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Re. 2001 G Kai

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Re. 2001 G Kai

No.188 Re. 2001 G 改

Torpedo Bomber Carrier-Based Torpedo Fighter

Effects: Firepower+3 Torpedo Attack+4 Anti-Air+4 Evasion+2

Scrap Value: Fuel1 Ammunition2 Bauxite6

Refittable Class
Destroyer Amphibious Assault Ship
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Aviation Cruiser
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Fast Battleship Seaplane Tender
Light Carrier Standard Carrier
Armored Carrier Submarine
Submarine Carrier Submarine Tender
Repair Ship Training Cruiser
Fleet Oiler Destroyer Escort


パスタの国で開発/配備された液冷エンジン装備の戦闘機の……航空魚雷装備型です。 魚雷投下後は制空戦闘で活躍……することができるかも。 艦攻と艦戦の中間的な機体です。

Torpedo fighters equipped with liquid-cooled engines that were developed and deployed by the country of pasta. It was supposed... to be capable of dropping torpedoes and contesting air superiority. A hybrid airframe used for anti-ship operations.


  • Unbuildable.
  • Due to lacking an ASW value, will not attack subs if equipped to a CVL.
  • Will contibute to and attack in Air Battle due to having an AA value, similar to FIghter-Bombers.
  • Stock Equipment of Aquila Kai.

Provides the Following bonus when equipped to:

Kanmusu Bonus
+3 IcoAtk.png , +1 IcoAA.png , +1 IcoEvasion.png