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Game Updates/2020/March 3th

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February 7th, 2020 March 3th, 2020 March 27th, 2020

March 3rd, 2020 Hinamatsuri Mini Event Update

  1. Hinmatsuri and Hishimochi have returned!
    • There will be ways via the quest and event to obtain Hishimochi
  2. Limited time Hishimochi Quests
    • There will be a slew of quest avalaible to complete which will earn you various items as well as Hishimochi during the duration of the event!
      • HinaMatsuri Mission: Hinamatsuri Exercises!
      • Hinamatsuri Mission:Hinamatsuri Expeditions!
      • Hinamatsuri Mission: Destroyers' Hinamatsuri Modifications
      • Hinamatsuri Mission: Coastal Defence Ships' Peach Festival
      • Hinamatsuri Operation: Secure the Safety of the Seas Near Our Base!
      • Hinamatsuri Operation: Invasion Force Assault on Supply Depots!
      • Hinamatsuri Operation: Main Force of the Main Force, Heading Out!
      • Hinamatsuri Mission: Rebuild of Hishimochi: Introduction
      • Hinamatsuri Mission: Rebuild of Hishimochi 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance.
  3. Limited Time Drops for some Etorofu-class DEs
    • While dependent on the difficulty you select, you will have a chance to earn some Etorofu-class DEs from the event map.
      • This event includes the newly included Hirato.
  4. Mitsukoshi Shopping CG
    • Hirato and Mikura have been given new CG affiliated with thier collaboration with Mitsukoshi.
  5. Hinamatsuri CG
  6. Hinamatsuri Voice Lines
    • Some new voices lines have been added along with older ones
  7. Naval Base Jukebox update
    • Some songs have been added into the selection list of the juke box
      • ♪ The Peach Festival and Ship Girls
      • ♪ The Admiral's and Ship Girls' Dining Table
  8. New Event Music
    • Brand new music for the event has been added
      • ♪ Regular Battle: "Reiwa Era Peach Festival"
      • ♪ Boss Battle: "Offshore Waves"
  9. Limited time Mini-Event Releasd
    • The limited time Event Peach Festival! Offshore Waves! has been released!
      • Event map will be only one map
      • It'll consist of a Transport Operation, an Anti-installation combat phase and a task force interception phase (totalling to 3 phases)
      • Event will last for 3 weeks.
  10. UI update
    • Equipment will now display visible bonuses for equips that fit on various ships.