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Kancolle Style Vol. 4/Megumi Nakajima Interview

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The Following interview was conducted in the Kancolle Style Vol.4 Mook featruring Megumi Nakajima.

Within this 6 page Article, Megumi Nakajima does an interview and talks about her actives regarding KanColle, her voice acting career, and other activities she partook in.

Interview with Megumi Nakajima

Japanese English
Page 1



のか、「劇場版 艦これ」などへの

【Voice Actor Fleet】

Cast Interview
Nakajima Megumi

With Mikuma, Kinugasa, I-168, I-58 and Hatsuzuki Nakajima Megumi has voiced a large variety of ship girls.
We asked her how she played those extremely quirky girls as well as what she thinks of the scope of the KanColle film among other things.

Page 2












――――あー! すごくわかります。









「劇場版 艦これ」の舞台挨拶の時にも、このことはお話させていただきましたけど・・・・・・。


Each ship girl has her own unique quirk!
What is your opinion on each of them?

-- Let's jump right in and ask you some questions about the ship girls you voiced.
How about we start with the order in which you recorded their lines?

In 2013 we recorded the lines for Mikuma, Kinugasa and the submarines I-168 and I-58, so four ships, in one sitting, and in 2016 we recorded lines for just Hatsuzuki.

-- In that case let me ask you about your preparations for those roles.
First off is Mikuma, who I think has a lot of peculiar lines...

She certainly does. Especially "Kumarino", which I consider pretty much her catchphrase.
It's like her own favourite, she even calls herself like that occasionally.

-- It's weird how it can work as a pronoun or to cheer her on.

Mikuma herself is kind of like a lady-like character who's rather calm with a gentle way of talking.
But she's not just a normal lady, she's also a girl with some weird quirks like suddenly shouting "Kumarinko!", so I was trying to properly express this discrepancy, but...
I think that line alone is already enough to show this huge discrepancy, don't you think? *laughs*

-- Well then, let's move on to Kinugasa.

I imagine Kinugasa as someone you'd be very close to, so I guess the best way to describe her is the girl next door who's always there for you when you need her, which is why the strongest impression I got from her is that of a "childhood friend".

-- Now that you mention it, she seems to be very close to the admiral.

She's pretty frank, but it's not like she doesn't respect the admiral, she still does that. I guess she approaches you as something like a friend.
Like, she's so close to you that she cheers you up when something happened, or when you're just talking about stuff and she suddenly she's right up in your face, making your heart skip a beat even though she's not particularly sexy. *laughs*

-- Oh, I know exactly what you mean.

But Kinugasa isn't doing that on purpose, I think it's just how she naturally approaches you.
She might poke back if you poke her too much, but to her it's nothing more than just harmless messing around.
Her lines gave me the impression that she's kind of toying with the admiral without actually realising it, so I've kept that point in mind.

-- All right, moving on to the rather peculiar submarines. Let's start with I-168, whom many consider the ordinary one.

You might call Imuya ordinary, but she still has some weird quirks like her obsession with modern devices such as smartphones. *laughs*
I think she takes a role that's similar to someone's classmate, not too old and not too young.
She can be somewhat aloof though. And due to the way she speaks I played her as someone who's a little bit more mature than the rest of her classmates.

-- She does have her moments where she acts more like a grownup.

Here and there I'm getting the impression that she's overdoing it a bit.

-- She also has a lot of lines involving the other submarine girls.

Apart from those parts there are also her sortie lines like "I'll do it myself!" that show how strong she can be, so I made sure to emphasise that she has a strong-willed personality and likes to drag everyone along.
There are also some parts that show the contrast between her and Gōya.

-- Then let's move to on this particularly eccentric Gōya.

When it's about Gōya I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is "Dechi". *laughs*
I've already talked about this during the KanColle film opening speeches, but......
She also slurs lines like "Please hit!" among others, and uses funny words in general.

-- It doesn't appear in many of her lines, but as far as the admirals are concerned she's someone who constantly says "Dechi".

Page 3

やはり「でち」の威力が強すぎて・・・・・・! こういうアイコン的なセリフがあるキャラクターというのは、















That's right. She's a girl with a lot of ordinary lines like "Diving~!", but the impact of "Dechi" was simply too strong...!
It really is fun voicing a character with such an iconic line.
There's a lot to say about her weird quirks, but she's also a regular generic cutie.

-- So I guess in a way "Dechi" was used to spice up that regular cuteness.

Also, when we were working on Hatsuzuki's lines we recorded additional lines for the other ship girls as well, and that time I noticed that Gōya's lines featured a lot of "Dechi".

-- Now that you mention it, almost every single single they've added has "Dechi" in it.

When I saw that I figured that after her first appearance Gōya's character had been established inside the admirals' minds and her lines reflected that, which I find really interesting.
If I put it that way I suppose she's a symbolic character among the ones I voiced.

-- With that said, let's move on to Hatsuzuki, whose lines you recorded together with those additional lines.

The four KanColle girls I voiced before her were all girls that looked their age and talked like that, so Hatsuzuki's tomboyish way of talking left quite the impression on me.
During the recording sessions I was told to get my voice as deep as possible for her.

-- I suppose that really had a strong impression on you, hadn't it?

To me she's not just a tomboy, it's more like she has both a boyish and a mature grown-up side, and similar to that I got the feeling that her strengths and weaknesses just belong together, like two sides of the same coin.
However, in her hourly voice lines she also has her moments where she's warming up to the admiral, so I had lots of fun voicing her.

-- It may not be that simple, but even when Hatsuzuki is trying to protect you you somehow end up wanting to protect her instead.

Yes, she really is an odd girl. During the recording sessions we basically started with her idle lines, followed by her battle lines, and finally her hourly lines, so I got the impression that she was slowly starting to loosen up and be less stubborn.
And thus I saw her more and more as a girl you just want to protect.

-- Her seasonal lines also allowed you to catch a glimpse of what she's really like.

Her seasonal lines give the impression that she's already trusting the admiral.
Also, she's pretty frank and direct when talking to the admiral.
For those lines I tried to avoid making it sound too off-putting.

-- Speaking of which, I got the impression that she has a rather stiff and formal way of talking.

She really does. I think that she doesn't harbour any aggressions, but rather considers the admirals her equal.
Many of her lines have her say "Hey, admiral", which gives me the impression that they're war buddies.

Page 4

|季節限定ボイスに |提督への気持ちが!

















私も三隈の水着姿を初めて見た時、「ダメ! 三隈、ダメダメダメ!」って思いましたから(笑)。







Their seasonal voice lines show their feelings for the admiral

-- Since they came up earlier, let's move on to the seasonal voice lines. Are there any that left a lasting impression on you?

If I had to name something that I found impressive the first thing that comes to mind is Imuya during Valentine's Day.
Especially her "Smartphone-sized bridge-shaped chocolate"!

-- She really has an almost unhealthy obsession with smartphones. *laughs*

She said making it was really hard, so I figured it took a long time, but I didn't expect something that impressive. *laughs*
Just imagining it was hilarious and left quite the impression on me. It's moments like those that allow you to feel her affection for the admiral.

-- Speaking of Valentine's Day, Gōya's Gōya chocolate also had quite the impact.

When you hear Gōya you obviously think she put an actual bitter melon into it, right?
The bitterness of both Gōya and cacao... I wonder if that actually works.
Like coating a sweet strawberry in sweet chocolate...
If they really made some I might actually be a bit interested.

-- The admiral was hesitating for a while before actually eating it though. *laughs*

When it comes to Valentine's Day that submarine duo really was the highlight.
Meanwhile Hatsuzuki only received White Day voice lines.

-- She called the chocolate "combat rations", didn't she?

That line made it perfectly clear that when it comes to romance and similar stuff Hatsuzuki might not exactly be the sharpest tool in the shed.
She's a really serious girl. So much so it's hilarious, and I made sure to express that when voicing her.

-- I think her other lines, such as the one where canned food had gone to waste, were pretty impressive too.

Her "Yes, it's gone bad" line and that pause in the middle were really funny.
It's just so serious of her that she checks the can once, realises that it really went bad and then comes to terms with it......
But then again, organising canned food is totally something she'd do in the first place.

-- All right, are there any lines by the heavy cruisers that left an impression on you?

Well, Mikuma really loves Mogamin......
I don't know what she put into her Kumarinko chocolate, but for some reason I have this feeling that certain questions are better left unanswered. *laughs*
If there's one thing that really left a huge impression on me, I guess it's that they couldn't buy matching swimsuits.

-- That swimsuit was quite provocative, wasn't it? I guess it's not that Mogami couldn't buy one, but more like she somehow managed to run away from all this......

Or maybe she made up an excuse that was good enough.
When I saw Mikuma in her swimsuit for the first time my thoughts were "Oh God, please no! Mikuma, no! Just no! Why are you doing this?!?" *laughs*

-- Kinugasa has also sported many different outfits for various collaboration projects among other things.

She's close to the admiral as usual, and among all the ship girls I've voiced I found her seasonal voice lines to be the most refreshing.

-- As expected from someone as normal as her.

However, I found it hilarious that her Christmas line was "Want me to bring you some stomach meds?" of all things. *laughs*
But that consideration is just like her and shows how much she's looking after the admiral.

-- Well, the admiral got food from many different ship girls back then. *laughs*
Anyway, Kinugasa actually has many unexpected voice lines, like that "after five" in her hourly lines.

It's almost as if she's watching those TV drama series.
Though her hourly lines don't just make her sound like she loves watching TV, but are actually giving me housewife vibes, at least a little bit. *laughs*
Her hourly lines feature moments like her shouting "Oooo~i", which made Ooi turn around, so I guess she's also really fond of puns.

Page 5














――――そして、その衣装もまとっておられた衣笠が、「劇場版 艦これ」では序盤から大活躍していました。

「劇場版 艦これ」の戦闘を見るとちょっと余裕があるというか、

――――では、その「劇場版 艦これ」の収録の現場で、




-- Your girls also have cute idle lines.

The submarine girls start to feel lonely, and then there's Hatsuzuki who suddenly starts diligently servicing her equipment. I find that contrast hilarious.

Looking forward to how KanColle is expanding while having a huge impact on the real world

-- At the Fourth Naval Review you were playing Kinugasa and actually dressed like her. About that outfit......

I had the COSPA staff make it from scratch based on her character artworks.
They did everything starting from taking my measurements, so it's entirely custom-made.

-- They even managed to perfectly replicate the hue of the sailor uniform parts.

I was also really particular about details like the fabric or the material used for the gloves, not to mention that I had them made fingerless so that the mic wouldn't slip out of my hand while on stage.

-- So it wasn't just about the fabric, but even about practicability...... We could write an entire article about such an obsession with the smallest details.

I'd love to wear that outfit again.

-- Well then, what are your thoughts on the Naval Reviews now that you've actually attended one?

I was basically alone during my voice recordings for the game, but this was my first time attending a KanColle event, so watching the ship girls who've been 2D in my mind until then suddenly become 3D, or rather, being able to hear their voices as if they were standing right next to me almost made me think that they jumped out of the game into our world.
And then I was able to actually experience the scenery of all the admirals out there cheering us on, which made the world of KanColle stand out in my books and of course made for a genuinely enjoyable event.

-- You also had many conversations with the rest of the cast, didn't you?

Well, the ship girls only exist inside the game, but nevertheless you can create new settings and character images together with other people.
If you look at it this way then events like these have a very important purpose in my opinion.
Anything that happens at an event can have an impact on later developments, even if only partially.

-- Going back to that outfit, its original owner put up quite the show in the KanColle film right from the beginning.
How did your opinion on Kinugasa change, if at all, when comparing the first voice recordings with her appearance in the anime?

When I watched Kinugasa actually move she became even cuter in my opinion.
And she really moved around during that fierce battle in the film's prologue.
Also, I've always thought that she was knitting her brows in her pre-K2 artwork.
I felt that she's strong and confident when push comes to shove all while still giving off those girl next door vibes, but when I was watching the fight scenes of the KanColle film I got the impression that she was taking it easy a little bit, as in, she wasn't pushing herself too hard.

-- All right then, were there any incidents at the KanColle film recording studio that left an impression on you?

It was astonishing watching the rest of the cast instantly switch between several roles or voice conversations between their roles all on their own.
And of course that one ad-lib scene.

-- You mean that festival scene with all those food stalls, right?

I played Kinugasa as if Aoba had just run off somewhere to take pictures, but for the game every single line has been set in stone as it's written in the script, so this was my first time ad-libbing something as Kinugasa.
Besides, on the day of the recording we were basically told "Make stuff up here" for that scene, so I actually didn't have anything prepared in advance. That made it even more shocking.
I got to watch every single one at the studio record their lines on their own, and you really can't pull that off unless you can get into character for every single role. Imagine how impressed I was!

Page 6

――――それと、「劇場版 艦これ」では4D版の舞台挨拶にも登壇されていましたが、










-- You also attended the opening speeches for the 4D version of the KanColle film.
Are there any parts that gave you different impressions after watching them in 4D?

I had my first experience with 4D itself before the opening speeches, and first of all, it's just impressive how much movement there is!
I was really surprised how the seat was always moving as if you were above the sea on a ship.
I'd also heard quite a lot about the water sprays, but those were amazing as well. I really got showered. *laughs*
And then there was the shelling. The tremor and earthquake-like bass just made those moments where a shell hit feel so real.

-- They really are trying to crank up the realism in many different ways.

When I experienced it firsthand I didn't perceive it as "Okay, I guess it might be something like this", but more like "Yep, I'm pretty sure this is what it's like".
I think 2D is good enough if you just want to experience the story and its details, but admirals who really want to feel the world the ship girls live in should experience it in 4D.

-- You've been experiencing the world of KanColle at various events, but is there anything that you'd find interesting and would like to see in the future?

It'd be a very personal wish, but after seeing Kinugasa move in the anime I'd really love to see my other girls in motion and talking a lot with other ship girls.

-- As far as conversations are concerned you'll probably have many opportunites at future Naval Reviews.

At the third one Hatsuzuki and Kinugasa basically were my main roles, so it would be nice if I can do something with my submarine girls next time.

-- And to wrap this up, a message to all the admirals out there, if you will.

Thank you for everything, admirals.
I know this might sound generic, but ever since I've been exposed to KanColle not just through the game, but also via the Naval Reviews and the anime, I once again realised that so many things have become reality just because of your love and dedication.
KanColle's fourth anniversary is almost around the corner, and I believe that it is a franchise that will continue to receive lots of love.
There are so many ship girls out there, but it's because you show love and affection to every single one of them that I believe KanColle will expand in ways I cannot even begin to imagine.
For that support by the cast and staff is obviously important, but I think the strongest support will be you, the admirals, so I'd love for all of us together to get hyped for KanColle and look foward to what the future has in store for us!

Special Thanks for Admiral_Mikado for the translation of the article.

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