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Type 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled)

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Type 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled)

No.97 九九式艦爆(熟練)

Dive Bomber Carrier-Based Dive Bomber

Effects: Dive Bomber Attack+7 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+4 Accuracy+2 View Range+2

Combat Radius: 4

Scrap Value: Fuel1, Ammunition1, Bauxite2

Refittable Class
Destroyer Amphibious Assault Ship
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Aviation Cruiser
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Fast Battleship Seaplane Tender
Light Carrier Standard Carrier
Armored Carrier Submarine
Submarine Carrier Submarine Tender
Repair Ship Training Cruiser
Fleet Oiler Destroyer Escort


熟練搭乗員で構成された「九九艦爆」装備の艦爆隊です。 「九七艦攻」と共に初期機動部隊の打撃力の中核を担います。稼働率や信頼性は高いものの、やや設計の古い固定脚低速機であるため、より高性能な高速艦爆「彗星」にその座を譲っていきます。

This particular Type 99 dive bomber was used by skilled aircrews. During the early days of the Carrier Task Force, it was the premier strike aircraft. Maintenance extensive and with a low speed and fixed landing gear, it was gradually replace by the more powerful Suisei.


Stock equipment of Hiryuu Kai Ni

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