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To-do: Combat Mechanics

  • Currently, the Aircraft Expertise article is almost completely blank. I don't play a whole lot, so someone with more knowledge filling in the frameworks of this recently implemented mechanic would be splendid.
  • Equipment Setups is blank; most of the information can be found here, though I'm currently re-doing a lot of these tips and making them into tables.
  • Line of Sight is a large block of text; some additional formatting or some screenshots would be excellent.
  • Active Branching is a bit sparse; expounding on the benefits of some of the branching choices would be great.
    • I'm unsure if all of the Summer 2015 Event maps had at least one active branching node; I'll clarify that in the near-distant future.
  • Either better integrating the forked combat mechanic page links into the main article or remaking the main article into a simple hub would be an improvement.
  • Air Reconnaissance does not mention the instances during the Summer 2015 Event; these would be nice for historical purposes.
  • Combat/Artillery Spotting might have been a rushed job; someone please proof-read my work there.
  • Night Battle is an intended fork from the main article.

Wsewolod (talk) 18:43, 30 September 2015 (UTC)