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Remodel (Menu)

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Modernization (the menu option) is a menu option that allows you to change your kanmusu's equipment and help improve her stats. Being able to change the equipment of your Kanmusus and modernize kanmusu's stats is vital to improving your fleet in order to make them strong and perform more efficiently in battle. You can also remodel kanmusu and improve their levels after training them to various levels and can also exchange equipment from other Kanmusu.

Modernization Menu Options

Basic Modernization Menu Options

The Remodel Menu has a large list of options which a player can do to modify / improve your kanmusus' stats and change around equipment. Below are some of the basics of the Modernization Menu.

  • Equipment Slots - Equipment slots are where you can place in, switch out, or even remove Kanmusu's gear. You can do this be selecting an equipment slot which you want to change.
  • Remove Equipment - Be selecting the X next to the equipment, you can remove the equipment from the slot and it'll return to the equipment stock. Any equipment below said equipment slot will be moved up to the prior equipment slot.
  • Remove All Equipment - Selecting this X by the bottom of the equipment slots will removal all equipment from the Kanmusu.
  • Modernization Improvement - Allows you to modernize kanmusu by using other kanmusu which will be discarded and used to improve the stats of another kanmusu. For more in modernization please view Modernization.
  • Remodel - When a Kanmusu reaches a particular level, they will eventually be able to be remodeled and become more powerful / more resourceful depending on how the improvement. These remodels will usually cost in ammo and steel, though certain kanmusu may require additional materials. For more information on remodels please view the Ship Remodel Page.

Changing Equipment

By clicking on the Equipment Slots, you will open a new menu option which will show all of the stock equipment you own. You can view your stock equipment by selecting the arrows of selecting the number menu to traverse through the list to see what equipment is available to use. Keep in mind that the equipment is set on the default setting and will only show what can be equipped to your Kanmusu.

To change what your kanmusu is equipped with, simply find an equipment you wish to put on her and you'll be given a prompt which will show you the stats of the equipment and compare it to the other equipment (if any are present). Remember that changing your equipment will have an impact on your Kanmusu's performance and what they can do depending on the type of Kanmusu, and the equipment they use.

For additional details on equipment please view the Equipment.

Categorizing Equipment

Equipment can be arrange by selecting the line icon in the top of the equipment menu (which we'll refer to as the equipment category menu). By selecting this, you can view the listing of the type of categories you can view equipment under:

  • Default: This show all Equipment which you can view which the Kanmusu can equip.
  • Fighters:: Lists all the Carrier Based Fighter Planes your Kanmusu can equip.
  • Bombers: Lists all the Carrier Based Dive Bombers / Torpedo Bombers your Kanmusu can equip.
  • Seaplane: Lists all the Seaplane Scouts and Seaplane Fighters that your Kanmusu can equip.
  • Gun Mounts: Lists all Standard Gun Mounts / High Angle Gun Mounts / Secondary Gun Mounts your Kanmusu can equip.
  • Anti Air Guns: Lists all Anti-Air Based guns your Kanmusu can equip.
  • Torpedoes: Lists all Torpedoes your Kanmusu can equip.
  • ASW Gear: List all SONARS and Depth charges a Kanmusu can use.
  • Miscellaneous:View items which are generally not listed and catagorized in a themed category.
  • Improvement Stars in Descending Order: List all equipment the Kanmusu can used based upon the ordering of equipment from the most modified equipment first down to the least modified equipment.
  • Improvement Stars in Ascending Order: List all equipment the Kanmusu can used based upon the ordering of equipment from the least modified equipment first down to the most modified equipment.

Exchanging Equipment

Locking Equipment

Locking equipment is a simple processes that requires a few simple clicks. When you go to select equipment, you can also lock equipment by moving your course over to the right side of the equipment select interface. When you move it far enough a lock icon will appear. Clicking on it will lock the equipment.

By locking the equipment you basically:

  • Prevent Equipment from being accidentally scrapped.
  • Prevent Kanmusus that are armed with this equipment from being dismantled or used modernized.
  • Prevent equipment from being upgraded to a new form of equipment or used to upgrade other equipment via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  • Prevent equipment from being used for quests.

If by any chance you need to use your equipment for upgrading and/ or quest related purposes you may want to unlock the equipment by simply clicking on the lock icon again to make the equipment usable for these purposes.

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