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User:Totaku/KanColle's 6th Anniversary, its future,and the Kongou Kai Ni C Update

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Good day to all you fellow admirals!

As it may have come to you attention, a lot of things are coming up within KanColle as we are now approaching KanColle's 6th Anniversary! For many of us admirals we have gone through a very long journey with our Kanmusu as we the game will soon be turning 6 years old. And with each year that passes, KanColle continues to bring more surprises to us both in game and real life. So for today and possibly through some additional updates in this post leading up over Golden Week we will be using this page to summarize content coming up in the update along with some information on things coming up through this year.

Kongou's Kai Ni C Update

Beginning with game news, as we enter into KanColle's 6th Anniversary a large update is being planned in the works which will consist of the following content:

  • Kougou Kai Ni C
  • 6th Anniversary Content
  • Quests which will include a way to obtain a way to expand you selectable quest list
  • Maximum ship capacity increase (Purchase required)
  • Around the time of Golden Week, a chance to obtain rare ship girls such as Gotland, Commandant Teste, Kamoi and Akitsushima across various locations in normal maps.

Update and details regarding the rare drops will be made in a future post once the rare Kanmusu are released during Golden Week.

In addition to this, do not forget that sometime in early May around or following Golden Week will be the release of the Spring 2019 Event

KanColle's 6th Anniversary and Beyond

Along with KanColle's browser game celebrating hitting it's 6th year, many things are being planned out for KanColle as it begins it's march into the 7th Year! These include, but are not limited to:

  • A collaboration with Hitora to sell KanColle themeed Chou (centered around Nisshin, Gotland, Yura and Uchida Shuu)
  • The return of the Zuiun Festival at Yokohhama Sea Paradise along with the 1:1 Zuiun
  • The New Reppu Festival which will also take place at the Yokohhama Sea Paradise and will feature a 1:1 scale model of a Reppu Kai (The actual Land Base variant)
  • The return of the KanColle Sasebo Naval Base Tour
  • A collaboration with Toyota to make TOYOTA GR Garage MASTER ONE featuring the Kongou sisters Kongou, hiei, Kirishima, Haruna
  • Another collaboration with Toyota to make an Akagi and Kaga Noah.
  • The iconic male admiral/figure skater Takahiro Mura will be driving in the racetracks this summer to promote said cars.
  • Another collaboration with Lawson to celebrate KanColle's 6th Anniversary
  • A KanColle special event that will be taking place in a circus known under the title "Kanmusu Big Circus"
  • More possible details pertaining to the Kantai Collection: Second Animation Project

With these details, we are in for a lot this year and should be ready to expect a lot of fascinating surprises over time! In addition to this we will be providing a summary below on the Zuiun Festival during the time of this update.

The Zuiun Festival at Yokohama Sea Paradise

Below here will be where we will cover a basic summary of the events of the Zuiun Festival for more details please look at Zuiun & Reppu Festival at Yokohama Sea Paradise.

This is all for now! Stay tune to this section as we cover more details depending on when they get release. To all the admirals out there, let's continue to push forward into the new year of KanColle as we carve victory into the Dawn's Horizon.

Totaku - Main Editor