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Reinforcement Expansion

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Reinforcement Expansions Icon.jpg

Reinforcement Expansions are a unique consumable item which player can obtain from events, some quests, or purchased from the item shop. It was first introduced back in the Summer 2015 Event on August 10th, 2015.

The main function of this item is to allow for the selected ship to receive 1 permanent extra equipment slot that can only be used to equip certain items.

How to Obtain and Use

Obtaining Reinforcement Expansions

Reinforcement Expansions are normally purchased or obtained under the following methods:

  1. Purchase via the Item Shop for around 500 yen (500 DMM points).
  2. Obtain as a reward during event (Many were given out in the Summer 2015 Event) usually from harder difficulty in later Stage Event maps.
  3. Obtain through unique limited time quests such as the Special Winter Missions like the B90 which are only around for a limited time frame.

Obtaining these items through events since 2016 requires lots of hard work to achieve but otherwise purchasing is often recommended as they can be used when needed.

Using Reinforcement Expansions

Once you obtain a Reinforcement Expansion the following requirements are needed to be able to use the item:

  1. The ship you plan to use the item on needs to be Level 30 or higher to utilize the expansion.
  2. You need a Reinforcement Expansion in your item inventory.

Once you have successfully met both conditions, you can then perform the following steps to give your ship an extra slot:

  1. Go to the Modernization Menu and move your course over the right side of the card of your Kanmusu. (A notification telling you that an Improvement Expansion is needed will appear)
  2. Click on the card and you will be given an option to choose whether or not you want to use your expansion.
  3. Click on the Left Option to Accept or the Right Option to return to the screen

If you choose to accept, the Reinforcement Expansion will be consumed and your ship will be given an extra slot.

The extra slot can be used to provide your kanmusu with a Repair Team, Repair Goddess, Combat Rations, Anti-Air Guns, Armor Bulges and Maritime Resupply*.
*Only Hayasui can equip a Maritime Resupply in the extra slot.

Benefits and Uses of Reinforcement Expansions

Reinforcement Expansions are mainly beneficial in allowing your kanmusu to be able to use items and gear which would otherwise hinder their performance of your kanmusu without the expansion. In most situations players will use the expansions to carry rations to boost morale or carry repair teams or goddesses to push their fleet forward in situations where they may be otherwise be forced to return back to base (usually in events).

The December 22, 2016 update lets your kanmusus carry anti-air guns and armor bulges. This gives some kanmusus (such as Maya Kai Ni and the Akizuki-Class) a tactical edge in battle since the extra slot allows them to perform Anti-Air Cut-Ins while also being able to conduct double attacks (in Day/and Night battle with Maya Kai Ni) or Torpedo Cut-in Attacks during night battle.

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