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World 5

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Stage Guide
|id = 5-4
|0 -> A/empty, B/empty =
*'''FORCE''' node B if fleet contains CV(L/B)* Meet '''ANY''' of the following requirements to go to BA** Fleet contains CV(L/BF)BB(V)≥ 3** DD CA(V) 3, 5*Meet '''ANY''' of the following to go to B**CL = 1 '''AND''' CL+DD ≥ 43** DD = 4 **5 ships carrying Drum Canister or Daihatsu-class Landing Craft '''AND''' CL = the amount of (Drum Canister + Daihatsu-class Landing Craft) in the fleet ≥ 5 ('''T89 Landing Force and T2 Kami Tank also count. If one ship carries both Drum Canister & Daihatsu-class Landing Craft, it will be counted as "2ships"''')
* Otherwise, go to A
* Meet '''ANY''' of the following requirements to go to D
** Fleet contains SS(V)
**(F)BB(V) ≥ 5
** DD ≥ 2
** CA(V) ≥ 3
|B/empty -> C, D/storm, E =
* Go to C if fleet contains CV(L/B) or SS(V)
*Go to E if '''Fast+''' fleet
* Meet '''ANY''' of the following requirements to go to D
** Fleet contains (F)BB(V) '''AND''' slow ship
* Otherwise, go to L
|L -> N/empty , P =* Fail Meet '''ANY''' of the LOS following to go to P**'''Fast+''' fleet ('''LoS check is ignored''')**Pass the LoS Check('''≥ 60 F33 Cn2''') '''AND''' (F)BB(V)+CV(B) ≤ 4* Random between N and P of if (F)BB(V)+CV(B) ≥ 5 |L -> P = *Pass the LOS Check ('''≥ 34 F33 Cn1''')Otheriwse, N
|M/empty -> O/empty =
**North route is occupied with [[Standard Carrier Wo-Class]] Flagship IV, who carries Hellcat Kai plane version, and [[Battleship Ta-Class]] Flagship, who has high evasion and accuracy. They can potentially damage any of your ships on the way to the boss if not evaded.
***Node C also has a pattern with 1-2 Enemy Submarines, sometimes in Line Ahead. You are recommended go Line Abreast against this Node (Heavy Ships such as BB/CV can handle all Surface Enemies in the Node even in this formation), and bring OASW capable Destroyers to deal with them.
***There is an '''LoS Check in L to go to the Boss Node''', requiring above eLoS '''(F33) Cn=1 2 of 34 60 or higher.'''
**South route, however, doesn't feature any enemy carrier at all, but instead, you have go through the night battle nodes like in 5-3 against enemy [[Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class]] and Late Model DDs
***Seaplane Fighters are required for this route if you wish to obtain Air Superiority at the boss node, as no CVs are allowed

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