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Game Updates/2016/February 10

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January 19, 2016 February 10, 2016 February 14, 2016

Feburary 10th, 2016 Winter 2016 Event and Valentine's Day Update

  1. Limited Time Valentine's Day Voices
    • Over 100 Kanmusus have been given Valentine's Day Voices.
  2. Valentine's Day Mode CG
    • Kanmusu such as Harusame, Uzuki, and Yayoi will be celebrating Valentine's Day. They can be encountered in the winter event.
  3. Chocolate Gift from the Kanmusus
    • From the beginning of this event until next maintenance, when you log in you will receive a chocolate as a gift from your shipgirls.
  4. Valentine's Day Furniture
    • While no new furniture has been added, Valentine's furniture has returned.
  5. Operation Rei-Go has begun!
    • The Winter 2016 Event "Sortie! Operation Rei-Go" has begun! Good luck to all of you admirals out there as you advance through the 3 maps. Admirals of higher rank can challenge themselves on higher difficulty.
  6. Main Stage Operations
  7. Important Information Regarding Main Stage Operations
    • E-1 will be an anti-submarine Operation. Kanmusus who have strong ASW gear and are good at Anti-Sub patroling are recommended.
    • E-2 will be a confrontation where you make find and battle the "Suppply Depot Hime" who you will need to defeat and capture in order to succeed.
  8. Main Stage Operation Reward
    • For defeating the Supply Depot Hime will be the Akizuki Class Air Defense DD Hatsuzuki.
  9. Reminder for New Admirals
    • If you are a recent recruit, do not rush into the event waters, please train your fleet in the normal waters and prepare them for the event as you will have time.
  10. Upon completing Operation Rei-Go
    • Admirals who complete Operation Rei-Go you will gain access to an limited time expedition called "Friendly Exchange Naval Review." Please be sure to partake in the expedition, upon completing it...
  11. Extra Operation
    • The Later part is an "If Operation" based upon "Operation Sho-Go 4". Admirals will need to assemble a combine fleet and prepare to launch an attack to take out the apporach enemy fleet. Upon completing the operation you will be rewarded with Zara-Class Heavy Cruiser Zara.
  12. Regarding rewards and drops
    • You can collect all the reward kanmusu on the maps regardless of difficulty. The only thing that is differ will be the equipment you are rewarded for completing the event maps. Kanmusus will all drop in all location regardless of difficulty
  13. Rare Kanmusu Drops