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Revision as of 18:08, 3 December 2019

Ship drops
Type Ship A G N P Q R
DE Hachijou Hard+
DE Ishigaki Casual+
DD Arashi Casual+
DD Asakaze Easy+ Hard+
DD Hagikaze Casual+
DD Matsukaze Casual+
DD Minazuki Easy+ Casual+
DD Minegumo Casual+
DD Uzuki Easy+ Casual+
CL Ooyodo Casual+
CA Mikuma Easy+ Easy+
CV Unryuu Easy+
SSV I-13 Casual+
AR Akashi Medium+
CT Kashima Casual+
DD Yayoi Casual+ Casual+
CL Abukuma Medium+ Casual+
CL Kinu Casual+ Casual+
CL Kitakami Easy+ Hard+ Casual+
CL Nagara Easy+ Casual+ Casual+ Casual+
CL Ooi Easy+ Casual+
CL Sendai Easy+ Easy+ Casual+ Casual+
CL Yuubari Casual+ Casual+
CA Atago Easy+ Hard+ Easy+ Casual+ Casual+
CA Chikuma Casual+
CA Kinugasa Easy+ Casual+ Casual+
CA Kumano Casual+
CA Mogami Casual+ Casual+ Hard+ Hard+ Casual+ Casual+
CA Myoukou Casual+ Hard+ Hard+ Hard+ Casual+ Casual+
CA Suzuya Casual+
CA Takao Casual+ Medium+ Medium+ Casual+
CA Tone Casual+
CVL Hiyou Medium+ Hard+ Casual+ Casual+ Casual+
CVL Junyou Easy+ Easy+ Casual+ Casual+ Casual+
CVL Ryuujou Casual+ Casual+ Casual+ Casual+
CVL Shouhou Easy+ Hard+ Hard+ Easy+ Easy+
CVL Zuihou Hard+ Hard+
FBB Haruna Casual+
FBB Hiei Casual+
FBB Kirishima Casual+
FBB Kongou Casual+
BB Fusou Casual+
BB Hyuuga Casual+
BB Ise Casual+
BB Yamashiro Casual+
SS I-8 Casual+