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Category:Emergency Repair Personnel

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This category contains all equipment classified as Emergency Repair Personnel.

This category is populated by Template:EquipmentCategoriesKai. Please do not manually add pages to this category.


Selection of which Repair Team to consume to advance (left buttons), or to retreat (right button).

Emergency Repair Personnel "Repair PersonnelEmergency Repair Personnel
Emergency Repair Goddess
are consumable items:

  • As "consumables", they do not take any equipment slot and appear in the Inventory and are equippable in RE.

Ships entering a battle whilst Heavily Damaged (大破) have a chance to be Sunk (撃沈) .

  • In the case of the flagship, being Heavily Damaged (大破) will force a retreat after that node.

Equipping at least one Emergency Repair Personnel Repair Personnel can prevent the equipped ship from sinking, by reviving it after being sunk.

  • If this is equipped on a flagship, the player can use this before heading to another node.
    • If both a Repair Team & a Repair Goddess are equipped, then it is possible to choose which one to use (see the picture).
  • Repair Personnel can only repair the ship they are equipped on.
  • Once repaired, a ship becomes unsinkable for the rest of the battle, including night battle.
  • The item is consumed upon activation.

The restored ships will be as followed:

Emergency Repair Personnel Repair Personnel HP recovered when sunk HP recovered on flagship Fuel/Ammo restored
Item Icon Emergency Repair Personnel.png Repair Team 20% 50% 0%
Item Icon Emergency Repair Goddess.png Repair Goddess 100% 100% 100%

Listed by stats

No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes
Emergency Repair PersonnelEquipment Card Emergency Repair Personnel.png
EmergencyRepair.png 応急修理要員
Emergency Repair Personnel All

Emergency Repair GoddessEquipment Card Emergency Repair Goddess.png
EmergencyRepair.png 応急修理女神
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Ship Types Craftable Improvable Notes

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