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Setsubun Mini-Event

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Setsubun Beans
The Setsubun Mini-Event is a minievent that was started on January 22nd, 2019. In this mini-event, you will be required to participate in daily session of completing quests that will allow you to collect Setsubun Beans. With the Setsubun Beans you collect, you will be able to exchange them for a variety of rare items that include Improvement Materials, Furniture, Type 1 Land Attackers or a Ginga. The Setsubun Mini-Event is going to end on February 8th, 2019.

To collect these items, you will need to complete special Daily and weekly quests in order to earn the beans you can gather over the session of this mini event.


There are a total of 4 Quests avalaible, 1 Daily and 3 weeklies

ID Prereq. Quest Name (Original)
Quest Name (Translated)
Description Rewards Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Other
SeC1 【節分任務】節分演習!
"Setsubun Mission" Setsubun Practice!
"Setsubun Mission" Organize a consisting of 2 Destroyer or 2 Destroyer Escorts and carry out a Setsubun Excersice with said fleet! Within those excersice, score an victory against 3 times in the day!
  • Organize a fleet with at least 2 DD/DE and 4 XX in your fleet and win 3 PVP with an S rank in a day.
23 23 0 0 Setsubun Beans x1 Daily Quest

SeBw1 SeC1 【節分任務】鎮守府海域 南西方面防衛作戦
"Setsubun Mission" Naval District Waters Nansei Island Defense Operation
"Setsubun Mission" With a Light Carrier or Light Cruiser as Flagship along with 2 Destoryers or Destroyer Escorts, deploy into the Naval District waters Off from the Nansei Islands and Nansei Island Defense Line and successfully eliminate the enemy fleet during the Setsubun!
  • Take a fleet consisting of 1 CL or 1 CVL as flagship, 2 DD or DE and 3 XX and score an S rank at the boss nodes in 1-2 and 1-4.
230 230 0 0 Development Materials x2
Setsubun Beans x1
Weekly Quest

SeBw2 SeBw1 【節分任務】北方海域 威力偵察作戦
"Setsubun Mission" Northern Waters Reconnaissance Force Operation
"Setsubun Mission" Search and Destroy the enemy fleets in the Northern Waters of the Moray Sea and the Northern AL Waters' with a fleet consist of a Seaplane Tender or Heavy Cruiser as Flagship and at least 2 Destroyers in your fleet during the Setsubun Period!
  • Take a fleet consisting of 1 AV or 1 CA as flagship, 2 DD and 3 XX and score an S rank? at the boss nodes in 3-1 and 3-5.
230 230 0 230 Instant Repair x3
Setsubun Beans x2
Weekly Quest

SeBw3 SeBw2 【節分任務】南方海域 艦隊決戦
"Setsubun Mission" Southern Waters Decisive Battle
"Setsubun Extra Mission" Organize a fleet with a Battleship or Aircraft Carrier as Flagship along with 2 Destroyers and eliminate the enemy fleets in the Southern Waters in the Salmon Sea Area and the Area North of it within the Setsubun period (Improvement Battle results possibility)
  • Take a fleet consisting of 1 BB or 1 CV as flagship, 2 DD 3 XX and score an S rank at the boss nodes in 5-4 and 5-5.
2019 0 2019 0 180 Ranking Points
Setsubun Beans x2
Weekly Quest

Bean Calendar

With the start and end date of the event known, it has been confirmed you can earn up to 33 Setsubun Beans if you participate and complete all given quests over the duration of the Mini-Event.

Below is a calendar which will be updated daily to showcase what is available still for those who wish to plan out how to collect their beans before the deadline.

  • Remaining Beans Available: 0
  • Beans Unavailable: 33
Quest Jan 22nd Jan 23rd Jan 24th Jan 25th Jan 26th Jan 27th Jan 28th Jan 29th Jan 30th Jan 31st Feb 1st Feb 2nd Feb 3rd Feb 4th Feb 5th Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 8th
SeC1 Beanunavaliable.png
Bean Quest No Longer Avalaible

Exchange Rate

Setsubun Exchange Rewards

Once you collect the right amount of beans, you can be able to exchange them all for the following rewards:

Bean Exchange Reward Note
Setsubun Beans.png

Setsubun Beans x2
Improvement Materials.png

Improvement Material x1
Setsubun Beans.png

Setsubun Beans x4
Furniture * Limited to 1
Setsubun Beans.png

Setsubun Beans x8
Equipment 169-1.png

Type 1 Land Attacker x1
* 10 Development Materials required
Setsubun Beans.png

Setsubun Beans x20

Ginga x1
* 40 Development Materials required
* Limited to 1


  • Daily Participation will be required in order to earn most of the rewards offered in this Setsubun Mini-Event


Making certain ships appear in the Setsubun Bean Menu Options

Depending on a certain conditions when you select to use your Setsubun Beans in the item menu options, you can have one of 6 possible kamusu appear on screen to greet you depending on the following conditions:

  1. If you own said ship in your fleet.
  2. Which ship you have as your secratery.

Below is a list of all the possible ship girls which can appear in the menu screen

Kanmusu Condition
Minegumo * Must have Minegumo in your account
* Must have an Shiratsuyu-class, Asashio-class, or Kagerou-class as Secretary.
Sagiri * Must have Sagiri in your account
* Must have Sagiri, Amagiri, Hatsuharu-class, Kamikaze-class, or Mutsuki-class as Secretary.
Etorofu * Must have Etorofu in your account
* Must have a Destoryer Escort or Light Carrier as Secretary.
Commandant Teste * Must have Commandant Teste in your account
* Must have a Seaplane Tender, Standard Carrier or Armored Carrier as Secretary.
Uranami * Must have Uranami in your account
* Must have a Destroyer or Battleship as Secretary.
Agano *Appears by default if none of the other conditions are met.
* This even include if you don't own Agano.