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Ship Type Identification

Class Abbreviation Combat Notes
駆逐艦 Destroyer 駆逐 DD High evasion, low resource consumption, & ASW-capable, but lacks armor & firepower.
海防艦 Destroyer Escort 駆逐 DE Can OASW at 60 ASW.
軽巡洋艦 Light Cruiser 軽巡 CL Very flexible. Utilizes medium main guns, ASW, & artillery spotting.
重雷装巡洋艦 Torpedo Cruiser 雷巡 CLT* Can equip Type A Ko-hyoteki to enable the opening torpedo attack.
重巡洋艦 Heavy Cruiser 重巡 CA Stronger in surface combat than light cruisers at the expense of ASW.
航空巡洋艦 Aviation Cruiser 航巡 CAV* A CA that is capable of initiating fighter combat to enable artillery spotting & ASW via seaplane bombers.
戦艦 Battleship BB Utilizes high-caliber main guns, heavy armor, & the second shelling phase. Lacks ASW & torpedo attacks.
Fast Battleship The Kongou-class & Bismarck. Has faster repair times.
航空戦艦 Aviation Battleship 航戦 BBV* Has ASW via seaplane bombers & can initiate fighter combat to enable artillery spotting.
正規空母 Standard Aircraft Carrier 空母 CV Achieves air superiority by fighters. Cannot attack during night battle. Must equip with bombers to enable regular attacks.
装甲空母 Armored Aircraft Carrier 装母 CVB Armored Aircraft Carriers can still attack with moderate hull damage.
軽空母 Light Aircraft Carrier 軽母 CVL Weaker than standard carriers, but capable of attacking submarines.
水上機母艦 Seaplane Tender 水母 AV The Chitose-class' basic form and Mizuho. Can participate in all day attack stages given the correct setup.
潜水艦 Submarine SS Limited to both torpedo phases & night battle. Only ships with ASW can attack them.
潜水空母 Submarine Aircraft Carrier 潜母 SSV* Some submarines can equip seaplanes.
揚陸艦 Amphibious Assault Ship 揚陸 LHA* Akitsu Maru comes with a Daihatsu, which increases resource gain from expeditions.
工作艦 Repair Ship AR Akashi can repair ships while idle. Explained on her page.
潜水母艦 Submarine Tender 潜母艦 AS Taigei is weak, but enables superior pathing in 6-1.
Fleet Oiler 補給 AO Hayasui can refuel ships mid-sortie and functions as a small AV/CVL.
  • '*' Abbreviations are derived rather than official
  • Battleships & Fast Battleships share the hull classification, BB.
  • Light Aircraft Carriers & Standard Aircraft Carriers are termed 正規空母, or Fleet Carriers, to distinguish them from Escort Carriers or other carrier types. This term sometimes refers only to Standard Aircraft Carriers.
  • There are 167 kanmusu (sans remodels & class changes) as of the November 18th, 2015 update.

Ship Stats

  • Firepower  , Torpedo  , Anti Air  , Armor  , & Luck   can be upgraded by Modernization.
  • Firepower  , Torpedo  , Anti Air  , Armor  , Anti-Submarine  , Line of Sight  , & Evasion   will improve from leveling up.
  • Marrying a ship will increase her HP  , Luck  , & level cap. The increase in level cap allows the ship to have higher Anti-Submarine  , Evasion  , & Line of Sight  .
  • Ship remodel
    • (Kai), in Japanese, stands for Modified, Revised, Improved, or Altered. It's used on all single remodelled ships.
    • (Ni), in Japanese, stands for the number 2 or Second. It's applied in combination with 改 to ships with a second remodel.
    • Zwei, in German, stands for the number 2 or Second. It's applied alone to ships with a second remodel.
    • Drei, in German, stands for the number 3 or Third. It's applied alone to ships with a third remodel.
      • Although German kanmusu have a , they omit it with Zwei & Drei.
  • Rarity
    • Top-Left: Common
    • Bottom-Right: Ultra-rare
    • Based on Kanmusu Catalog, the ships' rarity classifications are the following: C>SC>R>SR>H>SH


Note that other than background color, the metallic symbol on the top left corner may also identify rarity.

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