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Land-Based Air Squadron

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Land-Based Air Squadron is a mechanic implemented during the May 3, 2016 update, as part of the Spring 2016 Event. It was also usable during the Summer 2016 Event. As of October 5th, 2016, land-based air squadrons will be implemented in the normal maps of the game, giving players access to them for World 6.


This mechanic allows aerial support to be launched from allied air bases. The attack will occur prior to the fleet's attack (after detection and before the fleet begins its aerial combat phase).

Usable Plane Classes

  1. Land Attackers
  2. Interceptors
  3. Carrier-based Fighters Fighter
  4. Carrier-based Bombers Dive Bomber /Torpedo Bomber
  5. Seaplane Bombers & Fighters Seaplane
  6. Carrier-based Recon Planes, Recon Seaplanes & Flying Boat Reconnaissance Aircraft /Seaplane /Flying Boat

How to Use

Each Squadron consists of 4 flights. Each flight can be equipped with a different plane, and the amount differs depending on the type of plane it is: 4 for planes in class 6 above and 18 for all others.
When an equipped plane is removed, the removed plane will be temporarily marked as "Being Transferred" (配置転換中) and will not be usable during this time.

Clearing certain maps such as E-4 and E-5 of the Spring Event increased the number of squadrons that can be utilized.

Each plane has its own equip cost (in bauxite) that is immediately deducted when it is equipped; thus, changing the planes equipped to your squadrons multiple times will drain your bauxite quickly. The equip cost for each slot is calculated as follows: [math]\text{Equip Cost of Slot} = \text{# of planes allowed in slot(4 or 18, depending on what kind)} \times \text{Equip Cost of Plane}[/math]

As of May 5th, 2016, your airfields can be attacked by enemy planes, aircraft will be lost from the first slot sequentially down to the fourth slot should they sustain more than 50 damage in a single air raid


Veterancy does not have an impact on the airstrike power of dedicated land-based aircraft when used in LBAS, whereas carrier aircraft used in a land based will receive an additional 120% multiplier on top of the 150% critical firepower modifier. [1]

Tables of Usage Costs

Carrier-Based Fighters

Carrier-Based Fighters
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
19 Type 96 Fighter Anti-Air+2 3 3 54
20 Zero Fighter Type 21 Anti-Air+5 7 4 72
21 Zero Fighter Type 52 Anti-Air+6 6 5 90
22 Reppuu Anti-Air+10 5 7 126
53 Reppuu Kai Anti-Air+12 5 8 144
55 Shiden Kai 2 Anti-Air+9 Evasion+3 3 6 108
56 Shinden Kai Anti-Air+15 2 9 162
96 Zero Fighter Type 21 (Skilled) Anti-Air+8 View Range+1 Accuracy+2 Evasion+2 7 4 72
109 Zero Fighter Type 52 Model C (601 Air Group) Anti-Air+9 Accuracy+1 Evasion+1 6 5 90
110 Reppuu (601 Air Group) Anti-Air+11 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 5 7 126
152 Zero Fighter Type 52 (Skilled) Anti-Air+9 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 6 5 90
153 Zero Fighter Type 52 Model C (Iwai Squadron) Anti-Air+10 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 6 5 90
155 Zero Fighter Type 21 (Iwamoto Squadron) Anti-Air+9 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+3 7 4 72
156 Zero Fighter Type 52 Model A (Iwamoto Squadron) Anti-Air+11 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+3 6 5 90
157 Zero Fighter Type 53 (Iwamoto Squadron) Anti-Air+12 View Range+3 Accuracy+2 Evasion+4 6 6 108
158 Bf109 T Kai Firepower+1 Anti-Air+8 Evasion+4 2 6 108
159 Fw190 T Kai Firepower+2 Anti-Air+10 Evasion+2 3 6 108
184 Re. 2001 OR Kai Firepower+3 Anti-Air+6 Evasion+2 4

Carrier-Based Bombers

Dive Bombers
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
23 Type 99 Dive Bomber Dive Bomber Attack+5 Anti-Submarine+3 4 4 72
24 Suisei Dive Bomber Attack+8 Anti-Submarine+3 4 5 90
57 Suisei Model 12A Dive Bomber Attack+10 Anti-Submarine+3 View Range+1 5 6 108
60 Zero Fighter Type 62 (Fighter-bomber) Dive Bomber Attack+4 Anti-Air+4 Anti-Submarine+3 4 5 90
64 Ju 87C Kai Dive Bomber Attack+9 Anti-Submarine+5 Accuracy+2 4 6 108
97 Type 99 Dive Bomber (Skilled) Dive Bomber Attack+7 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+2 Accuracy+2 4 4 72
99 Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) Dive Bomber Attack+10 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+3 Accuracy+4 4 4 72
100 Suisei (Egusa Squadron) Dive Bomber Attack+13 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+4 Accuracy+4 5 5 90
111 Suisei (601 Air Group) Dive Bomber Attack+11 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 5 5 90
148 Prototype Nanzan Dive Bomber Attack+11 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+2 5 9 162
154 Zero Fighter Type 62 (Fighter-bomber/Iwai Squadron) Dive Bomber Attack+4 Anti-Air+7 Anti-Submarine+3 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 5 5 90
Torpedo Bombers
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
16 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Torpedo Attack+5 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+1 4 5 90
17 Tenzan Torpedo Attack+7 Anti-Submarine+3 View Range+1 5 6 108
18 Ryuusei Torpedo Attack+10 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+1 6 7 126
52 Ryuusei Kai Torpedo Attack+13 Anti-Submarine+3 View Range+2 6 8 144
82 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (931 Air Group) Torpedo Attack+6 Anti-Submarine+7 View Range+2 4 5 90
83 Tenzan (931 Air Group) Torpedo Attack+9 Anti-Submarine+8 View Range+2 5 6 108
93 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron) Torpedo Attack+11 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+4 Accuracy+3 4 5 90
94 Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) Torpedo Attack+14 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+6 View Range+5 Accuracy+3 5 6 108
98 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled) Torpedo Attack+8 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+2 Accuracy+2 4 5 90
112 Tenzan (601 Air Group) Torpedo Attack+10 Anti-Submarine+4 View Range+2 Accuracy+1 5 6 108
113 Ryuusei (601 Air Group) Torpedo Attack+13 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+3 Accuracy+1 6 7 126
143 Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Murata Squadron) Torpedo Attack+12 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+5 View Range+4 Accuracy+2 4 5 90
144 Tenzan Model 12 (Murata Squadron) Torpedo Attack+15 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+6 View Range+4 Accuracy+2 5 6 108

Seaplane Bombers & Fighters

Seaplane Bombers
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
26 Zuiun Anti-Air+2 Anti-Submarine+4 Dive Bomber Attack+4 Accuracy+1 View Range+6 5 6 108
62 Prototype Seiran Anti-Submarine+6 Dive Bomber Attack+11 Accuracy+1 View Range+6 4 10 180
79 Zuiun (634 Air Group) Anti-Air+2 Anti-Submarine+5 Dive Bomber Attack+6 Accuracy+1 View Range+6 5 6 108
80 Zuiun Model 12 Anti-Air+3 Anti-Submarine+5 Dive Bomber Attack+7 Accuracy+1 View Range+6 5 7 126
81 Zuiun Model 12 (634 Air Group) Anti-Air+3 Anti-Submarine+6 Dive Bomber Attack+9 Accuracy+1 View Range+7 5 7 126
Seaplane Fighters
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
164 Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter Anti-Air+2 Anti-Submarine+1 View Range+2 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 3 4 72
165 Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai Anti-Air+3 Anti-Submarine+1 View Range+1 Accuracy+1 Evasion+2 4 5 90

Land Attackers & Interceptors

Land Attackers
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
168 Type 96 Land Attacker Torpedo Attack+8 Dive Bomber Attack+10 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+2 View Range+2 8 10 180
169 Type 1 Land Attacker Torpedo Attack+10 Dive Bomber Attack+12 Anti-Air+2 Anti-Submarine+2 View Range+3 9 12 216
170 Type 1 Land Attacker (Nonaka Squadron) Torpedo Attack+12 Dive Bomber Attack+13 Anti-Air+3 Anti-Submarine+2 View Range+4 Accuracy+1 9 12 216
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
175 Raiden Anti-Air+6 Template:AntiBomb+5 Template:Intercept+2 2 6 108
176 Type 3 Fighter Hien Anti-Air+8 Template:AntiBomb+1 Template:Intercept+3 3 7 126
177 Type 3 Fighter Hien (244th Air Combat Group) Anti-Air+9 Template:AntiBomb+3 Template:Intercept+4 4 7 126

Recon Seaplanes, Carrier-based Recon Planes, & Flying Boats

Recon Seaplanes
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost
per plane per slot
25 Type 0 Recon Seaplane Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+2 Dive Bomber Attack+1 Accuracy+1 View Range+5 7 5 20
59 Type 0 Observation Seaplane Anti-Air+2 Anti-Submarine+4 Dive Bomber Attack+1 Accuracy+2 View Range+6 3 6 24
102 Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout) Anti-Submarine+1 View Range+3 Accuracy+1 6 8 32
115 Ar196 Kai Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+5 Dive Bomber Attack+1 Accuracy+2 View Range+5 3 5 20
118 Shiun Anti-Submarine+2 Dive Bomber Attack+1 Accuracy+1 View Range+8 4 9 36
163 Ro.43 Recon Seaplane Firepower+1 Anti-Air+1 Anti-Submarine+2 Accuracy+2 Evasion+1 View Range+4 3 4 16
Carrier-Based Recon Planes
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost Notes
per plane per slot
54 Saiun Accuracy+2 View Range+9 Avoid Crossing the T - Disadvantage 8 9 36 Gives a x1.3 bonus to Anti-Air and Anti-bomber stats
61 Type 2 Recon Aircraft Accuracy+3 View Range+7 Anti-Air+1 5 6 24
151 Prototype Keiun Firepower+2 View Range+11 Accuracy+2 8 12 48
Flying Boats
Equip Dex
Name of Plane Statistics Combat Radius Equip Cost Notes
per plane per slot
138 Type 2 Flying Boat Anti-Submarine+1 Accuracy+1 View Range+12 20 25 100 Adds +2 range to your LBAS distance
178 PBY-5A Catalina Anti-Submarine+2 Accuracy+2 View Range+9 10 6 24 Adds +1 range to your LBAS distance

Detail of Each Action

There are 5 actions each squadron can take: Standby, Mission, Air Defense, Take Cover, and Rest.

Action Effect
Standby LBAS Standby.PNG Default state.
Use if you wish to sortie without utilizing the squadron.
Mission LBAS Mission.PNG As you enter the sortie, for each squadron you chose to send on a mission, you can choose up to 2 nodes that the squadron will perform mission at.
You can choose the same node twice for the squadron; if so, the squadron will have two phases to itself.
Note that each squadron has a maximum radius in which it can carry out a mission; you will be unable to use the squadron beyond its combat radius.
Costs Ammunition and Fuel upon selecting a mission run.
Air Defense LBAS Air Defense.PNG During certain maps (such as E-5 and E-7 of the Spring 2016 Event), the enemy can perform air raids against the player's airfield, inflicting damage to planes and resources. This action orders the squadron to perform air defense in order to reduce the damage inflicted to planes and resources. In the Summer 2016 Event, the enemy raid will occur in all of the maps that use land base squadron
Take Cover LBAS Take Cover.PNG Orders the planes to scramble to avoid enemy attacks. This, however, renders the base vulnerable.
Rest LBAS Rest.PNG Will restore morale at a faster rate. However, the planes will suffer heavier damage if under attack while this action is taken.
This also reduces your natural bauxite regeneration rate to 1 per 6 minutes (instead of 1 per 3).

Fighter Power [2]

Fighter / Interceptor Name Japanese Name AA Value [3] Interception Value Anti-Bomber Value Range Net Sortie Coefficient [4] Sortie FP 18 Slots Net Defense Coefficient [5] Defense FP 18 Slots
Model 21 Skilled 零式艦戦21型 (熟練) 8 N/A N/A 7 8 59 8 59
Model 21 Skilled (Max★) 零式艦戦21型(熟練) 10 (8+2) N/A N/A 7 10 67 10 67
Model 52 Skilled 零式艦戦52型 (熟練) 9 N/A N/A 6 9 63 9 63
Model 52 Skilled (Max★) 零式艦戦 52型(熟練) 11 (9+2) N/A N/A 6 11 72 11 72
Shiden Kai Ni 紫電改二 9 N/A N/A 3 9 63 9
Reppuu 烈風 10 N/A N/A 5 10 67 10 67
Iwamoto Squadron 零式艦戦53型(岩本隊) 12 N/A N/A 6 12 76 12 76
Iwamoto Squadron (Max★) 零式艦戦53型(岩本隊) 14 (12+2) N/A N/A 6 14 84 14 84
Hien 244th Squadron 三式戦 飛燕(飛行第244戦隊) 9 4 3 4 15 89 19
Hien 1D 三式戦 飛燕一型丁 9 3 2 4 13.5 82 16
Type 3 Hien 三式戦 飛燕 8 3 1 3 12.5 78 13

Hayate 四式戦 疾風 10 1 1 5 11.5 13

Raiden 雷電 6 2 5 2 9 63 18
Hayabusa Model 2 一式戦 隼II型 6 2 N/A 6 9 63 8 59
Hayabusa Model 2 (Max★) 一式戦 隼II型 8 (6+2) 2 N/A 6 11 72 10 67
Hayabusa Model 2 (64th) 一式戦 隼II型 (64戦隊) 11 5 1 7 18.5 103 18 101
Hayabusa 3A 一式戦 隼III型甲 7 3 1 6 11.5 74 12 76
Hayabusa 3A (Max★) 一式戦 隼III型甲 9 (7+2) 3 1 6 13.5 82 14 84
Hayabusa 54th Squadron 一式戦 隼III型甲(54戦隊) 8 3 1 7 12.5 78 13 80
Hayabusa Model 3 Kai (55th) [6] 一式戦 隼III型改 (55戦隊) 6 N/A N/A 5 6 25 6
Spitfire Mk 1 Spitfire Mk.I 7 1 2 4 8.5 61 12 76
Spitfire Mk 5 Spitfire Mk V 9 2 3 5 12 76 17 97
Spitfire Mk 9 (Skilled) Spitfire Mk.IX(熟練) 10 4 2 4 16 93 18 101
Shiden Model 11 紫電一一型 8 1 1 3 9.5 65 11 72
Shiden Model 11 (Max★) 紫電一一型 10 (8+2) 1 1 3 11.5 74 13 80
Shiden Model 21 紫電二一型 9 3 1 4 13.5 82 14 84
Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) Fighter Unit 301 紫電改(三四三空) 戦闘301 11 4 2 4 17 19

FP of a single Squadron (On Sortie)

The FP of a fighter squadron sent out on sortie follows a formula similar to that of carrier based aircraft, with some modifications.

sqrt(Squad Size) X (Sortie Coefficient) + Veterancy.

The Sortie Coefficient is defined as: AA + 1.5(Interception), which essentially gives land-based fighters a bonus to their total AA score.

FP of a single Squadron (On Defense)

The amount of fighter power each squad contributes aerial defense is determined by a similar formula, as above, but once again, with some minor differences.

sqrt(Squad Size) X (Defense Coefficient) + Veterancy.

In this case, Defense Coefficient is defined as: AA + Interception + 2(Anti-Bomber)

The square root of 18 (the squad size as of time of writing) is approximately 4.25.

For example, a Raiden (6 AA, 2 Interception, 5 Anti-bomber) would have a defense coefficient of 6+2+2(5) = 18; it therefore contributes 18*4.25 = 76.5 FP before applying veterancy bonuses.

The best interceptor is therefore the T3 Hien 244, with a defense coefficient of 19, followed by the Raiden (18), T3 Hien 1D (16), and finally the T3 Hien (13).

The carrier-capable Shinden Kai has a defense coefficient of 15, and is technically better than the Hien, though using it on aerial defense would clearly be quite a waste of its capabilities.

FP of an Air Group

The total fighter power contributed by an air group as a whole is the SUM of the FP provided by all squadrons, multiplied by a factor for recon planes deployed to the air group, such as recon seaplanes, carrier-based scouts (e.g. Saiuns and Keiuns), and flying boats.

Line of Sight Seaplanes/Flying Boats Carrier Scouts
7 or less 1.1 1.2
8 1.13 N/A
9 or more 1.16 1.3

The table above depicts the bonus conferred by a spotting plane

  • The FP bonus conferred upon an air group applies only to the planes in that air group, not all intercepting squadrons
  • When composing defense squadrons, it is therefore important to take into consideration the bonus a Saiun would add (i.e. 1.3 FP multiplier) against the additional FP of adding a fourth fighter group

Bombing Power [7]

Offensively, bombers operate the similarly to regular airstrike with a few major differences which will be highlighted as they are explained, however, a general rule to abide by is that a dedicated land-based bomber will always outperform a carrier-based bomber of equal bombing stat

Specifically, the power of an airstrike is:

Power = Basic Attack Power * Critical Modifier * Veterancy Modifier * Contact Modifier * Land-Based Bonus * Special Modifiers

Equipment Screen

(Example taken from Spring 2016 Event) Click the icon surrounded by the blue box to access the LBAS equipment screen. The icon surrounded by the brown box shows that LBAS can be utilized in that map (in this case, E-4).
Equipment screen for the Air Squadrons. The five tabs at top correspond to the following plane classifications, in order: (1) Land Attacker, (2) Interceptors, (3) Carrier-Based Fighters, (4) Carrier-Based Dive and Torpedo Bombers, (5) Carrier-Based Recon Aircraft, Seaplanes (including bombers and fighters), and Flying Boats.
The 4th slot of this airfield is currently under the transfer restriction, and so is the Ar196 Kai that was equipped to it.

Upon gaining the ability to utilize the Land-Based Air Squadrons, you will gain access to a separate equipment screen (see first image to the right for how to access the screen). Each airfield has 4 equipment slots, and each slot can be equipped with a different plane. You are able to change the lock status of planes in this screen (and this is currently the only way to place locks on land attackers and interceptors).

In the equipment screen, the overview of each equipment lists the following, in order:

Equipping a plane to an airfield slot follows the same procedure as equipping a piece of equipment to a kanmusu: click on the slot you wish for the plane to go into, click the plane you wish to equip, and confirm the choice. Note that the usage costs of the plane being equipped is immediately deducted at this time.

Transfer Restriction

There are a few things to keep in mind when equipping the airfields:

  • Each time a plane is unequipped from a slot (other than being moved to another slot), the plane goes under transfer restriction (配置転換中) and will not be able to be equipped by anything, including ships (in fact, it will disappear from the equip list as if something else is equipping it), until the restriction expires.
  • Each time a plane is unequipped from a slot and another plane isn't replacing it at the same time (this can happen when you drag-and-drop a plane out of a slot), the airfield slot itself goes under transfer restriction and nothing can be equipped to that slot until the restriction expires.
  • It takes 20 minutes for the restriction to expire.
  • Swapping two planes already equipped in slots will not trigger the restriction. Note that you can only do this with planes equipped to the same airfield.

See the 3rd image to the right for an example of both a slot and a plane under restriction.

Combat Radius

This is a stat that cannot be directly viewed anywhere except at the equipment screen; it shows how far from the starting point the plane is able to be sent to. The radius of all planes in the specific squadron is taken, and that is how far the full squadron can go on a mission.

The mechanic to the combat mechanic has changed since the Summer 2016 Event.

The old formula from Spring 2016 Event followed along this example Example: It takes a Carrier Task Force at least 5 nodes to reach the boss of E-4 of Spring 2016 Event.

  • Any squadron with an average Combat Radius of at least 5 can be sent to the boss node, even if the CTF itself takes 6 nodes (since ABCEFK and ABDEFK are both possible routes).
  • A squadron with an average Combat Radius of 4 can be sent to the following nodes: A, C, D, E, F, and H. (Node B is not a combat node)

The present formula, implemented in the Summer 2016 Event is simple: the combat radius of the entire air group is determined by that of the shortest-ranged squadron

  • The distance to a certain node is independent of the route the fleet takes to reach there.
  • Recon planes (both carrier and seaplanes) and flying boats can increase the combat radius.
    • 3 extra nodes with Type 2 Flying Boat,
    • Up to 2 extra nodes with a PBY-5A Catalina.
    • Recon Keiuns, Saiuns, Type 0 Seaplanes, and Type 2 aircraft also increase the distance by up to 2 nodes (although they are extremely limited themselves)

Air Raids

In nodes where you can use land base air squadron, you will receive air raids from the enemy that can attack and damage your planes.

A battle will look like this

After a battle, you will receive one of three messages depending on how much damage was inflicted by the enemy.
The white message will display when no damage is taken by your base.
The orange message will display when some damage is taken by your base, and slight amount of resources will be lost.
The red message indicates the abyssals have damaged your base. This will result in a loss of resources, plane proficiency, and morale.

Restrictions and Gaining Access to Land Based Air Squadrons for Normal Maps

6-4 and 6-5 offers a chance for players to gain access to Land Based air Squadrons for the normal maps of the game. However, unlike event maps, gaining access to Land Based Air Squadrons requires you to gain a hold of an unique item called a Construction Crew

A construction crew allows for you to build one Land Based which will allow you to use one Land Based Air Sqaudron. You can have up to a total of 2 Land Based Air Squadrons for the normal maps in the game. In order to obtain a construction crew, you can earn them one of two possible ways:

  1. Complete Quests in required to gain a Construction Crew. (B80 and B81)
  2. Purchase a construction crew via the premium shop for 800yen.

Upon acquiring a construction crew, you will need to complete the "Begin Preparation for the "Land Base Air Squadron" Quest (F43) in order to gain access to your Land Based Air Squadron. Currently you can have up to a total of three Land Bases. Meaning you can assemble up to three LBAS squadrons.

To expand the Land bases once you have access to it, you will need to get a Construction Crew and then go to your LBAS menu where you can select a one of the other Land Base Air Squadron that is currently locked away. Once selected, you will be given a prompt to choose to use your construction crew to build a Land base or not. If you choose build one, you will gain access to another Land Base Air Squadron to use.

6-4 and 6-5 will offer the usage of Land Based Air Squadrons, but will have restrictions placed upon them as noted on the LBAS icon placed on the map. The following information regarding LBAS restrictions on normal maps applies to the following maps:

  • 6-4 will only allow the usage of 1 Land Based Air Squadron for battle
  • 6-5 will only allow the usage of 2 Land Based Air Squadron for battle

Any extra land base air squadrons can be set to perform Air Defense where it may apply, in this case 6-5 which can have air raids happen.

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