Seasonal/Early Autumn 2015 Seasonal Update




Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mochizuki Play 秋だよ~。実りの秋だ~。いろんなものがおいしいよね~。食っちゃ寝しよ~ It's autumn~. A fruitful autumn~. There's a lot of delicious stuff around~. I just want to eat and sleep~
Oboro Play 秋ですね、少し落ち着いた季節になりました。提督はどんな本をお読みですか? It's autumn now, the season of calm has arrived. What kind of books do you read, Admiral?
Akebono Play えっ?何してるかって?読書よ、読書。秋でしょ、クソ提督も少しは字の本を読みなさいよ Eh? What am I doing? I'm reading of course. It's autumn, so you should read some books with text, you shitty admiral.
Sazanami Play はぁー、秋か。なんか微妙にテンションさがるわ。ご主人様、漣の肩揉んでぇ? Haa~, autumn huh. My motivation has dropped somehow. Master, can you give me a shoulder massage?
Shiratsuyu Play んー季節は秋だね。少し寒くなってきたかな?でもまだ半袖で行けるよね! Hmm, it's autumn now. It's getting a little bit cold, right? But short sleeves are still fine!
Ooshio Play 司令官秋がやってまいりました!第八駆逐隊、枯葉を集めて焼き芋生産任務に入ります!秋ももちろん、アゲアゲです! Autumn has come commander! The 8th Destroyer Division will commence the mission to collect dry leaves for sweet potato roasting! Autumn is definitely time to be lively!
Michishio Play 秋、か。この季節は少し気持ちが沈むわね。はあ?何、司令官。べつに優しくしてほしいわけじゃないし…大丈夫よ! Autumn huh. During this season it's natural to feel a bit down. Huh? What, commander. It's not like I want to be treated nicely... I'm fine!
Arashio Play うふふふっ。季節は秋ね。秋は荒潮も少ーし悲しくなるの。でも、平気よぉ!優しいのね、うふふふふっ! Ufufufu. It's autumn now. Autumn makes me feel a little sad. But I'm fine! You are kind, ufufufu!
Arare Play 秋になりましたね。うん、秋の虫が、鳴いて、ますね Autumn is here. Yup, the autumn insects are all making noises.
Kasumi Play 秋か……。秋が過ぎれば、冬ね。礼号作戦。私が旗艦を努めた。何故? 鮮明に覚えている。何で…… Autumn huh... After autumn, it'll be winter. Operation Rei-gou. I was the flagship for that. Why? I remember it well. Why... Operation Rei-gou was the naval support for the Battle of Mindoro
Hatsukaze Play 秋、か。この季節の夜は嫌ね。ああ、別に理由なんてないんだけど… Autumn huh. I don't like autumn nights. Ah, there's no particular reason... Likely referring to the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay where she got sunk at night
Maikaze Play のわっちのわっち、秋だねー。秋はお芋が美味しいよねー。あっ、太らないようにしないとね! Nowacchi, Nowacchi, it's autumn. Sweet potatoes in autumn are delicious. Ah, but be careful not to gain weight! Nowacchi = Nowaki
Urakaze Play 提督、秋やねぇ。よかったら一緒に鎮守府の秋祭りに……。ああ、忙しかったら、浜風と行くけぇ。あ、そお。うふふ Admiral, it's autumn. Shall we go to the Naval Base's autumn festival together... Ah, if you're busy I'll go with Hamakaze. Ah, really. Ufufu.
Play 提督、ウチ祭りの射的は得意なんやぁ。どれがほしいけぇ? ウチが取っちゃるけぇ、まかしときぃ (改) Admiral, I'm really good at festival shooting galleries. Which prize do you want? Leave it to me, I'll get it for you. (Kai)
Tanikaze Play 夏が終わっちまったねぇ。なんだか、さみしいねぇ。うん、まぁ、いいか。夏はまた、来年も来るしねぇ、な Summer is over huh. Somehow it's sad. Hmm, well, that's fine. Summer will be here next year too.
Hamakaze Play
Play 提督、秋祭りというモノは、うんむぐ、むぐむぐ。大変、美味しい物ですね。浜風、堪能しました Admiral, the autumn festival is... *nom nom nom nom* very delicious. I'm having a lot of fun.
Teruzuki Play 秋かぁ。秋は秋月姉ェの秋だよね。冬は、冬月の月。あれ? 照月って季節はいつ、なの? Autumn huh. Autumn is Akizuki-ane's season. Winter moon is Fuyutsuki's. Huh? Which season is mine? Aki = Autumn, Fuyu = Winter.
Libeccio Play あの鳴いてるの、なぁに? 秋の虫? あぁ、鈴虫って言うんだ。いい音色ね。え? 鈴虫って、スイカ食べるの、本当? What is that sound? Autumn insects? Ah, it's crickets. That's a nice sound. Eh? These crickets really eat watermelons?
Kazagumo Play 少し肌寒くなって来たわね。秋かぁ。お芋。焼き芋食べたいわね。ねぇ、秋雲 It's getting a little chilly now. Autumn huh. Sweet potatoes. I want to eat some baked sweet potatoes. Hey, Akigumo~
Umikaze Play 秋はお芋が美味しいですよね。提督、少しお芋蒸かしましょうか? お茶もお入れしますね。おまちください Autumn sweet potatoes are delicious. Admiral, shall we steam some sweet potatoes? I'll go prepare some tea. Please wait a moment.
Kawakaze Play よし。夏を乗り越えたぞ。秋はいいねぇ。なンかのびのびするよ、食いもンも、美味しいわぁ Right. We've got past summer. Autumn is great. It makes me feel at ease and there's lots of delicious food to eat.

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Abukuma Play 秋、この季節は、あの夜の戦いを思い出します。綺麗な火。怖い火。一緒のモノなのに。うふふ、不思議ですね、提督 Autumn always reminds me of that one night battle. Those brilliant fires. Those scary fires. Despite being the same thing. Ufufu, strange isn't it, Admiral Abukuma was torpedoed in the Battle of Surigao Strait
Jintsuu Play 提督、浴衣、ですか?あ、はい、持ってはいますが。一緒に、花火に?あ、喜んで Admiral, you asked about yukata? Ah, yes, I have one. Go to watch fireworks together? Ah, I'd love to.
Kinu Play 人によっていろんな秋があるよね。提督の秋は?鬼怒はねー、人を楽しませるネタをたーくさん仕込む秋かな!あ、何その顔 Everyone experiences autumn differently. What about you, Admiral? For me, autumn is when I make people laugh with jokes. Ah, what's with that look.
Ooyodo Play 提督、秋の気配を感じますね Admiral, you can really feel it's autumn.
Yuubari Play 食欲の秋ですね、提督。いろいろ食べ物が美味しい季節ですよね~。目移りしちゃう。じゅる Autumn works up the appetite, Admiral. It's the season with so many delicious things to eat. I can't choose. *drool*
Katori Play 提督、少し肌寒くなってきましたね。秋ですね……提督の秋は読書の秋、ですか? Admiral, it's getting a little bit cold now. It's autumn...... Is the Admiral's autumn an autumn for reading?

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ashigara Play 秋は少し寂しいわね。ようし、そんな時こそ勝利のカツカレーよ。ようし、作るわ Autumn is a bit lonely. Right, now is the perfect time for victory katsu curry. I'll go make some.
Chikuma Play 秋ですね。提督にとってはどんな秋ですか? あら? あたしもです。うふふ It's Autumn. What kind of autumn is it for you Admiral? Oh? Me too. Ufufu.
Choukai Play 秋は、落ち着きますね。特に私、秋の夜が好きなんです。司令官さんは、どうですか? Autumn feels really calm. I especially like autumn nights. What about you, commander?
Furutaka Play この季節は、少し鎮守府も少し落ち着いた雰囲気になりますね。古鷹は、秋は、少し不思議な気持ちになります During this season, the atmosphere at the Naval Base has settled down a bit. Autumn gives me a bit of a mysterious feeling.
Haguro Play 秋は、静かですね。羽黒、この季節、好きなんです。司令官さんはどうですか? Autumn is quiet. I really like this season. What about you commander?
Kumano Play 季節は、秋ですのね。秋が深まってくると、何か、もの悲しい気持ちになりますわ The season is now autumn. The further we get into autumn, I start to have some very sad feelings
Maya Play せっかくの夏が終わっちまって、時化た季節になってきやがったぜ。ふぇ~ふわっくしょん Now that summer has ended, the depressing season is here. Ha~hachoo
Myoukou Play 秋、どこか寂しい季節。でも、読書には最適ですね。提督、何をお読みですか? Autumn is a bit of a lonely season. But, it's perfect for reading. Admiral, what would you like to read?
Nachi Play この季節になってくると、何故か、少し寂しい気分になるな。私らしくも無い、か When this season comes, for some reason, I become slightly lonely. This isn't very like me, yes?
Suzuya Play 秋かぁ。この季節は、ちょっちなんか落ち込むなぁ。ねぇ、熊野? ん、熊野? 聞いてる? Autumn huh. This season makes me feel a little down. Hey, Kumano? Hmm, Kumano? Are you listening?
Tone Play 実り秋じゃ。美味しい物がいっぱいなのじゃ。我が輩はサンマはぜーんぶ食べる派じゃ。うぐっ、骨が。ちくまーちくまー It's a fruitful autumn. There's lots of delicious things now. I'm the kind of person to eat all the sauries. Ugh, a bone. Chikuma~ Chikuma~

Aircraft Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shoukaku Play 秋。そうね瑞鶴。秋は、少し寂しい気持ちになるわね。ううん。今は、平気よ Autumn. That's right Zuikaku. When autumn comes, I start feeling a little bit lonely. Nah. I'm feeling fine now.
Zuikaku Play 秋、か。そうね、秋は終わりの季節。でも、始まりの季節でもあるんだ。きっとそう。私はそう思ってるんだ。らしくないか Autumn huh. That's right, autumn is the season of endings. But it's also the season of beginnings. That's definitely it. That's what I think. It's not like me?
Zuihou Play 提督、秋ですね。卵焼きもいいけど、焼き芋もいいですよね? 焼き芋、焼いちゃう? Admiral, it's autumn. Fried eggs are nice and all, but baked sweet potatoes are good too? Shall I go make some baked sweet potatoes?
Katsuragi Play なんか、秋ってもの悲しくない? 何となく。えぇ? 天城姉ぇは秋好きなの? なんで? Somehow, don't you feel that autumn is a bit depressing? For some reason. Eh? You like autumn Amagi-ane? Why?


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akashi Play 秋になりましたね。ちょっと小腹とか空いちゃう季節ですよね。間宮さん恋しい Autumn has arrived. You tend to get a little bit hungry this season. Mamiya-san I missed you.
Hayasui Play 提督さん、秋ですね、秋。速吸、秋ってなんだかとっても好きなんです。焼き芋、焼いちゃいます? Admiral, it's autumn. Somehow, I really like autumn. Shall we go make some baked sweet potato?
Mizuho Play 秋ですね。提督、ご飯の美味しい季節です。瑞穂、何かお作りしますね? 何にしよう It's autumn. Admiral, it's the season of delicious meals. Shall I make something for you? What should I make
Akitsushima Play 秋か~。秋は何かちょっと苦手かも。何か空とか変に気になるし。ね、大艇ちゃん Autumn huh~. Somehow I don't like autumn. The sky makes me feel uneasy. Isn't that right, Taitei-chan.