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Mobile Version Lottery

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From February 29th, 2016 to March 11th, 2016, Kantai Collection held a lottery for the new Official Mobile Android Version of the game which was tied in directly to your Kantai Collection Web Browser account. To allow players to partake in the Android Lottery, they changed their Fleet Friend icon (which has been greyed out since the game's premiere) and made it into the Mobile Version Lottery.

Participating in the Mobile Version Lottery

In order to participate in the mobile version lottery, players had to to have an active game Kantai Collection Game account on DMM's website. Upon starting up the game, on the top of the screen the second button to the right of the former "Fleet Friend" button had been changed into the "Mobile Version Lottery" and would be glowing red.

Android Mobile Version Lottery Icon

When the button was pressed, a new menu opened presenting to a lever. The lever presented before you served as the gateway to participate into the Kantai Collection Mobile Version Lottery. To participate in the lottery one would flip the lever up to place your account in the lottery for when they opened up slots for the mobile version at later dates. Once the switch was flipped the switch your account would be placed within the lottery, you could however choose to opt out from participating in the Android Lottery by pressing the lever again to opt out.

Over a period of updates, additional players from the original lottery have been let in. As of July 15th, 2016, this process was still ongoing. Currently it's unknown when this process will be complete.

Lottery Unlocks

There have been multiple updates to the original lottery list, allowing more and more of the original users in. These updates were as follows:

The lottery formally ended on August 1st, 2016 with the formal release of Kancolle Android Version

Important Notes Regarding the Mobile Version Lottery

  • The play-test will allow up to 100,000 players to participate in the Official Android Version Play-Test.
  • Because of the player limit, people were advised not to enroll unless they plan to actively contribute to the testing process as signing up casually could shun another player from participating.
  • Please remember to follow the Kancolle Staff Twitter for additional information.