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List of Torpedoes by stats

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A torpedo is a large, cylindrical, self-propelled underwater projectile. Which can launch from an aircraft as well as from both surface and sub-surface ships that can hit on surface and submersible targets.

  • Green : Outstanding
  • Yellow : Above average
# Rank Name Subtype Firepower Torpedo Attack Dive Bomber Attack Anti-Air Armor Anti-Submarine View Range Accuracy Evasion Range Classes Craftable Notes
013 61cm Triple Torpedo Mount
Torpedo-based Weapon61cm三連装魚雷
None 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Short DD, CL(T), CA(V), SS(V), Bismarck Drei Yes
014 61cm Quad Torpedo Mount
Torpedo-based Weapon61cm四連装魚雷
61cm Quad O2
Torpedo Mount

Torpedo-based Weapon61cm四連装(酸素)魚雷
10 Isuzu, Kitakami, Ooi, Takao-class, Myoukou-class Kai and some Kai DDs' stock equipment.
041 Type A Ko-hyoteki
Torpedo-based Weapon甲標的 甲
Midget Submarine 12 N/A AV, CLT, SS(V) Does not count as a torpedo. Chitose A, Chiyoda A stock equipment.
61cm Triple O2
Torpedo Mount

Torpedo-based Weapon61cm三連装(酸素)魚雷
None 8 1 1 1 Short DD, CL(T), CA(V), SS(V), Bismarck Drei No Fubuki Kai Ni stock equipment.
61cm Quint O2
Torpedo Mount

Torpedo-based Weapon61cm五連装(酸素)魚雷
12 0 0 Ooi, Kitakami and Kiso Kai Ni stock equipment.
179 ☆☆
Prototype 61cm Sextuple O2
Torpedo Mount

Torpedo-based Weapon試製61cm六連装(酸素)魚雷
14 2 April 2016 ranking reward.
53cm Hull-mount
O2 Torpedo

Torpedo-based Weapon53cm艦首(酸素)魚雷
15 January 2014 ranking reward.

Fall 2013 Event E-3 clear reward.

53cm Submarine Bow
Torpedo Mount (8 tubes)

Torpedo-based Weapon潜水艦53cm艦首魚雷
Submarine Torpedo 16 3 SS(V) Can trigger cut-in with normal torpedo after 20th June Update.
Quest D13 and D14 reward
Prototype FaT Type 95
O2 Torpedo Kai

Torpedo-based Weapon試製FaT仕様九五
14 7 2 Ro-500 Stock equipment.
Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 Tubes)
Torpedo-based Weapon後期型艦首魚雷(6門)
15 3 1 Can be obtained via F50 quest or ranking rewards.
214 ☆☆
Skilled SONAR Personnel +
Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 Tubes)

Torpedo-based Weapon熟練聴音員+後期型艦首魚雷(6門)
1 5 4 Can be obtained from Rank Rewards.

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