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Game Updates/2015/December 24th

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December 8, 2015 December 24th, 2015 December 29, 2015

December 24th, 2015 Christmas Eve / Okazari live update

  1. Additional voice Lines
    • In addition voices lines are to be given to Kashima, Agano, Noshiro, Sakawa, Yahagi, Yura, Maya, Yuudachi, and Asashimo
    • You will need to reload the game to activate the update.
  2. Christmas Present from the Dev Team
    • In celebration of Christmas, when you log in after the update is complete, you will receive a one time Gift Box for free!
  3. Mamiya's Help
    • Mamiya's running low in supplies to produce her Okazari for the New Year, and she needs your assistance to fetch Okazari materials to make "Fleet Okazari"
    • To obtain the materials, you will need to go to a explore all water areas to locate them
    • Using Searchlights and Skilled lookouts will be key to finding them.
  4. Additional Information on Okazari Materials
    • Leftovers from the decorations can be converted into fuel if needed
  5. Gift Boxes
    • In addition to the Okazari Materials, gift boxes can be found also. They will be harder to located in comparison to the decorations. But defeating certain fleets may possibly reward you with a gift box.
  6. Kashima Chirstmas CG
    • Training Cruiser Kashima will be receiving Christmas CG art.
  7. Special Wall Scrolls for Kure and Sasebo
    • To apologize for the server complications earlier through the year we have made scrolls for these servers as a gift.
      • This is currently only for Kure and Sasebo, all other servers will have to wait to obtain these scrolls next year.
  8. Okazari Material locations
    • Decoration Materials can be found in a number of locations which include areas along Naval Base Waters along the "Defense along the Nansei Islands"(World 1-4), "Naval Base Inshore route" (1-6), Okinojima (2-4), and the "Northern AL area" (3-5).
    • Higher drops rates for the Decorations can be found at Extra Operation Maps, Sri Lanka Location (World 4-3), The Southern Waters (World 5-3), and the Central Waters (World 6)