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Seasonal/Coming of Spring 2020

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Returning CG
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Coming of Spring 2019

Mitsukoshi Collaboration 2019



New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Minegumo Play 提督さん、今第九駆逐隊でお花見の用意をしてるんです。よかったら、提督さんもご一緒に…あぁ、はい! Admiral, the 9th Destroyer Division is making preparations to go flower viewing now. If you don't mind, would you like to come along... Ah, yes!
Grecale Play オハーナミ?ヤルヤル!まぜてまぜて! Flower viewing? I really wanna do that! Let me do it!
Janus Play オハーナミ、私も参加したい!提督、Jervis、行きましょう。早く! I want to go flower viewing too! Admiral, Jervis, let's go. Hurry up!
Johnston Play オハーナミ?あはぁ、いいわね。やりたいわ。久しぶりにTaffy 3のみんなで集まろう。楽しみね! Flower viewing? Ah, sounds nice. I'd like to go. It's been a while since Taffy 3 had a get together. I can't wait!

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Mochizuki Play ぷかぷかするね、春はいいよね。司令官も一緒にどうよ?のんびり寝ちゃおうぜ。 It feels just like I’m floating, spring sure is nice. Commander do you want to it together? Of course I mean taking a nice relaxing nap.
Oboro Play 提督、春ですね。桜が綺麗。そうだ、翔鶴さんたちにも、春のご挨拶に行かなくちゃ。 Admiral, it's springtime. The cherry blossoms are so pretty. Right, along with Shoukaku-san and everyone, let's go greet the spring.
Akebono Play 春か。七駆のみんなでお花見も悪くないね。え?潮、クソ提督も呼ぶの?そ、そう、うん。 Spring, huh. It wouldn't be bad to go flowering viewing with the rest of the DesDiv7. Eh? Ushio, you want to bring that shitty admiral along? I...I see, that's fine.
Sazanami Play ご主人様、春、春ですぞ~!お花見に行こうよ、お花見に!七駆のみんなでさ~! Master, it's spring, spring~! Let's go flower viewing, flower viewing! Along with the us in DesDiv7~!
Ushio Play 春、桜が綺麗。え、七駆のみんなでお花見ですか?いいですね。是非、提督もご一緒に 。 Spring, these cherry blossoms are so pretty. Eh, the 7th Division should go flower viewing? That sounds nice. Then Admiral, you should come along with us.
Akatsuki Play もすぐ春ね~レデイは花見に参加する物。ワクワク、早く招待されないかしら? Spring will be here soon. A lady like me must get ready to go cherry blossom viewing. I'm so excited, I wonder I'll received an invitation soon?
Hibiki Play 春か?春はいいな。いつだって春の来ない言うはない。Хорошо- Spring huh? Spring is great. It always comes even if some people say it won't. Amazing.
Ikazuchi Play お花見か~いいわね。私と電で、先に行って場所を確保しておくわね。任せておいて。 Flowing viewing...it's so great. Inazuma and I will go find a good place to set up. Leave it to me!
Inazuma Play 了解なのです!雷ちゃんと、お花見の場所を取りに行くのです。第二小隊、先行します。 Got it nano desu! Ikazuchi-chan and I will find a good spot for the flower viewing nano desu. The second section will be going on ahead.
Yuudachi Play 春は気持ちいっぽい。外に出かけたいっぽい。気持ちはワクワクするっぽい。 Spring feels good-poi. I want to go out-poi. I'm feeling so excited-poi.
Kawakaze Play うん。春だね春。少し暖かくなってきたよね。二十四駆もおはなみするかなぁ、ね! Yeah. It's springtime. It's been getting a little warmer lately. DesDiv24 should totally go flower viewing, right?
Asashio Play 春…この季節は…何かが思い出せるような…。大切な…大切な約束…何でしょうか。司令官? Spring, this season, I wonder what this feeling is. Important....there was some important promise...what could it be. Commander?
Ooshio Play 司令官、春です。ドーン!気持ちがあげあげになりますね、八駆のみんなとお花見に繰り出しましょう!おお! Commander, it's springtime. Don! My spirit keeps on rising, let's head out for a flower viewing with all of DesDiv8! Oooh!
Michishio Play 春ね、やっぱり、桜の花は好き。えー?なにその顔?私だって、好きなものくらいあるわよ。何だと思ってんの?ほんとに。 Spring huh, as I thought, I just love seeing the cherry blossoms. Eh? What's with that face? Even I have some things that I like. What do you think? Really?
Arare Play 司令官、春…ですね。舞鶴の春、想い出す。春は…好き。 Commander, spring...is here. Spring at Maizuru, gives off a certain feeling. Spring...I like it.
Hamakaze Play 春……ですか?いいですね。桜の花は、好きです。儚くて……そして……きれいです。 Could this...be spring? It feels good. I love the cherry blossom flowers. They're so pretty....and yet...so fleeting.
Tanikaze Play あ!春だ!春だね!へへ、提督、みんなとお花見とされ込もうよ!な?かはーー一度に… Ah! It's spring! It's spring right now! Hehe, Admiral, we should go flower viewing along with everyone! Right? At least once...
Arashi Play やったぜ春だ!この季節、なんかいいよなぁ。花見に行こう。四駆のみんなを誘ってさぁ。 Alright, it's spring! This season, is just so good, you know? Let's go flower viewing! We'll invite the all of DesDiv4.
Hagikaze Play お花見ですか、いいですね。私、健康メニュー満載のお弁当作りますね。楽しみ! Going flower viewing, you say? That sounds pleasant. I'll make us a bento packed with a whole menu of healthy choices. This will be fun!
Akigumo Play 春か。。。みんなはしゃいでるけどあん、ま好きな季節じゃないんだよね。あ、なんだ?え、花見オブ花見?え、仕方ない。いってあげるよ。 Spring huh... Everyone is in high spirits, but I don't really like this season. Ah, what? Eh, flower viewing of flower viewing? Eh, can't be helped. I'll go.
Yuugumo Play んふふ~もうすぐ春、いい季節になりました。夕雲型でお花見オブお花見にまいりましょう。 Mmfufu~ soon it will be spring again, it's such a nice season. We should go flower viewing of flower viewing with the Yuugumo-class.
Makigumo Play うあーー春ですね!夕雲型お花見オブお花見、了解です!伊良湖さんに手伝ってもらって、お花見お弁当を用意しようっと!風雲、手伝って! Uwaa…it’s springtime! The Yuugumo class will be flower viewing of flower viewing, all right! With Irako-san’s help I’ll make us a bento for the flower viewing. Kazagumo, you help too!
Kazagumo Play 春は好きよ。なんかこのふわっと気持ちいい感じが好き。提督は春が嫌い?そう?ならいいけど。うんへんへん。 I really do love spring. It like the feeling it gives me, something like a warm fluffiness inside of me. Admiral, do you dislike the spring? You don’t? Well that’s good. Yup, yup, yup.
Naganami Play ん、なに?お花見オブお花見?何で二回言うんの?あ~夕雲ねえ発音か?いいね、秋雲なやつも誘ってあんなよ。意外と気にしたぜ、あいつ。 Hmm what is it? Flower viewing of flower viewing? Why did you say it twice? Ah~ It was Yuugumo-nee’s pronunciation. Well it’s fine, that guy invited Akigumo along too huh? He’s surprisingly mindful at times, isn’t he?
Takanami Play 司令官、春ですね。桜の季節かも…です、長波姉様達と、お花見…行きたいですね。 It's spring, Commander. It's the season of sakura... I want to go... flower viewing with Naganami-neesama and the others.
Okinami Play 春、気持ちいい。あ、司令官、肩に花びらが。風流ですね。ふんふん。 Spring, feels so good. Ah, commander, there’s some petals on your shoulder. It must be due to the wind. Uh-huh.
Teruzuki Play 提督、桜の季節ですね!春は好きかも。なんか浮き浮きするっていうか。ね、提督!お花見しましょう?おにぎり作るから! Admiral, it's the season of cherry blossoms. I might just love spring. It makes me kind of excited. Hey, Admiral! Want to go flower viewing? I'll make some onigiri then!
Hatsuzuki Play 姉さん、その握り飯は?花見の準備?あ、そうか、もうその季節か!僕も手伝ってもいいか?塩は少し濃いめにしよう。 Nee-san, what are those rice balls for? Preparations for flower viewing? Ah, that's right, it's already that season! Shall I help too? Let's add a little more salt.
Libeccio Play 少し暖かくなできた、日本の春でやつね~うんうん。あれがサクラが?うん?違うの?梅?梅干の梅?へえ... It's gotten a bit warmer, so this is what spring in Japan is like, hmm, hmm. Oh, is that a cherry? Huh? That's not it? It's a plum? Like as in, what you make Umeboshi out of? Oh...
2017 Lines
Kamikaze Play 春風、どうしたのそのお重?あ、もしかして、神風型のお花見?いいわね。司令官も、もちろんくるでしょう?よし! Harukaze, what is with that stacked lunchbox? Ah, could it be a Kamikaze-class flower viewing? That's nice. You're coming too, right, commander? Great! An ojyuu is a multi tiered lunchbox usually for picnics.
Harukaze Play 春。。。春は春風の春。風がきもちいですね?春風を感じにお出掛けしませんか?うふ。 Spring... spring is my season. The wind feels good, doesn't it? Would you like to go out and feel the spring breeze? Ehe.
Minazuki Play 春は好きだよ。だって、水無月が就役した季節だし、桜も綺麗だしね。えへへ♪ 皆でお花見行っちゃう? いいよね♪ I like spring. I mean, it's the season I was commissioned in, and the cherry blossoms are beautiful too. Ehehe~ Wanna go flower viewing with the others? It'll be nice~
Uranami Play この季節、桜の季節はいいですね?司令官、第十九駆逐隊のお花見ぜひいらっしゃってください。お誘いしますね。 This season, the season of cherry blossoms, is nice, isn't it? Commander, please feel free to join the 19th Destroyer Division's flower viewing. You're invited.
Oboro Play 翔鶴さん、瑞鶴さん、お疲れさまです。もしよろしければ、朧達のお花見いかがですか?きっと楽しです!多分。 Shōkaku, Zuikaku, thank you for your hard work. If you don't mind, would you like to join use to go flower viewing? It will be fun! I think.
Akebono Play ち、クソ提督、結局私達のお花見来るんだ。ま、いいけど。。。これ、食べれば。 Tch, you're coming along to our flower viewing after all, you shitty admiral. Sure, that's fine... Eat this if you want.
Arashio Play うふふふふ〜春ね〜ポカポカして気持ちはね?ねぇ、ここでねっちゃおうか?うふふふ、だめよね〜 Ufufufu~ It's spring~ The warm weather feels nice, right? Hey, let's sleep right here? Ufufufu, don't do that~
Oyashio Play 春…桜が綺麗ですね…そうだ司令。今度のお休み、十五駆でお花見に行く予定なんです。良かったらご一緒に行きませんか?あたし、お弁当作ります! Spring... The cherry blossoms are beautiful... That's right Commander, I'm going flower viewing with DesDiv15 on my next day off. If you don't mind, would you like to come with us? I'll make a boxed lunch!
Hatsukaze Play 桜、きれいね?そうね、好きよ。何雪?あなたのことじゃないは。ま、いいけど。。。 The cherry blossoms are pretty right? Yeah, I like it. What is it Yuki? I'm not talking about you. Well, maybe a little...
Amatsukaze Play え、雪風何?お花見?いいけど。あ、そうだ、島風も呼んであってもいい?べ。。。別に意味なんでもないけど。。。あ、そう。 Eh, what is it, Yukikaze? Flower viewing? Sure, why not? Ah, that's right, can we invite Shimakaze too? N-no special reason behind it, just because... oh, okay then.
Urakaze Play 提督、春じゃな。春はぽかぽかして気持ちいよね?十七駆でのお花見をいいね? Admiral, it's spring. Spring feels nice and warm, doesn't it? How about some flower viewing with DesDiv17?
Maikaze Play よし!春だ春!提督、踊ろう踊ろう!ほら、桜の下で1、2、1、2! Alright! It's spring! Admiral, let's dance! Come on, let's do it under the cherry trees! 1, 2, 1, 2!
Fujinami Play お花見の季節か。おき!おきちんっとか、お花見どうするの?え、長波姉たちと?あ、それ行きたいかもしれない。もちいいよね? So it's the season of flower viewing, huh? Okie! Hey Okichin, whatcha doing for flower viewing? Oh, going with Naganami and the others? Ah, then I might wanna go too. It's okay if I join you guys, right?
2018 Lines
Hatakaze Play 午後でお花見ですか?いいですね。私も何が作っていこう?春姉さん、何が好きかな…司令、お好きな者おしゃってくださいね。 Cherry blossom viewing this afternoon? That sounds nice. What should I make to bring along? I wonder what Haru-neesan likes... Tell me what you like too, Commander.
Fumizuki Play 司令官、文月、文月だよ。何がって? Of course Fumizuki is Fumizuki, Commander. What about it?
Amagiri Play ふぅ、桜か。これが散ったあとの季節、私は少し苦手なんだよな…えぇ、狭霧何?花見?まぁ、いいか。あぁ、行くよ。 Humph, cherry blossoms huh. This is the season when I fell, I don't quite like it... Eh, what is it, Sagiri? Cherry blossom viewing? Well, that's fine. Ah, I'll come.
Sagiri Play 提督、天霧さん、お花見の季節ですね。そうだ、二十駆でお花見に行きませんか?漣ちゃんに、七駆のみんなも読んでもらって、楽しそうです! Admiral, Amagiri, it's the season for cherry blossom viewing. I know, shall DesDiv20 go chery blossom viewing? I'm sure it will be fun if we invite Sazanami and the rest of DesDiv7!
Wakaba Play 来たか、春が。この季節は好きだ。名前?そうだ、若葉が進水季節もあるしな。 Spring is here. I like this season. My name? That's right, this was the season when I was launched.
Shigure Play 提督、いい春だね。風も気持ちいね。 It's a nice spring, Admiral. The wind feels good too. Secretary 1
Play 由良、何やってるの?お祭りの準備?そ、そう。頑張ってね。 What are you doing, Yura? Preparing for a festival? I-I see. Work hard then. Secretary 2. Zuiun Festival line.
Murasame Play 提督、ほら、春、うらら。今日は外でご飯を、いいですね。 Look, Admiral, spring is beautiful. Today is a great day to have a meal outdoors. Secretary 1
Play 村雨のちょっと頑張ったお弁当、外で食べて見る?うん、はいはい!良かった。 Want to eat the lunch box I worked hard on outdoors? Yup, yes yes! Great. Secretary 2
Play 提督、何、そんな見つめて?大丈夫、ちゃんとデザートもあるんです。はい、どぞ。 What are you looking at, Admiral? Don't worry, I made sure to make dessert too. Here, help yourself. Secretary 3
Yukikaze Play お花見です!司令、みんな待ってます!し・レ・い、こっち、こっち! Time for a cherry blossom viewing! Everyone is waiting, Commander! Over here, co~ man~ der~!
Tokitsukaze Play 司令〜、十六駆でお花見だって。司令も行くでしょう?司令〜フゥン、楽しみ、楽しみ! DesDiv16 is having a cherry blossom viewing, Commander~. You're coming too right, Commander? Commander~ Whooo, I'm so looking forward to it!
Tanikaze Play くぅ、こいつを参ったは!行き過ぎる祭だね。ぐぅ、この谷風をてつだって!えぇ、搭載?できないよ。 Urgh, I give up! This festival has gone too far. Guh, I'll help out too! Eh, equip it? I can't. Zuiun Festival Line
Hamanami Play 三十二駆の…あぁ、うん、夕雲型のお花見、楽しい。ふうちゃん、調子悪いの。食べ過ぎ? DesDiv32... Ah, yeah, the Yuugumo-class cherry blossom viewing is fun. You're not looking well, Fuu-chan. Did you eat too much? Secretary 1
Play あの、あっちゃん…あの、これはどぞ。お、美味しいから…あ、あの、ありがとうね。 Umm, Acchan... Umm, please have this. I-it's delicious...Uh-umm, thank you. Secretary 2
Suzutsuki Play 春…了解です。大和さん、矢矧さん、おふゆさん、涼月も参ります。みんなさんで戻りましょう、必ず。 Spring... roger that. Yamato, Yahagi, Ofuyu; I'm heading out too. We'll definitely return together.
Jervis Play 春だ!Lucky!桜もきれい!Lovely!Darling、何?お花見party?手伝お、手伝お! It's spring! Lucky! The cherry blossoms are pretty too! Lovely! What is it, Darling? A cherry blossom viewing party? I'll definitely help out!
Tashkent Play Верный、料理を作るのかい?花見?桜?Понятно、手伝およ!お弁当かい?いいね。 What are you cooking, Verniy? Cherry blossom viewing? Cherry blossoms? I understand, I'll help too! We're making a lunch box? Great.
2019 Lines
Kishinami Play あぁ、提督、肩に…お、沖ねえ!いえ、何でもありません…なんでも……あぁ、桜、きれいですね。 Ah, Admiral, there's something on your shoulder... O-Oki-nee! No, it's nothing... Nothing at all... Ah, the sakura are beautiful.
Maestrale Play そうね、この国の桜は本当にきれい。オハナミ?それも魅力的の風習ね。教えて、教えて。どうするの? That's right, this country's sakura are really beautiful. Ohanami? That's a fascinating custom too. Teach me all about it. What should I do?
Samuel B. Roberts Play 春だ!春はやっぱ、なんか好き。私がデビューした季節でもあるし。えぇ、Taffy 3でparty?オハナミ?OK、行く! It's spring! I definitely kinda like spring. It was the season that I debuted after all. Eh, a Taffy 3 party? Ohanami? Ok, I'll come along!

Destroyer Escorts

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mikura Play 春は、なぜか、涙が出ます…なぜでしょうか… For some reason, I tear up in spring... I wonder why...

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2018 Lines
Shimushu Play お花見の季節っす!桜は素晴らしいっす!くな、がき、はち、司令、お花見に突撃っす!がき、はち、美味しいをいっぱい作るっす! It's the time of year for cherry blossom viewing-su! The cherry blossoms are amazing-su! Kuna, Gaki, Hachi, Commander; let's go cherry blossom viewing-su! Gaki, Hachi; we'll make lots of delicious things-su!
Kunashiri Play あぁ、妹たちがお花見の準備してる。…ねぇ、何か手伝えることある?あぁ、了解です。任せて。 Ah, my little sisters are getting ready for the cherry blossom viewing. ...Hey, is there anything I can help with? Ah, roger that. Leave it to me.
Etorofu Play 海防艦のみんなでお花見します!司令もぜひ。 All of us costal defense ships are going cherry blossom viewing! You're welcome too, Commander.
Matsuwa Play 春。桜が綺麗。択捉ちゃん、海防艦でお花見?はい、松輪もお料理作ります。 It's spring. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. The coastal defense ships are having a cherry blossom viewing, Etorofu? Yes, I'll go make some food then.
Sado Play えと、お花見?好き、好き、そういうの!まつが料理作りくれんの、いいね〜司令も行くよな?えへへ〜 We're having a cherry blossom viewing, Eto? I really love things like that! Matsu's cooking is so good~ You're coming too right, Commander? Ehehe~
Tsushima Play 司令、春ですね。えぇ、第百一戦隊や海上護衛隊のみんなでお花見を?いいですね。 It's spring, Commander. Eh, the 100th Squadron and Surface Escort Division are having a cherry blossom viewing? That's nice.
Hiburi Play 提督、春です!第一海上護衛隊のお花見です!えっちゃん、まっちゃん、さっちゃんも…そうです、だいちゃんも読んで…日振、お花見良い、始めます! It's spring, Admiral! The 1st Surface Escort Division is having a cherry blossom viewing! Ecchan, Macchan, Sacchan and... Oh yes, Dai-chan too... I'm ready to start the viewing!
Daitou Play お花見つっの?護衛隊で?いいよ。ひぶ、美味しい食いもん、よろしくね〜楽しみ、楽しみ〜 A cherry blossom viewing? With the Escort Division? Nice. I'm counting on you for delicious food, Hibu~ This is going to be fun~
2019 Lines
Fukae Play 春か?いい季節だ。桜もきれいだな…択捉型で花見か?いいな。あたしも行くよ!あぁ! Is it spring? It's a nice season. The sakura are beautiful... Are the Etorofu-class having a cherry blossom viewing? Great. I want to come too! Ah!

Light Cruisers

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Yura Play 提督さん、春です、春。お弁当を持って、由良と一緒に、お花見に行きましょう、ね? Admiral-san, it's spring now, spring. Please take this bento and come flower viewing along with Yura, okay?
Kinu Play ぐにゃぁぁ!なに、なにこのバナイ風?春一番ってやつ?ああもう、春なんだね~。 Gunyaa! What, What's this totally rad breeze? Is it the first one of spring? Aa, yes, it's spring.
Abukuma Play 鎮守府の桜も今年も綺麗に咲きましたね。提督も一緒にお花見しましょう~楽しみ~。 The cherry blossoms blooming at the Naval base is beautiful this year as well. Admiral would you like to come flower viewing with me? It'll be fun~
Agano Play やった!春で~す!阿賀野、春と提督さんは大好き!キラリーン☆! Alright! It'sssssss Spring! Agano just loves both spring and the Admiral! Kirarin☆!
Noshiro Play 提督、春ですね。えっ?お花見ですか?いいですね、能代、お弁当を用意しますね。 Admiral, it's spring now. Eh? You want to go flower viewing? Well that sounds good, Noshiro will prepare a bento for us then.
Yahagi Play もうすぐあの出撃の季節か……ふん、私らしくない。あ、大和、桜を見ながら一杯どう? It'll be the anniversary of that sortie again soon...hmm, that's not like me at all. Ah, Yamato, have you had your fill of looking at the cherry blossoms?
Sakawa Play 春、……矢矧ちゃんたちが出かけていった季節……。でも、今はさみしくないよ。みんな…一緒だもん! Spring, .....it's the season when Yahagi-chan we went out. But, now not lonely anymore. Everyone's here now! Operation Ten-Go much?
2017 Lines
Yuubari Play は〜い!三水戦集合〜 桜の下でお花見しちゃおう!あ、川内さんもどぞどぞ。あ、由良!四水戦も一緒しない? Alright~! DesRon3 gather round~ We'll be going flower viewing under the cherry blossoms. Ah, Sendai-san you're welcome too. Ah, Yura! Does DesRon4 want to come too?
Ooyodo Play 提督、春です。鎮守府の桜も咲き始めました、やはりこの季節はいいですね。私が進水したのもこの季節なんですよ。桜の季節…です。 Admiral, it's spring. The cherry blossoms at the naval base have started to bloom, this season is definitely great. This was the season when I was launched. The season... of cherry blossoms.
2018 Lines
Tama Play 春ははるで眠いにゃぁ…おやすみにゃぁ。 Spring is for sleeping-nya... Good night-nyaa.
Kiso Play あぁ、多摩よ、また寝てるな。第五艦隊の連中で花見をやるぞ。酒と料理をはこべ。えぇ、途中で食うな、途中で! Ah, you're sleeping again, Tama. The 5th Fleet is having a cherry blossom viewing. Come have some booze and food. Hey, don't eat everything on the way there.
Noshiro Play えぇ、何?またやるの…この祭。瑞雲、たしかにいい機体だけど…矢矧…えぇ?…えぇ!? Eh, what? We're having this festival... again. The Zuiun is a good machine but... Yahagi... Wait? ...What!? Zuiun Festival Line
Yahagi Play えぇ、瑞雲祭り。いいはね。これが瑞雲。そうね、私たちを搭載できないかしら。大和を考えてるみたい。 Hmmm, the Zuiun Festival. It's nice. So this is a Zuiun. I wonder if we can equip it. Just like Yamato. Zuiun Festival Line
2019 Lines
Gotland Play あぁ、例の水上機母艦の会?本当にやるんだ。うん、入る、入る。航空巡洋艦もいいんだよね?お花見、好き! Ah, is it the usual seaplane carrier meetup? They're really going at it. Yup, I want to join too. Aviation cruiers are allowed to right? I love cherry blossom viewing!

Heavy Cruisers

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Aoba Play お、六戦隊でお花見ですか?いいですな。青葉も記録として参加します!おお~料理も豪華ですね!鳳翔さん製?それはそれは Oh, you want to go flower viewing with the 6th Squadron? Sounds good. Then Aoba will take part as well to record the event for posterity! Ooh this food looks good! Houshou-san made it? My oh my.
Kinugasa Play やった!もうすぐ春!春はやっぱりウキウキするようね?そうだ、提督、六戦隊でお花見行かない?楽しいよ〜 Yippie! It's almost spring! Spring is definitely cheerful right? Oh, do you want to come flower viewing with CruDiv6 Admiral? It'll be fun~
Mogami Play 三隈お花見?いいよ。日向さんもどうかな? Flower viewing with Mikuma? That's fine. Can Hyuuga-san come too?
Mikuma Play 提督、もすぐ春ですわ。お弁当作て、最上と三人で、お花見に行きましょう?三隈楽しみです! Admiral, it will be spring soon. Why don't we make a bento with Mogami and then the three of us can go cherry blossom viewing? Mikuma is looking forward to it.
Takao Play 気持ちのよい季節になりましたね、四戦隊でお花見もいいですね。鳥海と、お弁当を作りますね。何がお好きですか?楽しくなりそう! This season brings a good feeling with it, it would be a good idea to bring the 4th Squadron flower viewing. I should make some bento with Choukai. I wonder what they all would like to have? This will be fun!
Atago Play 春!気持ちいいわ!そうだ、高雄にお弁当を作って貰って、みんなで公園行きましょう!きっと、気持ちいいと思うの! Spring! Feels so good! Yes, I'll ask Takao to make us a bento and then lets all go down to the park together! I think, we'll all feel really good then!
Tone Play 春風が心地よいな、提督よ。このまま深海の連中が、おとなしければ良いのじゃがな。 The spring breeze brings with it a comfortable feeling, wouldn't you say Admiral? I daresay it would be nice if those deep sea fellows would act a little more mature, don't you agree?
Chikuma Play あ?!強い風が……春一番かしら……もう、このスカートだっと…… Ah?! Such a strong breeze....the first one of spring....jeez...this skirt....
Zara Play 日本のさくら、うん、いいですね。私も春の新作のパスタ、頑張ろう!提督、食べてね。 Japan's cherry blossoms, yes, these are great. This spring I'll make a brand new pasta, here I go! Admiral, eat up please.
2017 Lines
Pola Play 春といえば、大切な行事、オハーナミーですようね?Polaとってもとっても楽しみしてるんです。いつ?いつ行きますか? The important event during spring is flower viewing right? I'm really, really looking forward to it. When? When are we going?
2018 Lines
Maya Play なぁ、鳥海、何やってんの?…あぁ、花見のお弁当か?いいね、いいね。はむ…うまいよ!酒はどこかな…いた! Hey, what are you doing, Choukai? ...Ah, a lunch box for the cherry blossom viewing? Very nice. *Nom*... That's good! Now where is the booze... Ow!
Choukai Play あぁ、高雄さん。はい、お花見のお弁当作りですね?お手伝えします。…あぁ、こら、摩耶!つまみ食い、禁止! Ah, Takao. Yes, lunch boxes for the cherry blossom viewing? Let me help you... Ah, hey, Maya! No sneaking a bite!


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kongou Play いらっしゃいませ!鎮守府へようこそです! Welcome! Welcome to the Naval Base! Kai Ni C

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Yamato Play もうすぐ春か。うふふ、桜を見ると不思議な気持ちになるは。不思議。。。え、これは。。。涙?なんで? It's almost spring. Ufufu, when I see the cherry blossoms I get strange feelings. Strange... Eh, these are... tears? Why? Yamato was sunk in spring on 1945/04/07.
Musashi Play 春……桜……か……何、大和?きれいなものだな。あっは、私らしくもないか、あっはは。 Spring....cherry blossoms...huh...hey, Yamato? These are so beautiful aren't they? Aha, this isn't like me at all, hahaha.
Littorio Play 春ですね、提督。日本の桜、きれいです。ローマと三人で、お花見もいいですね。私、パスタ弁当を作りますね。 It's spring, Admiral. Japan's cherry blossoms, they're so pretty. Along with Roma why don't the three of us go flower viewing? I'll make us a Pasta bento.
Roma Play 春。ふん…これが、さくら…悪くはないわね。え、お花見?いこうかなぁ。 Spring. Hmm...these cherry blossoms...well they're not too bad. Eh, flower viewing? I suppose we could go.
2017 Lines
Iowa Play Great! Cherry blossom, beautiful! いいわね!気に入ったは!オハナミ?興味あるは! Great! Cherry blossom, beautiful! This is good! I like it! Flower viewing? I'm interested!
2018 Lines
Hyuuga Play そうか、またこの祭か。仕方ないだろう。うん、まぁ、自然っとそうなるな。 I see, we're having that festival again. It can't be helped then. Yeah, well, that's to be expected. Secretary 1. Zuiun Festival Line
Play しかし、今度は水の上に浮かべた雰囲気で。ほぉ、しかも、首都に近いエリアに展開するのか。よし! So this time it's going to be floated on water. I see, and the festival will be near the capital too. Alright! Secretary 2. Zuiun Festival Line
Musashi Play なんだ、なんだこの騒ぎは。何?鎮守府瑞雲祭りだと?日向、伊勢、一体どうなっている?はぁ? What's all this racket. What? A Naval Base Zuiun Festival? Hyuuga, Ise; what's going on? Huh? Zuiun Festival Line
Gangut Play あぁ、これは日本の桜。いいものだ。なんだろう、懐かしい気がするな。不思議だ。…なんだ、Верный?花見?いいだろう。 Aah, so these are Japan's cherry blossoms. They're nice. I wonder why they feel so nostalgic. How strange... What is it, Verniy? Cherry blossom viewing? Sure.
Richelieu Play いい季節ね。桜もきれいだわ。そうだ、Commandant Teste、花見っというものやってみましょうよ。ね? This season is nice. The cherry blossoms are beautiful too. I know, let's do that "cherry blossom viewing" thing, Commandant Teste. Alright?
2019 Lines
Mutsu Play 長門、第一戦隊でお花見はどう?大和や武蔵も呼んで。ねぇ?楽しそうでしょう?私、提督に相談してくるわね。 Nagato, what do you think of having a cherry blossom viewing with the 1st Fleet? We can invite Yamato and Musashi too. Right? It sounds fun doesn't it? I'll go talk with the Admiral.
Nelson Play 桜…この地では、この花をそう呼ぶんのだな。なぜだ…きれいだが、悲しい気持ちにもなる。不思議な花だな。 Sakura... That's what they call this flower here. I wonder why... it gives off such a sad feeling even though it's beautiful. What a strange flower.

Light Carrier

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Houshou Play 春、お花見の季節ですね。提督、空母の皆さん連れて、お花見行かれます?お重をご準備しましょうか?うふふ。腕によりをかけますね。 Spring, the season of flower viewing. Admiral, why don't we go flower viewing with all of the carriers? Would you go get ready? ufufu. I swear he'd be hopeless if I didn't lead him around by the arm.
Chitose Play 春ね。千代田、提督を誘いして、お花見に行きましょう!いいお酒もあるの。 Spring huh, Chiyoda, why don't invite the Admiral to go flower viewing. We'll bring some good sake along.
Chiyoda Play 千歳お姉とお花見?いいじゃない。わたし準備するね。て、え?提督も?まあ、いっか。 Go flower viewing with Chitose-onee? I like the sound of that. I'll go prepare then. Eh? Admiral you wanted to come to? Well, whatever.
2017 Lines
Ryuuhou Play お花見ですか?おまかせください!お重いっぱいにお料理詰めて馳せ参じますね?あの子達何好き頭? A flower viewing? Leave it to me! I'll pack a nice full stacked lunchbox alright? I wonder what those kids will like.
Zuihou Play 提督、春ですね。やっぱり春はうきうきしちゃいます♪春の新作卵焼き、食べる? Admiral, it's spring. I'm really excited about springtime~ Do you want to try my new springtime fried egg?
2018 Lines
Hiyou Play お花見の季節ですね。いいですね。提督、私も手料理頑張ってみますね。えへへ〜期待してください。 It's the time of year for cherry blossom viewing. Great. I'll try my hand at home cooking too, Admiral. Ehehe~ Look forward to it.
Junyou Play 春だ!花見だ!酒じゃ!やほぉ〜! Spring! Cherry blossom viewing! Booze! Yahooo~!
Gambier Bay Play あぁ、Taffy 3でお花見?えぇ…Kurita Fleetも?…わかりました、私、料理頑張ります。腕を奮って! Ah, a cherry blossom viewing with Taffy 3? Eh... with the Kurita Fleet too? ...I understand, I'll do my best with cooking. I'll give it my all!
2019 Lines
Shinyou Play 鳳翔さん、お手伝いします。お花見楽しそう。お料理も、きれい。桜の下に運ぶのですね? Houshou, let me help you. Cherry blossom viewing looks so fun. The food looks good too. I just need to bring this to under the sakura tree right?

Standard Carrier

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2016 Lines
Shoukaku Play 少しずつ、春の陽気になってきました。提督、お花見、瑞鶴と3人で行きたいですね。 Little by little a cheerful spring is coming. Admiral, I'd like it if we got Zuikaku and the three of us went cherry blossom viewing together.
Graf Zeppelin Play これが桜か。ふん、きれいなものだ。なるほどな、何かわかった気がする。 何か So these are cherry blossoms? Hmm, they're very pretty. I see, this feeling, I don't quite know how to describe it. What could it be?
2017 Lines
Kaga Play 航空母艦でお花見ですか?いいですね。私も作りましょう?なんですか?作れます。見ていなさい。 The aircraft carrier's flower viewing? That's good. Would you like me to make something? What is it? I'll make it. Watch me.
Aquila Play 日本の春。オハナミが楽しみね?Zaraの料理も楽しみだし。この季節は好き。 So this is Japan's springtime. Flower viewing is fun right? I'm looking forward to Zara's cooking too. I like this season.
2018 Lines
Akagi Play 提督、加賀さん、お花見の季節ですね。たくさんお料理を持って、桜の見にいかがですか?鳳翔さんと相談してきますね。楽しみです! Admiral, Kaga; it's the time of year for cherry blossom viewing. Let's get lots of food and go look at the cherry blossoms alright? I'll go bring this up with Houshou then. I can't wait.
Ark Royal Play いい季節だな。あれが「Sakura」か。不思議なものだ。…見ていると、少し鑑賞的な気持ちになる。花の色の成果?不思議だ。 What a nice season. So those are "Sakura". How strange... when I look at them, I'm overcome with a feeling of appreciation. I wonder if it's because of the colour? Strange.
Intrepid Play Iowa、ねぇ、他のみんなもさっそって、日本のお花見ってやつをやってみない?なんか素敵じゃない。Sister Saraもどうかな?ねぇ? Hey, Iowa; how about we get the others and try out this Japanese cherry blossom viewing? It sounds great. What about you, Sister Sara? So?


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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
I-168 Play 司令官、やっと春が来ますね!う~ん、今年の冬は長かた!暖かくなだら、司令官も海の中、一緒にどうですか? Commander, finally spring is coming! Yeah, this year's winter sure felt long. When it gets a bit warmer, would you like to jump in the sea with me Commander?
I-8 Play 春、ハっちゃん、最後の出撃も春なんですよ、提督。ん、ああ~昔の話ですけど。ふぅ~。 Haru, Hacchan's last sortie was also in spring Admiral. nn, ah~ well that's an old story. Fuu.
I-58 Play ゴーヤ、春は好きでち。何となく、元気が出る季節でち。さあ、今日も頑張るぞ。やるでち。 Goya just loves the spring dechi. Somehow this season fires me up dechi. Right, today I'll do my best as well! Here I go dechi!
Ro-500 Play 提督提督、春だって。この季節、呂ちゃん好きかもって。 Admiral, Admiral, it's spring. Ro-chan might just love this season!
2017 Lines
I-19 Play 提督、春なの!イクとピクニックに行くといいの!行き先だって?もちろん海の中なお! Admiral, it's spring! Come on a picnic with me! Where? Out to sea of course!
I-26 Play 春です!ねねね、提督、潜水艦隊で大鯨も誘ってみんなでお花見行かない?ね、行っちゃお? It's spring! Hey hey hey, Admiral, can invite the rest of the submarines and Taigei to go flower viewing together? Hey, can we go?
I-13 Play 第一潜水隊でお花見…?良いですね、やりましょう!イヨちゃん…飲みすぎはだめよ Flower viewing with the 1st Submarine Squadron...? Sounds good, let's go! Iyo-chan... don't drink too much.
I-14 Play よぉ~っし!春だ!お花見だ!美味しいお酒だぁぁ!!!姉貴~!しおいさん達誘って、繰り出しちゃお~!! Alllll riiiiight~! It's spring! Delicious alcohol!! Aneki~! Let's invite Shioi-chan and the rest to go out~!!
2018 Lines
I-400 Play 桜、きれいですね。ん…そう、お花見!七尾湾のメンバーでいきましょう。楽しそう〜 The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Hmmm... I know, let's go cherry blossom viewing! We can go with the other members of Nanao Bay. I can't wait~
Luigi_Torelli Play はぁ、なるる。これが噂の「お花見」か。何?いよ、ひとみ、これを飲むの、その容器で。ん、楽しそう! Huh, I see. So this is the "cherry blossom viewing" I've heard so much about. What is it? Iyo, Hitomi; you want me to take a drink from this bottle? Mmm, that sounds fun!

Auxiliary Ships

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Nisshin Play 水上機母艦の会でお花見をやるんじゃね…そんなら、わしも何か料理を作っていくかのぅ…なにがええかのぅ… The seaplane tenders will be having a flower viewing party... In that case, should I make something too... I wonder what would be good...

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Akitsushima Play 提督、桜の季節です!桜の!なんか嬉しいかも、ね! Admiral, it's the season for Cherry Blossom viewing! Cherry Blossom viewing! It's filling me with something that's maybe like joy!
Hayasui Play 提督さん!春です!春の息吹を感じます!よ~し!この春も一緒に頑張りましょう!はい! Admiral! It's Spring! I can feel the breath of spring! All right! Let's work hard together this spring too! Right!
Kashima Play 提督さん、この季節、お花見もいいですよね。私、お弁当作りますね。楽しみ。うふふ。 Admiral-san, this would be a good time to go cherry blossom viewing. I made us some bento. This will be fun. ufufu.
Mizuho Play 提督、少し暖かくなてきましたね?今年も春が訪れるですね?瑞穂、感慨深いです! Admiral, it's beginning to feel a bit warmer isn't it? Has spring come to visit us this year as well? Mizuho is deeply moved. Mizuho was laid down, launched and sunk in May so spring is probably an emotional time for her.
2017 Lines
Taigei Play お花見ですか?おまかせください!お重いっぱいにお料理詰めて馳せ参じますね?あの子達何好き頭? A flower viewing? Leave it to me! I'll pack a nice full stacked lunchbox alright? I wonder what those kids will like.
2018 Lines
Commandant Teste Play 神威?水上機母艦でお花見に?Oui、いいですね。私もぜひ、参加させてください。 Kamoi? Cherry blossom viewing with the seaplane tenders? Yes, that sounds nice. Please let me join too.
Hayasui Play こ、この雰囲気は!?この、鎮守府の只ならの気配は…これはあれですね!また始まるんですね?瑞雲祭り! Th-this feeling is!? The Naval Base being out of the ordinary... Must mean it's that! It's happening again right? The Zuiun Festival! Secretary 1. Zuiun Festival Line
Play 瑞雲、よし!速吸ジャージー、よし!みんなさんの法被、よし!提督さん、鎮守府瑞雲祭り、兵站準備、完了です! Zuiun, check! Hayasui Jersey, check! Everyone's happi coats, check! All supplies for the Naval Base Zuiun Festival accounted for, Admiral! Secretary 2. Zuiun Festival Line
Kamoi Play いい季節になりました。お花見もいいですね。神威も、お料理頑張ってみます。時雨さん、手伝って。 A nice season has come. Cherry blossom viewing is nice. I'll do my best with cooking too. Help me, Shigure.