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Supply is a menu option where you can go to resupply your kanmusu when their fuel and ammo supply is consumed, which will occur over Sorties, Exercises and Expedition. Resupplying your fleet after use is vital to allowing for your kanmusu to continue participating in battle without suffering from the punishing effects of fuel and ammo loss which can occur after a set amount of fuel and ammo is consumed by each kanmusu in their overall fuel and ammo bar. This location also serves as the area to resupply planes after as well.

Resupply Menu Options

Supply menu screen and all its features

Resupplying your fleet is as simple as a pressing a button or a few depending on how you approach resupplying them. In this section, we will explore the basics behind the menu and display options that are shown on screen.

  • Resupply All - By rolling over this square icon in the top left part of the menu, you will see how much ammo and fuel you'll be using to resupply your fleet. To accept, simply click on the button.
  • Individual Resupply - By clicking on the left of the kanmusu's portrait you'll select that kanmusu to be resupplied, you will get to see the ammo and fuel cost for that ship and whoever else you highlight with this button. You cannot automatically resupply unless you select on the resupply fuel, ammo, or resupply at once button if you want to resupply the selected kanmusu only.
  • Ammo and Fuel Bar - Shows how much fuel and ammo you kanmusu has left. Each bar is measured in 10% and therefore will only reduce by one bar as your fuel and ammo go down 10% each time.
  • Ammo and Fuel Display- Shows the amount of fuel and ammo which will be spent to resupply your kanmusu.
  • Resupply Fuel - Resupplies fuel to the kanmusu which you have selected.
  • Resupply Ammo - Resupplies ammo to the kanmusu which you have selected.
  • Resupply Both - Resupply fuel and ammo to the kanmusu which you have selected.

Resupplying your planes Upon resupplying your ships ammo and fuel supply, any ships that are equipped with a usable plane that has a plane capacity (which it can be used in battle) can also resupply their planes that get shot down during battles.

If any planes are shot down or lost during the battle, when you resupply the ship that lost their planes, they will gain back the planes which they have lost automatically. This does, however, cost bauxite to replace a plane. For every plane lost in battle, you will consume 5 bauxite to replace it.

For more information on resources and how they impact your fleet please view Resources.