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Game Updates/2016/January 19

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January 7, 2016 January 19, 2016 February 10, 2016

January 19th, 2016 Kasumi Kai Ni update

  1. Kasumi Kai Ni Remodel
    Kasumi will have an "extremely high [remodeling] level".
    • The usage of "extremely high level" was previously only used on LV77 or higher remodels. (Kasumi Kai Ni remodels at Lv75.)
    • Blueprints will not be needed.
  2. Kasumi Kai Ni B
    Kasumi Kai Ni could be converted to "Kasumi Kai Ni B" at an even higher level (Lv88) to gain bolstered AA capability.
    • This remodel will not require Blueprints or Development Materials.
    • It will be possible to re-convert her back to "Kasumi Kai Ni" which has more balanced stats.
  3. Quests
    Two new quests are implemented:
    • B58 [Flagship "Kasumi" Patrol the Northern Sea!]
    • B59 [Deploy Flagship "Kasumi"! Eliminate the Enemy Fleet!]
  4. AACI Fire for Fleet Anti-Air Escort Ship
    By equipping a High Angle gun, AA Radar and a Machine Gun, Kasumi Kai Ni B can use AACI. She can also do so using only the High Angle gun and Machine Gun at a lower effectiveness.
  5. New Furniture
    Listing updated for January/Mutsuki
    • Mutsuki's Window *new*
    • Mutsuki's Table *new*
    • Setsubun "Bean Throwing" Set
    • Adult Setsubun Set
    • Aircraft Carrier Stained Glass *will costs a lot of furniture coins*
    • Aviation Battleship Stained Glass *will costs a lot of furniture coins*
  6. Dynamic Furniture Coin Discount
    If you lack furniture coins but still want furniture that costs a lot, you can now use a Furniture Fairy for Dynamic Furniture Coin Discount.
  7. Furniture Box Opening UI Updated
    Now you can choose to either open All/Half/10 at a time.
  8. Slight Modification to Furniture
    The two hot spring bath furnitures have been slightly updated to fit the season. The Naval Base Counter Bar now returns to normal operation.
  9. Naval Base Slot Expansion Expanded
    Maximum ships that can be held increased by 10 to 280; equipment maximum now 1220.
  10. Isuzu Kai Ni AACI Improved
    Isuzu Kai Ni's AACI effectiveness has been increased. Also, she can now utilize the Fleet Anti-Air Escort Ship AACI.
  11. Mizuho & Kiyoshimo Get Setsubun Mode
    Their CGs are changed slightly.
  12. Setsubun Voice Implemented
    Over 90 ships have Setsubun lines (both new and old).


  1. Ornament materials were removed.
  2. Limited-time New Year CG and voices were removed.
  3. Kasumi gains specialty with regards to equipment at Kai Ni and Kai Ni B:
    • At Kai Ni, she can equip Fleet Command Facility and Daihatsu. At Kai Ni B, she can equip large radars such as FuMO25 Radar.