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Game Updates/2016/August 31

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August 19, 2016 August 31, 2016 September 16, 2016

August 31st, 2016 End of Summer Event / Autumn Festival 2016 Update

  1. The Summer 2016 Event Counter Attack! Second Battle Off Malaya! has come to a close.
  2. New voice lines for Souryuu and Hiryuu
    1. Idle, Resupply and Marriage Idle lines have been replaced.
    2. Hourlies have been implemented for Kai forms.
    3. There are new Introduction for Kai Ni forms.
  3. Autumn Happi Coat Mode CG
    1. All previous yukata CGs are returning.
  4. Autumn Yukata Mode CG
  5. Summer CG and voices removed
    1. Summer CG will be stored in the Library.
  6. Autumn voice lines
    1. Several dozen new voice lines will be implemented.
    2. Previous voice lines will return
  7. Furniture store update
    1. Red Dragonfly Wallpaper (New)
    2. Naval Base's Autumn Festival Stall
    3. Naval Base's Autumn Festival Shooting Gallery
    4. Sake & Whiskey Shelf
    5. Liquor & Wine Shelf
    6. Autumn Wallpaper
    7. Autumn Flooring (New)
    8. Mid-Autumn Full Moon Carpet (New)
    9. Moon Gazing Window
    10. Monster Movie Poster
    11. Fairy Tale Shelf
    12. White Fluffy Carpet
    13. Paper Crane Wallpaper
    14. Autumn Leaf Wallpaper
    15. Classroom Set [Lectern] [Desk]
    16. Air Defense Process Window
    17. Hanger Rack
    18. Dresser
    19. Futon and Pillows
    20. Zebra Grass Window (New)
    21. High Class Moon Gazing Window
    22. Cypress Hot Spring Bath
    23. Sign of Autumn Window
    24. Saury Dining Table
      1. There will be new quests that give Furniture Fairies
  8. Air Recon Performance Improvement Update
    1. The animation has been improved.
    2. There are new models for each individual plane.
  9. New Quests
    1. Total of 6 new quests such as:
      1. C10,C26,C40,... Major Autumn Exercises
      2. B77 [Torpedo Squadron! Patrol the Southwestern Seas]
      3. F37 [Preparation for "Constructing a Land Base"]
      4. F38 [Increase the "Land Based Attack" Squadron]
      5. F39 [Producing the Main "Land Based Attacker"] (quaterly)
      6. F40 [Producing an improved "Type 1 Land Based Attacker"]
    2. The LBAS will soon be implemented in some normal maps
    3. Some of the quests will be related to unlocking the Land Based Air Squadrons (LBAS) based planes.
  10. New Graphics
    1. Sazanami Kai has received an updated CG.
    2. The Naval Base Bar furniture has been updated with new graphics for new kanmusu from the Summer event .
    3. Zuiun has new graphics.