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Saki Fujita Interview: Comptiq Magazine February 2018

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Saki Fujita dressed up in her New Year's Furisode Kimono

The following interview was conducted in the Comptiq Magazine February 2018 edition (released on January 10th, 2018) in which seiyuu Saki Fujita discusses her involvement with KanColle.

In this 3 page article, Saki Fujita talks about her experience with KanColle both in game, thought it's production, and through live events back in 2017. Then follows up with what she expects to be looking forward into the year of 2018.

In addition, she talks briefly about her expectations of the Winter 2018 Event, mentions of the Friend Fleet System along with her expectations of Phase 2.

Saki Fujita Interview

2017, A Year Spent Together as an Admiral and as a Seiyuu

Japanese English
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- First off, as it's New Year's, I'd like to start off by looking back on 2017 with regard to KanColle. As is typical of KanColle, many unique events and collaborations were held, but what did you think of the ones you participated in?

Fujita: The event "KanColle Naval District Saury Festival in Yokohama Anchorage" was held in 2016, but this year I again experienced that same energy admirals displayed back then coming to life. I felt it was actually even greater than before during 2017's "KanColle Naval District Zuiun Festival in Fuji-Q Highland Anchorage". Perhaps it was because everyone was brought together, or because of that sense things had come together in the "Kanmusu Ondo" dance, but it ended up becoming this valuable experience for me. (laugh) Another experience that really stuck with me was how all the admirals jumped for joy as I announced the summer event, "Second Western Breakthrough! European Relief Operation", on that stage. Then at the "Fourth KanColle Naval Review", I teared up as everyone cried out, "Great job!" as it ended... And in the fall event, where Fusou, Yamashiro, and the rest played a huge part - I really think that this past year has been thanks to everyone's support. I really treasured those opportunities to meet all the admirals in person.

-Tell us about some of the changes and events in 2017 that you felt had a deep impact on you during your playtime as an admiral.

Fujita: As a whole, the increase in coastal defense ships and other ships with new characteristics left an impression on me. And I really put a lot of energy into grappling with the fall event. First of all there was the preliminary recording for Tsukiyomi; followed by the announcement at the Naval Review that Suzutsuki was being implemented and that I would voice her; and finally the resounding response and cheers from all the admirals. All of this was in the background as the fall event arrived, making it all the more emotional, you know? I don't mean to make this all about me, but 2017 felt like it had these turning points and really left me with these strong emotions.

-There quite a few mechanics on the game's end for the fall event, weren't there?

Fujita: There were. The new "Vanguard Formation" and "Single Ship Withdrawal" increased the number of elements to the game, and I thought they were pretty interesting. Being able to sortie with seven ships was pretty revolutionary. While I did get fired up while sortieing combined fleets, that got me about as excited. (laugh) You were able to bring together all seven of the Nishimura Fleet ships, and at the live events with all the admirals I had already long suspected the Nishimura Fleet would come, so it felt like, "It's finally time!"

-Looking back in that way, the Fusou-class sisters really stole the limelight in 2017. What did you think of that?

Fujita: Fusou and Yamashiro were the first of my shipgirls to get Kai Ni, so I was really thankful they got to be in the limelight. That was a given in their role as shipgirls, of course, but I thought everyone also loved them for their strength in the fleet. I'm really happy to have been able to take on an event lead by these two girls.

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ー2017年もとても忙しい1年だったと思いますが、そんな中で提督を続けるコツのようなものがあれば教えてください。 藤田:これは提督の皆さんとお会いするっていうことですね(笑)。たぶん、提督のみなさんも「観艦式」や「瑞雲祭り」に参加されてこんなに多くの提督が「艦これを応援しているんだ、一緒に頑張っているんだという思いを共有して気持ちを高めていると思うので。みんなで決起して、モチベーションを上げるというところですね。

-They had Zuiun seasonals and such during the Zuiun Festival too, right?

Fujita: Even I wore a happi coat during the Zuiun festival. (laugh) We touched on Shiranui last interview as well. Of course I'm glad to see my own ships get more seasonals.

-There were special voice lines when the fall event was cleared. What kind of thoughts went through your head as you took on that recording?

Fujita: I thought that I knew how these girls felt breaking through Surigao Strait and had to express that in my performance. Fusou and Yamashiro aren't really the types to outwardly convey their emotions, I believe, but in this battle where they had sunk before the sense that "this time, we'll break through" emerges. Yamashiro had also expressed very strong feelings in combat, but I had also hoped to express her chillingly powerful urge as the flagship to "save neesama" and "protect the Nishimura fleet" and to convey Fusou-neesama's feeling of "overcoming fate", as befitting a neesama. For the clear lines, I took it upon myself to show in the recording a sense of breaking through the past and opening a path toward the future. The dialogue between Fusou and Yamashiro was recorded as a continuous sequence, but it's impossible to perform the part where they all spoke at the same time, so that part was layered together afterward. It's just a little unsynchronized, but I thought that was just like the Fusou sisters as well and was a good thing. It was moving, wasn't it?

-By the way, I heard that as Admiral Sakki[1] you also made a fine break through Surigao Strait. Could you once again tell us how it felt to clear?

Fujita: Starting with Air Defense-chan's last line, all the breakthrough lines including Shigure's really moved me. "Ahh, I managed to break into Leyte," I thought. In my heart I gradually began to realize that, compared to all the events before, this was the one with the most historical elements packed within. By the way, my finisher was neesama.

-How'd you feel about meeting Suzutsuki?

Fujita: The Night Strait Princesses were tough, so tough that I thought, "I'm not going to make it through, am I?" I was really relieved when I got to meet her. Putting together getting her with listening to "Tsukiyomi" anew with the Suzutsuki version has quite the destructive power!

-2017 was probably quite a busy year for you. Please tell us if you have any tricks to being able to continue as an admiral through all that.

Fujita: The answer's obviously meeting the admirals, right? (laugh) I think it's probably because so many admirals also participated in the KanColle Naval Review and Zuiun Festival. It really strengthened this feeling I had that admirals are supporting KanColle and doing their best together with me. Everyone's resounding responses really gets you motivated.

The Winter Event and Toward a New KanColle

Japanese English
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-Continuing on, the winter event will serve as part 2 of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. What kind of event do you think it will be?

Fujita: This time around it was the Shima and Nishimura Fleets, so going forward I'd like everyone to play a big part. Treasuring history and the feelings that come with it is the most appealing part of KanColle in my opinion, but I'm warmly looking forward to an emotional event like this time's or a hypothetical "if" one as well. I think I'd like to treasure that while touching on many shipgirls' appeal and sense of loss as I take on the operation. Suzutsuki is a new ship, but I'm sure she'll serve well. I'd be glad if all the admirals who met her would continue to raise her and allow her to play a role in the part 2.

-KanColle also begins to enter Phase 2 this spring. What kind of hopes do you have for KanColle in 2018?

Fujita: Let's see... I would like to see even more seasonals. (laugh) More shipgirls, of course. I think all the admirals have feelings for the shipgirls that have worked hard by their sides from the beginning, so I think it'd be great if the light could shine on those girls again as well. As for Phase 2, I also look forward to the new KanColle's form. For example, they announced that "Friend Fleets" would become a reality, right? We had something like an ally acted out during the drama portion of the KanColle Naval Reivew. I can't wait for the emotional scenes that might be born from a development like that in the game. Allies lending admirals with underdeveloped fleets the strength to break through difficult maps, the further growth of admirals' circles - that'd be great.

-Of those hopes, what kind of things do you wish you could do yourself?

Fujita: What I'd love the most is still more opportunities to meet the admirals after all. So I'd like to hold events that allow that regularly. (laugh) For example, a radio show or some other format that allows the admirals and I to go "Let's do it!" together. I think in that way we can all share the same feelings as we face down events, right? Also, in 2017 had a new surprise in the form of getting to voice Suzutsuki, so if they'd like to, I'd love to convey more and more emotions and make the Fujita Fleet a reality, (laugh)

-You were in furisode for the photos, as it's New Year's.

Fujita: I don't get the opportunity to wear this kind of kimono very often, so I'm pretty thankful for it. Wearing a kimono really does make you feel kind of tense, and it makes me feel quite clean. Quite a few of the shipgirls themselves are in their New Year's best kimono - I think it'd be pretty fun for there to be more and more of them like that and more opportunities like this for us as well. But at the same time, it does feel like this makes walking and standing pretty tough. (laugh)

-Greet the admirals for the new year, if you please!

Fujtia: To all the admirals, happy New Year! In April, KanColle will celebrate its fifth anniversary and enter its sixth year. Phase 2 has been decided upon as well. I'll continue to cherish the shipgirls while striving on in the field of admiral, so I'd be happy if we could all continue to work hard together! Please continue to support us in 2018!


  1. Admiral Sakki is Sakki Fujita's playname when she plays the KanColle Browser game