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Sandbox/Early Winter 2019 E-2

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Sandbox Rules

This sandbox is to be used to construct an event guide for the above mentioned event map. These guides are to all of the following requirements:

  • List of branching unlocking requirements (If there are multiple requirements, compositions for each path along with the below requirements will be needed to discuss the unlocking requirements in question)
  • A list of working compositions that work: (These must have possible alternatives for players who may or may not have all ships needed for a specific path)
  • The Path said composition will take (To explain what path the composition will take)
  • A summary or description of what kind of obstacles a composition will face.
  • A description of the boss node, what it consist and a descriptive guide on what the player should consider for a course of action to successfully win the battle.
  • (Optional) Tips to farm to take path to collect certain ships (This will also require a composition, path, and possible description.

Editors are to construct thier own version of thier guide and complete them in a timely fashion.

No other editors are to allowed to edit over other editor's work without the full consent of the editor and his approval to do so.

Several version will be constructed through this page and will be reviewed and approved by the staff/ collaboration committee before being moved for the Event Page Sandbox which it'll be reviewed and updated once more before it can be released.

Overall there will be 3 version of the guide that will be constructed which will include:

  • Preliminary Guide
  • Polished Guide
  • Finalized Guide

With each approval of each version the guide, the said guide will be updated to the main page and construction of the next version will begin.

All guides outside of the approved version will be removed and work will begin from the approved version to make it better for the next version until the finalized version is made.

Totaku's Proposal

For this map, there will be a large amount of tasks that you need to complete along with an important list of historical ships are have ties to this map that will have an important role in this area. The start of this guide will cover the historical before going into the steps to completing the map and also bring up alternate paths that will not be recommended.

Historical Fleets

With this map taking place closer to the Solomon Seas, a lot of ships that have connection to the campaign will have additional bonus when entering boss nodes depending on the location they fight at.

Overall the known ships to have bonuses on this map includes:

E-2 (Phase 1)

E-2 (Phase 2)

Because of this, many can be useful here, but please weigh your decisions carefully especially if your are playing normal + as you will have 2 tags to deal with and some also have benefits in the final node.

Phase 1 - Killing the Heavy Cruiser Princess

Recommended Fleet

1FBB, 1 CAV, 1 CA, 1 CVL, 2 DD

Path A-B-J-F-K

1CAV, 2-3 CA, 0-1 CL, 2 DD

Path D-F-G-J-K

Recommended LBAS

LBAS 1+2
Node K - 4 LBAS Bombers / Torpedo Bombers (Distance of 5 needed)

The first comp (1FBB, 1 CAV, 1 CA, 1 CVL, 2 DD) will have you face off against an air raid, a sub fleet, and 2 torpedo squadrons before reaching the boss. Most of the enemies here are easy to deal with.

It's recommended to bring an AACI ship to deal with the air raid but otherwise most nodes are easy to deal with. And to reach the boss node, you will need to bring a sufficient amount of Surface RADARs (0/2/3/4) to go to the boss.

The second Comp (1CAV, 2-3 CA, 0-1 CL, 2 DD) will help you avoid the sub node and air strike node all together and only have to deal with a few surface battles against some DD, CL and CAs. Using this fleet may preset some challeges if any DD or CL survives shelling phase so Vangaurd formation may be considered for possible protection along the route. Bringing a single Seaplane fighter should also be more than enough to gain AS+ at boss. Keep in mind however that because you'll use extra CAs that segment, if you choose this comp for Normal or Hard, you may end up locking out potential CAs ships for phase 2. So please weigh your choices carefully before entering this as you will be using a CVL for unlocking the 2nd path either way.

You will also need to bring a sufficient amount of Surface RADARs (0/2/3/4) to go to the boss.

The boss node itself features a Heavy Cruiser Princess who will be accompanied by a few other CAs, CL and DD. Because she has no air power, it'll be easy for your LBAS using only bombers and can wipe a good number of the enemy units with minimal effort.

If you bring in a ship or two that has a modifier bonus to the map, you can clear this segment relatively easily. However place consider who you brig prior to entering the fight as you may consider some for Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Killing the Southern War Demon

Part 1 - Unlocking the Combined Fleet Path

Recommended Fleet

1FBB, 1 CAV, 1 CA, 1 CVL, 2 DD
6SS(V) (about 2-3 SSV required)

Surface Fleet Path
Path A-B-F-G-I-L-M-N

SS(V) path
Path D-E-F-G-I-L-M-N Recommended LBAS

Node A Clearing
Node A - 4 Fighters (Distance of 2 needed)

Node L Clearing
Node L - 4 Fighters (Distance of 5 needed)

Node A & L Clearing
LBAS 1+2
Node L - 4 Fighters (Distance of 2 and 5 needed)

Node I - 4 Torpedo Bomber/LBAS Bombers (Distance of 4 needed)

Node N Clearing
Node L - 4 Fighters (Distance of 7 needed)

Node M - 4 Torpedo Bomber/LBAS Bombers (Distance of 6 needed)

Node N Clearing (alterative)
LBAS 1+2
Node L - 4 Fighters (Distance of 7 needed)

Scoring Perfect Defense at Land Base'
LBAS 1+2
Based Defense - 4 Intercetors/Fighters or 3 Intercetors/Fighters + 1 Saiun

In this phase, you will need to gain air control over various points in the map (Nodes A, L, and N) along with successfully protecting your Land Base from taking any daamge to gain access to your 2nd starting point in which your Combined fleet can used at.

The fleet you can use here can be the same as Phase 1's fleet, but if you didn't use a CVL you may consider bringing one for this segment), but also if you have enough Subs and seaplane carrying subs you can consider bringing them here to help traverse the path to the nodes more easily. On higher difficulties, if you use a surface fleet you may need to use your CVL and CAVs as fighter mules to help secure your AS as the specific nodes mentioned above.

Depending on the difficulty the following process will need to be done: Casual - ??? Easy - AS Node A + Perfect Defense on Land Base Air Raid Normal - AS Node A and L + Perfect Defense on Land Base Air Raid Hard - AS Node A, L, and N + Perfect Defense on Land Base Air Raid (1-2 times needed)

Keep in mind that you will need to have your LBAS travel to nodes A, N and L and score AS with your LBAS participating at these nodes in order to count to completing the requirements.

Perfect defense will simply require you to use Fighters/ Interceptors to wipe out the bombers and take 0 damage from it.

On Hard mode, your biggest difficulty will be to over come the Ru-class node (Node I) BB Princess node (Node M), so if necessary bring an LBAS bomber group to Nodes I and M to take out some of the enemies there to improve your chances of passing.

If you choose to try to pass requirements by concentrating just on the nodes without bringing LBAS nodes for Node I and M, remember that there nodes will be much harder to pass.

Once all conditions are complete the new starting point should appear and you will be able to use your combined fleet.

Part 2 - Killing the Southern War Demon

Recommended Fleet
2(F)BB, 2CAV, 2 CA + 1 CL, 2 CA, 2DD, 1 CLT

Path Q-I-L-M-N-P

Recommended LBAS

Boss Node LBAS LBAS 1
Boss Node - 2 Fighters/1 Land Base Bomber/ 1 Flying Boat (Distance of 8 needed)

Boss Node - 1-2 Fighters/1-2 Land Base Bomber/ 1 Flying Boat (Distance of 8 needed)

For this path, your fleet will have to go through a fleet of PT imps, several raid raids, and some battles against some Battleships (including Battleship Princesses). Depending on the battle a in-route support fleet may be recommended to help clear out the battleships along the way. Alternatively you can also resort to using Nelson and her Nelson Touch or Nagato Kai Ni and her broadside attack to help clear out the Battleship Princesses. If you have both of them carefully consider who you choose to bring for this map as while may be useful for this map, one of them needs to be reserved for E-3 which depending on the comp you choose and who you reserve will greatly affect what you'll do on higher difficulties on E-3. In-route boss support is preferred to ensure your survival along this path.

Bringing a AACI ship is highly recommended for the Air Battles.

Once you reach the boss node, you will face a considerable amount of air power, if you have enough seaplane fighters (about 6-8 on hard, less on lower difficulties) it will be possible along with you LBAS to score Air Superiority or Air Parity making it much easier to win the battle. If for some reason you lack in seaplane fighters, you may suffer Air Denial which will make things harder, but may be still possible to win. While this would be considered bad in most situations, thanks to the boss and her mostly weak fleet, this battle is much easier to complete. Along with the assistance of LBAS, it should be easy to clear with minimal effort. However if necessary, bring a boss support fleet.

Alternative (Part 2) - Unlocking U-M (Not Recommended)

4CVL, 2CAV + 1 CL, 1CA, 2DD, 2 FBB

Path: R-U-V-W (If enough surface radars air equipped)

Node R and V wit LBAS LBAS 1
4 Fighters (Distance of 4 and 6 needed)

For this alternative step, you will need to complete the following conditions:

  • AS R and V with LBAS
  • S rank Node W Twice

Path is is simple to complete but you will face a battle against a Battleship Re-Class which can be problematic especially on higher difficulties. Otherwise using your LBAS to get AS on Node of R and V should be easy and once you get to node W, completing the task shouldn't be too hard as there are mainly transports there.

Once complete, you'll unlock the path to from node U to M.

Alternative (Part 3) Unlocking M-P (Not Recommended)

Most of the requirements to complete this step will required using previous compositions and LBAS set ups to complete certain requirements, however tests to determine the exact way to unlock this path is not fully known. Below are the lists of what has been documented to possibly unlock the path.

  • AS+ at Node L, N and R with LBAS
  • 2x Perfect Defense
  • 3 S-Ranks at Node Q (verification required)
  • A-Rank the boss node twice, once from Node R, once from Node Q (Verification required)

Once you complete the conditions, you will unlock the path from M-P

Alternative (Part 4) Killing the Southern War Demon via U-M-P shortcut (Not Recommended)

2(F)BB, 2CAV, 2 CVL + 1 CL, 2 CA, 2DD, 1 CLT

Pat: R-U-L-M-P

Boss Node LBAS LBAS 1
Boss Node - 2 Fighters/1 Land Base Bomber/ 1 Flying Boat (Distance of 8 needed)

Boss Node - 1 Fighters/2 Land Base Bomber/ 1 Flying Boat (Distance of 8 needed)

This comp will allow you to bring a larger air power to the boss, however you will have to face off against a Re-class node (Node U) and the Battle Princess Node (Node M). Both of these nodes are difficult to over take compared to taking the CAV route through the PT imp nodes.

As such we personally don't recommend this comp unless you have a fear of PT imps and would rather be taking on Re-class and BB Princesses. If you do make it to the boss, you will likely get AS at boss making the fight even easier.

As a reminder, please consider the normal recommendation before even considering the alternative recommendation as it is more trouble than it's worth.