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Skilled SONAR Personnel + Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 Tubes)

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Skilled SONAR Personnel + Late Model Bow Torpedo Mount (6 Tubes)

No.214 熟練聴音員+後期型艦首魚雷(6門)

Torpedo-based Weapon Submarine-based Torpedo

Effects: Torpedo Attack +15 Evasion+4 View Range +1 Accuracy +5 Range Short

Scrap Value: Fuel2, Ammunition3, Steel2, Bauxite1

Refittable Class
Destroyer Amphibious Assault Ship
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Aviation Cruiser
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Fast Battleship Seaplane Tender
Light Carrier Standard Carrier
Armored Carrier Submarine
Submarine Carrier Submarine Tender
Repair Ship Training Cruiser
Fleet Oiler Destroyer Escort



The late-model, improved version of a sub-excl.ve weapon fitted to a submarine's bridge.
A highly accurate oxygen torpedo, slightly smaller in diameter than the ones carried by surface ships. This combination of a set of six improved, later model torpedo tubes that don't leak air bubbles and a highly trained sonar crew give submarines high attack power and survivability.


Rank Rewards for January 2017 and April 2017 for top 20 players.

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