Inventory (アイテム) is a main menu function that displays all the items you have earned.

Menu Functions

  • Owned Items (保有アイテム) - All items that you own. Items must be in this inventory before they can be used.
  • Purchased Items (購入済みアイテム) - Items that have just been purchased from the cash stop appear here. They need to be moved over to Owned Items before they can be used.
  • Expanded Inventory (拡張アイテム) - Extra inventory space implemented to fit newly introduced items.
  • Use Item (使用する) - Available from some items, allows you to use the item.

Inventory Contents

Expanded Inventory
Standard Inventory
Row Item Name
1   Marriage Paper   Medal   Improvement Material   Irako   Present Box   Valentine's Chocolate   First Class Medal   New Technology Aircraft Blueprint
2   Furniture Box (Small)   Furniture Box (Medium)   Furniture Box (Large)   Mamiya   Blueprint   Furniture Fairy   Headquarters Personnel   Reinforcement Expansion
3   Instant Repair Material   Instant Construction Material   Development Material   Dock Opening Key   Repair Team   Repair Goddess   Hishimochi   Saury
4   Skilled Crew Member   Prototype Flight Deck Catapult   Ne Type Engine   Canned Saury   Combat Ration   Underway Replenishment  Construction Corps   Submarine Supply Material
Expanded Inventory
Row Item Name
1 - -   Action Report
2   New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material   New Model Aerial Armament Material   New Model Rocket Development Material
3   Combat Ration (Special Onigiri)   Emergency Repair Materials   New Model Armament Material
4   Xmas Select Gift Box -   Setsubun Beans

Gotland minigame

By clicking on all 3 flowers next to the fairy on the left, a "mini-game" is unlocked.

  • This consist of an "Anti-Air Defense" game, where a black sheep (reference to Gotland) is thrown to destroy abyssal planes.
  • This mini-game is just here to "kill time", and so is not linked to the rest of the game, neither consuming nor rewarding anything.

Point requirements per wave:

  • 2500 -> 5000 -> 15000 -> 50000 -> 70000


  • E: ≤ 8000
  • D: > 8000
  • C: > 10000
  • B: > 12000
  • A: > 15000
  • S: > 25000 AND cleared wave

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