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Kensuke Tanaka Interview: Comptiq Magazine October 2016

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The following interview comes from within the "Comptiq Magazine Ocotober Edition" which was released on September 10th, 2016. Within the book, Chief Editor "T" has an interview with Kancolle's main producer, Kensuke Tanaka. Within the article, Takana discusses about the results of the Kancolle Summer 2016 Event, the upcoming Kai Ni for a Light Cruiser, and the release of a new special type destroyer which will appear in the September 16th, 2016 update. The Interview was conducted in Late August.

Administrative Naval Base Visit

October's Comptiq Magazine Interview Article - Page 1
October's Comptiq Magazine Interview Article - Page 2

T-ko (Afterwards T): Yo! It’s Comptiq! Aww, summer’s over already isn’t it? The season sure went by pretty quickly didn’t it?


Tanaka-ko (Afterwards Ta): It sure did. Lately the days have felt so pleasant, I’ve begun to feel the first signs of fall coming. Would you like some Houjicha[1]?


T: Nah. I think I still prefer ice cream to hot tea. Do you have chocolate ice cream?


Ta:I’m afraid not. I’ll get you some iced houjicha, then.


T: This year’s summer event and August are already over! Would you tell us what the clearance rate this time was?


Ta: That’s right. Although the number of participating admirals hasn’t really changed from previous years, the clear rate has gone up. We still don’t have full results (interview was in late August) but the clear rate for each map has been close to 90%.


T: Wow. That’s pretty high isn’t it?


Ta: It is. There’s still the Extra Op stage after it but the Third Operation which marks the end of the event still has a 90% clearance rate right. Since normally in past events the rate of clearance for the main operation is 50 to 60% this number is pretty high.


T:The introduction of the Land-Based Air Squadrons changing the way fleets are organized must had a part in this change, didn’t it?


Ta: Yes, by concentrating the Land-Based Air Squadrons on dangerous points, admirals were able to skillfully alter their fleet compositions to perform better in the final battle. With this many more admirals were able to clear even the Final Operation at Medium difficulty as opposed to Easy.


T: And finally we get to see a British battleship, and an Italian born Carrier! New Shipgirls are blooming like flowers!


Ta: Aquila is voiced by the very same Akasaki-san (Akasaki Chinatsu) who provided us with such charming voices for Zara and Pola. The new British battleship shipgirl Warspite is a fresh recruit, Uchida Shuu-san. Thanks to both of you!


T: Oh! A new voice actress you say!?


Ta: Yes, Uchida-san is elegant, yet provides a refreshing charm and dignity to Warspite’s voice, so I’m very grateful to her. Kancolle is the very first job she’s had, it’s an honor we aren’t used to having!


T: And, who is Nimu…..?


Ta: I-26, or Nimu, is Ogura-san (Ogura Yui) who previously handled the job of playing Taigei and Amatsukaze. The new Mutsuki class destroyer Minazuki is voiced by Hidaka-san (Hidaka Rina) who’s given us the voice for Minazuki’s sisters before, thanks for coming back.


T: Those two are so cute! Will there be a break in introducing new shipgirls after the event?


Ta: No. the truth is… we’re planning on filling in the gaps with a new Special-Type destroyer.


T: Whoa….filling in the gaps? You mean, like a missing link? Please give us some hints!


Ta: Well, I’m already basically telling you… but you’re right, she will connect the Special Type 1 Destroyer Fubuki class and the Special Type 2 destroyers like Ayanami and Shikinami… also, she was sunk off Panay Island.


Ta:Don’t tell me, that Panay Island is a seriously panai[2] shipgirl!


Ta: ……That’s why they call them special type destroyers!


T: I’ll look it up when I get back!


Ta: Please do so….


T: Oh right, could you tell us about your plans for the next Kai Ni?


Ta: the next Kai Ni we’re planning is….


T: Gulp….


Ta: We’re working on a few different things, actually, but the next one to be implemented soon is…. Ah….


T: What is it?


Ta: Actually, the key words appeared in our previous conversation.


T: What was that?


Ta: Nothing, but this time it’ll be a light cruiser….a 5,500 ton type…..


T: Notes, Notes, let me go reread my notes! A little bit of info for the fall event; what sort of new ships can we expect to see in the fall event! Comptiq!


Ta: What the heck~? The new shipgirl we have planned for the fall event will be… a foreign Standard Carrier. Um… this really is a bit too early. Summer’s only just ended, after all! That aside, at the beginning of fall, we’ll be doing a collaboration with Lawson (Naval Base Fall Festival) and after that will be the Kancolle Classic Style Orchestra with the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. Also, after that, we are preparing another food related collaboration! We are also making preparations to allow the Land-based Air squadron to be used on normal maps, as well as the Ne-shiki engine[3]. Also, we’ll be doing a Saury Fishing mini-event this year, as well as implementing an event for the arcade version and releasing the movie!


T: Oh! It seems like you’ve got a multi-stage plan for this autumn!


Ta: It’s exactly like you said, we’ve got a lot to work on, so I’ve got to get back soon.


T: Roger that! Finally, I think I’ll take these Warspite design notes as a souvenir! See ya!

(2016年8月下旬 「艦これ」運営鎮守府にて)

2016 Late August KanColle Executive Branch District.

Credit goes to JustRad and Bauxite King, Micheal StarCivic and 211303 for translation assistance. Article provided by 211303.

Bonus Content - Warspite's Design + ads

The following context is mainly based upon the ads featured within the same article. While not related to the interview, they do related to current things being promoted for Kancolle during the time of the magazine's publishing. The following content relates to design elements to Warspites decorative designs and ads to the Lawson promotional campaign taking place at the time of publication.

Page 1

Pink-purple box A message for admirals from Shuu Uchida, voice actress for the new battleship girl Warspite, has arrived!

Admiral, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Shuu Uchida. The truth is, Warspite is my first role. I worked really, really hard on the recording. Admirals, thank you for playing Kancolle until now. Please continue to support me![4]

Queen Elizabeth class Battleship HMS Warspite Throne Equipment (Battle Start mode) Design

Caption of Crane sisters’ picture: KanColle Classic Style Orchestra Western Fleet with Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra Main Visual

Page 2

Design notes (Warspite)

Necklace Design

Mini-Crown Design

Naval Base Fall Festival Campaign
Now at Lawson!

Plenty of goods with new art, as well as original products!

Destroyer Kawakaze Mini-Tapestry (fine print at bottom: while supplies last)

Yuubari Fall Festival Tote Bag (The Tote Bag and the Mini-Rake are only available through a lottery. One ticket per purchase of 500 yen or more. Ends Sept 15)

Ashigara’s Katsu Curry Bread
Minced Katsu Curry

Kantai Collection –KanColle-
Naval Base Fall Festival Campaign
Main Visual

With special members-only giveaways, the festival ain’t over yet! Check out the site for details!

  1. : Houjicha is green tea made with leaves harvested in late summer and early fall, late in the growing season. Though considered lower grade than teas harvested earlier, it’s popular for its milder, toasty flavor and lower caffeine content.
  2. Based on a pun between Panay Island and “panee”, a somewhat dated slang term meaning “a lot” or “absolutely”. Kinu also makes this pun in her shipdex entry.
  3. Refers to the Ishikawajima Ne-20 engine, Japan’s first turbojet engine. It powered Japan’s first jet, the Nakajima Kikka, on its only flight, and was planned but never implemented for the Ohka kamikaze plane.
  4. This post was also recorded by Uchida Shuu and placed on the Kancolle Staff Twitter on September 10th