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Inventory (アイテム) is a main menu function that displays all the items you have earned.

Menu Functions

  • Owned Items (保有アイテム) - All items that you own. Items must be in this inventory before they can be used.
  • Purchased Items (購入済みアイテム) - Items that have just been purchased from the cash stop appear here. They need to be moved over to Owned Items before they can be used.
  • Expanded Inventory (拡張アイテム) - Extra inventory space implemented to fit newly introduced items.
  • Use Item (使用する) - Available from some items, allows you to use the item.

Inventory Contents

Expanded Inventory
Standard Inventory
Standard Inventory
Row Item Name
1 Item Icon Marriage Ring and Documents.png Marriage Paper Item Icon Medal.png Medal Improvement material Improvement Material Item Icon Food Supply Ship Irako.png Irako Item Icon Present Box.png Present Box Item Icon Special Chocolate.png Valentine's Chocolate Item Icon First Class Medal.png First Class Medal Item Icon New Technology Aircraft Blueprint.png New Technology Aircraft Blueprint
2 Furniture Box (Small) Furniture Box (Small) Furniture Box (Medium) Furniture Box (Medium) Furniture Box (Large) Furniture Box (Large) Item Icon Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png Mamiya Blueprint Blueprint Item Icon Furniture Fairy.png Furniture Fairy Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png Headquarters Personnel Item Icon Reinforcement Expansion.png Reinforcement Expansion
3 Instant repair Instant Repair Material Instant construction Material Instant Construction Material Development material Development Material Item Icon Dock Opening Key.png Dock Opening Key Item Icon Emergency Repair Personnel.png Repair Team Item Icon Emergency Repair Goddess.png Repair Goddess Item Icon Hishimochi.png Hishimochi Item Icon Saury.png Saury
4 Skilled Crew Member Skilled Crew Member Item Icon Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.png Prototype Flight Deck Catapult Item Icon Ne Type Engine.png Ne Type Engine Item Icon Canned Saury.png Canned Saury Item Icon Combat Ration.png Combat Ration Item Icon Underway Replenishment.png Underway Replenishment Item Icon Construction Corps.pngConstruction Corps Item Icon Submarine Supply Material.png Submarine Supply Material
Expanded Inventory
Row Item Name
1 - - Action Report Action Report
2 Item Icon New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material.png New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material New Model Aerial Armament Material New Model Aerial Armament Material Item Icon New Model Rocket Development Material.png New Model Rocket Development Material
3 Item Icon Combat Ration (Special Onigiri).png Combat Ration (Special Onigiri) Item Icon Emergency Repair Material.png Emergency Repair Materials Item Icon New Model Armament Material.png New Model Armament Material
4 Item Icon Xmas Select Gift Box.png Xmas Select Gift Box - Item Icon Setsubun Beans.png Setsubun Beans

Gotland minigame

S9 Osprey fairy
Swordfish Mk.III Kai (Seaplane Model) fairy

By clicking on all 3 flowers next to the fairy on the left, a "mini-game" is unlocked.

  • This consist of an "Anti-Air Defense" game, where a black sheep (reference to Gotland) is thrown to destroy abyssal planes.
  • This mini-game is just here to "kill time", and so is not linked to the rest of the game, neither consuming nor rewarding anything.

Point requirements per wave:

  • 2500 -> 5000 -> 15000 -> 50000 -> 70000


  • E: ≤ 8000
  • D: > 8000
  • C: > 10000
  • B: > 12000
  • A: > 15000
  • S: > 25000 AND cleared wave

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