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Seasonal/Winter 2017

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Asakaze Play 旗風?そういえば、目てないわね。あの子冬が苦手だから。あたたくなったらそのうち出て来るはよ。え、違う? Hatakaze? Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her. She doesn't handle winter well. She'll be out when it gets warmer. Eh, that's wrong?
Mutsuki Play 睦月の季節にゃし。提督、如月ちゃん、皆、張り切ったまいりましょう!おう! It's my season-nyashi! Admiral, Kisaragi-chan, everyone let's get pumped up! Oooh!
Yayoi Play 卯月、無事でよかった。え、そうなの?心配いらないって。むう。。。あ、怒ってなんかないよ。ちょっとだけしか。 I'm glad you're alright Uzuki. Eh, is that so? "Don't worry" you say. Grr... Ah, I'm not angry. Maybe a little.
Uzuki Play ぷっぷくぷぅ~!ちょこっと苦ってな冬も余裕でクリアしたぴょん!うひひ。弥生は心配しすぎぴょん。 Pukupuku~! I've managed to clear winter that I've been having a little bit of a hard time with nicely. You worry too much Yayoi.
Akebono Play あああ、もうクソ提督!寒いからって部屋の中でゴロゴロすんな。しゃきっと働けよ!まじで。 Aaaaaah, you shitty Admiral! Don't laze about just because "It's cold". Get to work! I swear.
Ushio Play 冬はやっぱり寒いですね。。。そうだ、今夜はお鍋にしませんか?私、準備しますね? Winter is definitely cold... That's right, how about a hotpot tonight? I'll go get things ready alright?
Shigure Play 流石に冬は寒いね。。。あ、提督の手も冷えてるね。。。そうだね、暖炉で早く温まろう As expected winter is cold... Ah, Admiral's hand is getting cold too... That's right, we should go warm the fireplace quickly.
Yuudachi Play 冬は寒いっぽい。仕方ないっぽい。こたつにも潜ってもいいっぽい? Winter is cold-poi. Can't be helped-poi. Can I join you under the kotatsu-poi?
Yamakaze Play 寒い。。。なんか、寒い。。。あの白いものは?雪?。。。提督、あたし、少し。。。寒い。 Cold... It's kinda cold... What's that white stuff? Snow? ...Admiral, I'm a little... cold.
Kazagumo Play えええ、最近寒い。私、冬が少し苦手。なんか上着とかきおくかな。提督、聞いてる? Eeeh, it's gotten cold. I'm a bit weak to winter. I wonder where's my coat. Admiral, are you listening?
Okinami Play 司令官、寒いですね?こたつはご良いしたので是非こちらにどうぞ。。温かいですよね?私も好きなんです、こたつ。 Commander, it's cold isn't it? The kotatsu feels good so please feel free to come here. It's warm right? I like kotatsus too.
Libeccio Play ちょっと寒くない?日本の冬てこんなに寒いな。ぶるぶる。。。え、きよし、何?こ・た・つ?あ、温かい!これいいじゃない! Isn't it cold? Japanese winters are really cold. Brrrrr... eh, what is it Kiyoshi? Ko... ta... tsu? Ah, it's warm! This is not bad!

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yura Play 提督さん、季節は冬ですね?お餅焼きませんか?太っちゃうかな? Admiral-san, it's winter right? Shall we grill some mochi? It won't make me fat right?