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"Equipment" are gears meant to be fitted on girls to enhance their combat capacity, adding several sets of Stats and unlocking certain Mechanics.

Equipment come in multiple types and categories, using different icons (sometimes overlapping between categories), each with its own behaviors and equipability.

The main ways to acquire equipment are:

Equipment Icons & Types

Every piece of equipment in the game has an icon, regrouping them by type, giving a quick visual indicator of what a given equipment is.

  • One icon can be shared with different equipment types.
  • Some icons are used for a single equipment.
  • Some equipment icons on the wiki will be displayed with "text"  Text, indicating special notes like stats or sub-types of equipment.
    • Categories labeled as  Sp are for "special subtypes", types of equipment with the same mechanics as their normal main type, but corresponding to "larger variants", equipable on respectively larger or more capable ships.

For a better understanding of plane-related mechanics, see Aerial Combat.

The base type of plane in the game:
Planes only usable on Land-Based (because of their size and/or use):
Planes only compatible with ships having the appropriate catapult:
Some ASW-focused aircraft used in niche roles:

Naval Guns
Anti-Submarine Warfare

  •   Star Shell : reduce the enemy cut-in chance and increase allied cut-in rates.
  •     Skilled Lookouts 
    : increase the cut-in chance and accuracy against light enemies and unlock new cut-ins.

Equipment Categories

  Dive Bombers   Dive Bombers
    Torpedo Bombers   Torpedo Bombers
  Night Torpedo Bombers
   Jet-powered Fighter-Bombers
   Fighters   Fighters
  Night Fighters
  Reconnaissance Aircraft   Reconnaissance Aircraft
 Sp Large Reconnaissance Aircraft
Bombers Attackers   Attackers
 bomber Army Attackers 
  Assault Aircraft (Army Attackers)
  Patrol Aircraft
Large Aircraft   Heavy Bombers
Interceptors/Fighters   Navy Fighters Navy Fighters
Rocket Interceptors
  Army Fighters
 LB Reconnaissance Aircraft
  "Multi-Role" Seaplanes  Recon  Reconnaissance Seaplanes  Recon Reconnaissance Seaplanes
  Night Reconnaissance Seaplanes
 Bomber Seaplane Bombers
  Seaplane Fighters
  Large Flying Boats
  Rotorcraft Autogyros
  Liaison Aircraft
Special categories
  Sp LB Recon  Reconnaissance Aircraft
Planes with Anti-Air Resistance
ASW Aircraft
 Anti-Installation Dive Bombers
Night Planes   =   Night Torpedo Bombers
  =   Suisei Model 12 (w/ Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs) 
  =   Night Fighters
Main armement
Naval Guns
Main Guns   Small Small Caliber Main Guns   Small Caliber Main Guns
 Small Small Caliber Main High-Angle Guns
  Medium Medium Caliber Main Guns   Medium Caliber Main Guns
 Medium Medium Main High-Angle Guns
  Large Caliber Main Guns   Large Caliber Main Guns
 Sp Very Large Caliber Main Guns
Secondary Guns   Sec Secondary Guns   Secondary Guns (surface)
 Sec Secondary High-Angle Guns
 Sp_Sec Large Secondary (High-Angle) Guns
  High-Angle Guns (dual-purpose)  Main Main High-Angle Guns  Small Small Caliber Main High-Angle Guns
 Medium Medium Main High-Angle Guns
 Sec Secondary High-Angle Guns  Sec Secondary High-Angle Guns
 Sp_Sec Large Secondary (High-Angle) Guns
  Anti-Aircraft Guns
  Torpedo weaponry   Torpedoes   Torpedoes (surface)
 Sub Submarine Torpedoes
 Minisub Midget Submarines
Anti-Submarine Warfare
  Depth Charges  DCP Depth Charge Projectors
 DCR Depth Charge (Racks)
 Other ASW Mortars
  Sonars  Small Small Sonars
 Large Large Sonars
Other equipment
  Radars  Small Small Radars
 Large Large Radars  Large Large Radars
 Sp Very Large Radars
 Air Air Radars
 Surface Surface Radars
  Submarine Equipment
 Small Small Searchlight 
 Large Large Searchlight 
  Star Shell 
  Skilled Lookouts 
  Landing Craft  TP Transport DLC 
 Tank Landing Tanks
 Armed Armed Boats 
  AA Fire Directors 
Shells   Anti-Aircraft Shells
  Armor-Piercing Shells
  Anti-Ground Artilleries
  Extra Armors  Medium Medium Extra Armors
 Large Large Extra Armors
  Engine Improvements
  Ship Repair Facility 
  Aviation Personnel  SCAMP SCAMP 
  Command Facilities 
  Saiun (Disassembled for Transport) 
Consumables   Underway Replenishment 
  Emergency Repair Personnel 
  Combat Rations 
Special categories
Anti-Ground Equipment

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