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Vanguard Formation

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The contents of this article are currently under research

Fairies are currently researching this article to improve the information within it. Some details may not be all complete, please feel free to contribute and discuss information that needs to be reviewed or added through the Vanguard Formation's Talk page.

Vanguard Formation as shown in a Single Fleet.
Vanguard Formation as shown in a Striking Force Fleet.

Vanguard Formation is an Event Exclusive Formation that introduced in the Fall 2017 Event. This formation provides position specific benefits (and drawbacks).

In general, the formation drastically decreases the likelihood your flag, second, and third ship are targeted, while increasing the evasion of your other four ships.

As of current, this formation has only been available during events, but can be used in normal maps within the event period.

Regarding the Formation

The Vanguard Formation is based on the formation which Shouji Nishimura used as his fleet entered into the Surigao Strait.

The Formation in Detail

The Vanguard Formation has a series of benefits and drawbacks specific to several major factors depending on the type and position of the ship.

At present, the following details are known regarding the Vanguard Formation:

Vanguard Formation Modifiers

Fleet's Position Surface Shell Modifier Anti-sub Power Modifier Anti-air Modifier [1] Torpedo Modifier Day Torpedo Hit Rate Evasion Modifier [2]
Vanguard Formation
Ship Slots 1-3
50% 100% 110% 100% High 5% for Non-DDs
20% for DDs
Vanguard Formation
Ship Slots 4-7
100% 60% 110% 100% High 15% for Non-DDs for Slot 4
25% for DDs for Slot 4
20% for Non-DDs for Slot 5-7
40% for DDs for Slot 5-7
  1. Source:[1] AA data
  2. Source: Xe-UCH's Twitter Current results are based on an estimation of what was collected during the event. Results may change once more information is gathered.
  • Please keep in mind that the data is still under research and is subject to change.

In addition to this, the vanguard formation also affects enemy targeting: protecting the first 3 ships (or less depending on how many ships are in your fleet) while granting the other (now more targeted) ships an evasion increase.

As of current results have been noted as followed:

Vanguard Formation Targeting Chances For Single Fleets

Fleet's Position in Single Fleet Chance of being Targeted [1]
Slot 1 0.43%
Slot 2 9.13%
Slot 3 8.26%
Slot 4 26.96%
Slot 5 27.37%
Slot 6 27.83%

Vanguard Formation Targeting Chances For Striking Force Fleets

Fleet's Position in Striking Force Fleet Chance of being Targeted [1]
Slot 1 0.99%
Slot 2 6.60%
Slot 3 6.27%
Slot 4 22.77%
Slot 5 23.43%
Slot 6 21.78%
Slot 7 18.15%
  1. 1.0 1.1 Source: Syoukuretin's Twitter Results are based on an estimation of what was collected during the event. Results may change once more information is gathered.

Current Conclusions

The formation appears to be most useful in allowing fleets to better evade attacks; this comes in especially useful in night battle nodes, where there are fewer methods of preventing enemies from attacking, placing an emphasis on being able to survive enemy attacks.

One thing which is reasonable to assume is that shelling Support Expedition Fleets, like with other formations, suffer the offensive penalties of this formation.

One potential weakness of the Vanguard Formation is that the fourth ship is at the greatest risk as she receives neither the favorable targeting of ships 1-3 nor evasion bonuses as great as the fifth to seventh ships do. Care should be taken when this formation is used.