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Equipment List


# R Name Type Ships Notes ?
1 ☆C 12cm Single Gun Main Gun, Light +1 - - +1
2 ☆C 12.7cm Twin Gun Main Gun, Light
3 ☆☆R 10cm Twin High-Angle Cannon Main Gun, Medium
4 ☆C 14cm Single Cannon Main Gun, Medium
5 ☆☆C 15cm Three-Barreled Gun (Main) Main Cannon, Medium
☆☆C 20.3cm Twin Cannon Main Cannon, Medium
☆C 41cm Twin Cannon Main Cannon, Heavy
☆☆☆H 46cm Triple Cannon Main Cannon, Heavy
☆C 12.7cm Twin High-Angle Cannon Dual-Use Gun
☆C 15.2cm Single Cannon Dual-Use Gun
☆☆R 15.5cm Triple Cannon (Dual-Use) Dual-Use Gun
☆C 61cm Triple Torpedo Torpedo
☆C 61cm Quad Torpedo Torpedo
☆☆R 61cm Quad Oxygen Torpedo Torpedo
☆C Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Carrier-Based Torpedo Bomber
☆☆R Tenzan (Heavenly Mountain) Carrier-Based Torpedo Bomber
☆☆☆H Ryuusei (Falling Star) Carrier-Based Torpedo Bomber
☆C Type 96 Fighter Carrier-Based Fighter
☆C Type 21 Zero Fighter Carrier-Based Fighter
☆☆R Type 52 Zero Fighter Carrier-Based Fighter
☆☆☆SH Reppu (Strong Gale) Carrier-Based Fighter

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