Docking (入渠) is a main menu function that lets repair damaged girls.

  • An alternate method is to use Anchorage Repairs, or to remodel a girl.
  • This page provides information about the menu. Please see Repairs for details on repairing ship girls.

Menu Functions

Repair Menu and all the available options

The following functions appear in the Repair menu:

  • Occupied Slot - Displays girls currently being repaired. Girl banners are marked with Repair (修復). Her name and HP she had when she was put into the docks will be displayed beside her.
  • Empty Slot - Displays available repair slots.
  • Time Remaining - Displays how long until repairs are complete.
  • Instant Repair - Allows to complete repairs instantly.

Repairing Girls

Confirmation window for repairs

Repairing a girl costs fuel and steel. It will also take time unless an instant repair   is used.

  • Every player starts off with only 2 dock slots. Up to 2 more slots can be unlocked by using a Dock Opening Key each time.

To repair a ship:

  1. Click on any empty slot to bring up a list of girls. It will be sorted by damage as default.
  2. Click on the girl to repair. This brings up the information menu.
    • The toggle is for using instant repairs. It is set at Do Not Use (使用しない) by default. It can be toggled to Use (使用する) if wished.
  3. Clicking on the Begin Repairs! (修復開始!) button will bring up the confirmation screen. It shows all the resource costs again.
  4. Clicking on Yes (はい) starts the repair. Clicking on No (いいえ) takes back to the girl selection menu.

Notes While a ship is being repaired in the docks:

  • That repair cannot be canceled unless using the Instant Repair (高速修復) button.
  • The girl cannot be modernized, remodeled, or have her equipment modified.
    • It is possible to take her equipment by selecting them on other girls using the swap function.

If a ship ends repair with 39 morale or less, it will be set to 40. This includes repairs ended by using Instant Repair.

  • The last minute of repair time can be shaved off by switching to the docking screen when a ship has less than one minute of repair time to go.

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