and can be avoided with sonar.
Unused fairies