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Game Updates/2016/August 12

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August 1, 2016 August 12, 2016 August 16, 2016

August 12,2016 Summer 2016 Event Update

  1. The Summer Event 2016 has been released
  2. Main Stage Operation Maps
    • There will be a total of 3 Main Stage Operation maps which will be titled as follows:
      • 【第一作戦海域】ブンタン沖哨戒 Main Stage Operation 1: Patrol off Buntan
      • 【第ニ作戦海域】第二次エンドウ沖海戦 Main Stage Operation 2: The Second Battle off Endau
      • 【第三作戦海域】第二次マレー沖海戦 Main Stage Operation 3: The Second Battle Off Malaya
  3. Extra Operation Map
    • Upon completing the main operations, you can then partake in the extra Operation Map
      • 南西海域 マラッカ海峡沖 4th Operation - Battle off the Malacca Strait.
  4. New Ship Girl
    • A total of 4 new ship girls have been introduced in this event.
    • Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship Warspite of the Royal Navy
    • Mutsuki-Class Destroyer Minazuki
    • Fleet Carrier Aquila of the Regia Marina
    • Type B1 Submarine I-26 (aka Nimu)
  5. Obtaining Minazuki
    • Minazuki can be possible obtain Minazuki Main Stage Operation 2.
  6. Obtaining Finding I-26, Warspite and Aquila
    • I-26 can be found as a drop on E-1
    • Aquila can be located as a drop on E-3.
    • Warspite is suspected to be the final Event map reward.
  7. Land-Based Air Squadrons
    • Starting from Main Stage Operation 2 and Onward, you will be able to use Land Based Air Sqaudrons
    • Land-Based Air Squadrons system have been rebalanced.
  8. Regarding Rebalanced Land-Based Air Squadrons
    • The Distance a Land Based Air Sqaudron can travel is now determined by the distance the lowest distant plane in your group.
    • You can improve the distance your Land-Based Air Squadron can travel by using a Type 2 Flying Boat or Catalina to help aid refuel your planes as they travel outside thier normal distance.
    • It is recommended that if you take bombers, that you need to travel the shortest possible distance you can to reach your destination.
  9. Turning off Ooyodo's Event Lines Voice
    • You now have the option to turn off Ooyodo's voice when she presents you with mission brifing during the event
  10. Ooyodo Swimsuit Mode
    • Ooyodo now wears a Swimsuit for the Summer Season
  11. Abyssal Swimsuits