Ship Maximum Status

Every ship's model & remodels have predetermined base and maxed Stats.

  • Those stats can be changed by different means, involving "natural" and "induced" Growth.

The following are lists of ships grouped by types, and ordered by stats and perks, to better identify strengths and weaknesses of available girls.

Type Standard tables Sortable tables
DE Coastal Defense Ships
DD Destroyers Destroyers
CL Light Cruisers Light Cruisers
CLT Torpedo Cruisers
CA Heavy Cruisers Heavy Cruisers
CAV Aviation Cruisers
(F)BB(V) Battleships Battleships
FBB Fast Battleship
BBV Aviation Battleships
CVL Light Carriers Light Carriers
CV(B) Standard Carriers Standard Carriers
SS(V) Submarines Submarines
AV Seaplane Tenders Seaplane Tenders
CT/LHA/AS/AR/AO Auxiliary Ships