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Template Inputs

Argument Input Details
id Text A Unique ID for the popup. Cannot match any other ID on the page.
hovertext Text The text that the user will hover over to see the popup
link (optional) Text A link for the hover text
popup Text The content of the popup.
nodelay (optional) 1 or 0 No delay for popup.
ajax (optional) 1 or 0 You can load an entire wiki article by setting ajax=1 and setting your id equal to the page you want to load.
click (optional) 1 or 0 Requires the user to click the text to see the popup.
sticky (optional) 1 or 0 Requires that the user clicks an "X" to close the popup.
notransparentbg (optional) 1 or 0 Disables the popup's transparency.
classic (optional) 1 or 0 Makes the popup use the classic theme rather than the wiki-specific theme.
plain (optional) 1 or 0 Makes the popup use the plain theme rather than the wiki-specific theme.
box (optional) 1 or 0 Makes the popup use the box theme, which uses no images, rather than the wiki-specific theme.
fade (optional) 1 or 0 Makes the popup use the fade theme rather than the wiki-specific theme. Box will fade in and out of view.
nostem (optional) 1 or 0 Removes the stem from the popup
opacity (optional) Numbers 0 - 100 Sets a custom opacity for the popup. If set above 1, it is divided by 100.
fontcolor (optional) Color Name Sets a custom color for the popup's text.
fontsize (optional) fot size ex. 5pt Sets a custom size for the popup's text.
bgcolor (optional) Color Name Sets a custom background color for a box popup.



Standard Hover Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon1|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon1 bla bla bla}}
Result: Hover

Add Image Inside Hover Balloon

{{Popup|id=balloon2|hovertext=Hover|popup=Balloon 2<br>[[File:Banoi_Herald_Excerpt_001.jpg|300px]]}}
Result: Hover

Use Ajax To Load An Entire Page In A Popup


Result: Hover

Require A Click To Activate A Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon3|hovertext=Click|popup=balloon3 bla bla bla|click=1}}
Result: Click

Requiring A Click For An Ajax Popup


Result: Click

Make A Sticky Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon4|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon4 bla bla bla|sticky=1}}
Result: Hover

Make A Classic Looking Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon5|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon5 bla bla bla|classic=1}}
Result: Hover

Include a page in a popup like a template

Result: Hover

Make A Popup Without A Transparent Background


Result: Hover

Make A Plain Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon6|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon6 bla bla bla|plain=1}}
Result: Hover

Make A Box Popup (No Images)

{{Popup|id=balloon7|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon7 bla bla bla|box=1}}
Result: Hover

No Delay Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon8|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon8 bla bla bla|nodelay=1}}
Result: Hover

Fade Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon9|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon9 bla bla bla|fade=1}}
Result: Hover

Fade Box Popup

{{Popup|id=balloon10|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon10 bla bla bla|fadeBox=1}}
Result: Hover

No Stem Popup - Not Working

Not Working

{{Popup|id=balloon11|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon11 bla bla bla|nostem=1}}
Result: Hover

Custom Opacity

{{Popup|id=balloon12|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon12 bla bla bla|opacity=20}}
Result: Hover

Custom Font Color

{{Popup|id=balloon13|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon13 bla bla bla|fontcolor=Black}}
Result: Hover

Custom Font Size

{{Popup|id=balloon14|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon14 bla bla bla|fontsize=5pt}}
Result: Hover

Custom BG Color

{{Popup|id=balloon15|hovertext=Hover|popup=balloon15 bla bla bla|box=1|bgcolor=Green}}
Result: Hover