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Game Updates

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Message on DMM's site indicating that the game is under maintenance.

This page contains all game updates, past and present. Updates introducing events are bolded in red. Most update articles are assembled by directly translating tweets from the game's staff, so checking here for developments may be more expedient if you are proficient in Japanese. Machine translations may also provide a glimpse at the new content.

We have also taken the opportunity to begin archiving tweets from the past which can all be found here.

Maintenance Schedule

Time until maintenance starts Time until maintenance ends

Maintenance start date and time December 6 2022 11:00
Expected maintenance end date and time December 6 2022 20:00
Actual maintenance end date and time December 6 2022 20:00 (?)

Archived Updates

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January 1stLive 21st
February 22nd (Event)
April 1st 23rdLive
May 13th 27th (Event)
June 8th 17thLive 30thRanking
July 13th 28thRanking
August 4th 26th (Event) 31stRanking
September 11thlive 30thRanking
October 14th 31stRanking
November 9th
January 1st 13th
February 5th
March 1st 30th
April 22nd
May 8th (Event) 20th
June 2nd 22nd
July 15th
August 4th 20th (Event)
September 28th
October 15th 29th (Event)
November 19th
December 10th 28th
January 1st 14th
February 7th
March 3rd (Event) 27th
April 23rd
May 20th
June 19th 26th (Event)
July 10th
August 27th
September 17th
October 16th
November 13th 27th (Event)
December 10th 31st
January 1st 22nd
February 8th 27th
March 8th 22nd 27th
April 22nd 30th
May 20th (Event)
June 25th
July 18th
August 8th 30th (Event)
September 30th
October 25th
November 20th 29th (Event)
January 1st 17th
February 5th 16th (Event)
March 23rd
April 6th 23rd
May 15th
June 13th 29th
July 12th
August 1st 15th
September 8th (Event)
October 10th 26th
November 16th
December 7th 21st 26th (Event)
January 1st 10th 25th
February 11th (Event) 28th
March 4th 17th
April 5th 23rd
May 2nd (Event) 22nd 29th
June 6th 23rd
July 14th 31st
August 10th (Event)
September 12th 29th
October 18th 25th
November 10th 17th (Event)
December 11th 27th
January 1st 7th 19th
February 10th (Event) 14th 24th 29th
March 11th 19th
April 1st 22nd
May 3rd (Event) 13th
June 1st 10th 22nd (Android) 30th
July 15th
August 1st 12th (Event) 16th 19th 31st
September 16th
October 5th 21st
November 4th 18th (Event)
December 9th 22nd 27th 29th
January 1st 9th 23rd
February 6th (Event) 17th 23rd
March 13th 18th 27th
April 10th 23rd 28th (Event)
May 18th 29th
June 12th 26th
July 3rd 17th 31st
August 10th (Event)
September 7th 20thLive 25th
October 9th 30th
November 18th (Event)
December 8th 24th 29th
January 8th 15th 22nd 29th
February 14th 26th
March 14th 28th
April 9th 23rd (Event)
May 9th 23rd
June 6th 20th
July 4th 18th 28th
August 8th (Event) 29th
September 12th 26th
October 10th 24th
November 14th (Event) 20th
December 1st 12th 26th
April 23rd(Game Start)
May 17th(Event)
June 5th
August 1st(Event) 17th 26th
October 16th 23rd
November 1st (Event) 13th 20th 27th
December 4th 11th 24th (Event)

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