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Other Notes
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This system is a template to list the highest required fighter power for maps.

Most commonly, the boss routing should be used, if maps have different AS requirements depending on their boss routing (e.g. 4-5 H node routing which has 504), that can be noted down in the other notes section, if the routes are very different (such as in 3-5), creating two ACS charts and nesting them side by side is an option.

AS+ is defined as three times the enemy fighter power, AS as 1.5 times, and AP as being at least two-thirds (to find this, multiply the AS+ requirement by 2/9).

Template has been edited to automatically calculate AS+ and AP values based on a stated AS value

Note that the "Map" and "Other Notes" boxes only appear if a variable is selected for notes!

Tables may also be nested next to each other, especially useful for multiple routes and/or final forms.

For example:


| Map = 4-5 Pre-Final

| Fleet = 3CA 2CV BBV

| AS = 207

| Notes = 504/252 for AS+/AS if going through H node


Results in:

4-5 Pre-Final
414 207 92
Other Notes
504/252 for AS+/AS if going through H node