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Kancolle Style Vol. 3/Akasaki Chinatsu Interview

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Akasaki Chinatsu, Voice of Zara, Pola, and Aquila.

The Following interview was conducted in the Kancolle Style Vol.3 Mook featuring Akasaki Chinatsu.

Within this 6 page Article, Akasaki Chinatsu does an interview and talks about her actives regarding KanColle, how she got her voice acting career for the Italian ships, her opinion on the ships she partook in voicing within and finally her thoughts on future things she wishes to see in KanColle.


Interview with Akasaki Chinatsu

Japanese English
Page 1

赤崎 千夏


Voice Actor Fleet

Cast Interview
Akasaki Chinatsu

Akasaki Chinatsu lent her voice to Zara, Pola & Aquila, who're all ship girls from the land of Pasta.
We asked her about her impressions of that harmonious trio when she was voicing them, and of course the secret behind her performance as Pola, who had quite the impact on many admirals.

Page 2
残り燃料16!? 赤崎提督の日常


 鎮守府秋刀魚祭り真っ只中ですけど、まだ秋刀魚は10匹ぐらいしか集まってないんですよ。 ちょっと出遅れちゃいまして・・・・・・。




 1週間あれば集めますよ! 狙って出撃し始めたら、するするっと出てきてくれたんで、漁場が枯渇しない限り!








最終海域に挑んだものの資源も時間もいよいよないぞ! ってなっちゃって。


でもWarspiteとどうしても会いたくて! いよいよこれが最後の出撃になるってところで、


16ですよ!16って、ついに終わったぁ! って思いました(笑)。


6-3までは比較的順調で、これは6-4もいけるやろ! って思ったらあの洗礼が(笑)。




 会えました! 攻略中にひょっこりと。でも、残念ながら伊26には・・・・・・。
RomaもGraf Zeppelinもいないんですよ!

Only 16 fuel left?!? Admiral Akasaki's daily life

-- Let's start with questions about the original KanColle browser game. Have you been making progress lately? (late October)

The Naval Base Saury Festival is in full swing right now, but so far I've only caught maybe 10 sauries. I might not make it......

-- The event has just started. If you already have 10 fish at this point I'd say you're doing fine.

Well, my daily routine consists of stuff like applying make-up in the morning, doing PvP in between preparations for leaving, then when I get back home in the evening I take a bath, and after that do PvP again while drying my hair, followed by sorties, so I guess I was just playing as usual......
This time around I once again had days where I did nothing but PvP even though the Naval Base Saury Festival is going on, so I basically wasted time!

-- If you start now you still have plenty of time though.

Give me one week and I'll catch them all! They practically threw themselves at me when I started sortieing specifically for them, so it'll be fine as long as the fishing zones don't dry up!
......(ominous whispering) by the way, how many can I catch before they stop appearing?

-- (ominous whispering)......if you keep sortieing to the same map they'll stop appearing pretty fast.

Oh, I see...... So I have to switch up the fishing grounds.

-- Well then, how long have you been playing KanColle anyway?

I supposed around two and a half years. I was pretty hooked by the game in the beginning, so I don't really remember what the events and maps back then were like.

-- What got you into KanColle in the first place?

When I was about to give it a try KanColle had become really popular, and I heard that in order to get into the game you had to win a lottery first.
But a lot people I knew were playing it, so I thought I might as well give it a shot. On the very same day they set up a new server no less. Luckily I got in, so I'd say that in a way it was fate.

-- I see, so if you hadn't got in it could have very well been possible for Admiral Akasaki to never take up her post. *laughs*
Which in-game event left a particularly lasting impression on you?

The Summer 2016 Event, big time.
I might have underestimated it a bit because I heard it'd be just a medium-scale event.
As a result I barely managed to clear it on the last day.
My resources were only at the soft cap, so I basically had neither the time nor the resources to clear the last map!

-- That sounds like you really were in dire straits......

I just couldn't get the final kill, and I even had to use my precious, precious present boxes that I got from my dear ship girls......
But I really wanted to get Warspite! It all came down the final sortie when the miracle cut-in happened and I finally cleared the map.

-- One might say it was a miracle born from the ship girls' presents!

I was so glad I could clear that event!
I think I hadn't seen my fuel in the double-digits since I started playing the game.
16! Only 16 left, and it was finally over! *laughs*

-- By the way, what's your progress on the normal maps?

I haven't been to that new KW Atoll (i.e. 6-5) yet.
The Central Northern Offshore Sea of Peacock Island (i.e. 6-4) repelled me, so I stopped at the Guano Atoll Sea (i.e. 6-3).
Everything went swimmingly until 6-3, so I thought 6-4 would be just as easy, but then I was blooded. *laughs*

-- You can now use land-based air groups in 6-4, so there's your chance to try again.
Which ship girl are you relying on the most during your struggles?

Haguro, the only one I married. She's Lv.124 right now.
I also have a lot of Lv.90+ ship girls, but I just start levelling a bunch of different girls on a whim.

-- That reminds me, we were talking about how you got Warspite earlier, but what about Aquila...?

I got her! She unexpectedly dropped while clearing the maps. However, I can't say the same about I-26...
I just have no luck with ship girls that drop in events.
I don't even have Roma or Graf Zeppelin!

Page 3

――――Aquilaのセリフでは、Graf Zeppelinがたびたび登場しているんですけどね・・・・・・。

 いますよ! Bismarckもなかなか来てくれませんでしたが、でも一番シャイだったのは大鳳でした。















 ここまでやっちゃって大丈夫かな? という、

-- Graf Zeppelin pops up rather often in Aquila's voice lines though...
By the way, what about ships like the Yamato-class that you get from Large Ship Construction?

I actually have them! Bismarck just didn't want to come at first, but the shiest of them all was Taihō.

-- If you have assembled so many capital ships I suppose that apart from Haguro it's ships like Yamato whom you deploy to the final map of an event for an all-out war, right?

If it's battleships I usually have Nagato or Mutsu do some work first!

-- Oh, so you're taking a systematic approach!

Systematic is one way to put it, but when I consider the resources at my naval base I need to be extremely prepared if I want to deploy the Yamato-class, so I can't exactly use them except when I really need them. *laughs*

What was your first impression of that trio?

-- Moving on, we would like to ask you about when you were recording voice lines.
You got the job to voice those ship girls after you started playing KanColle, right?

I had been playing the game for quite a while when I got the job. As more and more girls were receiving additional voice lines I couldn't help but think "I wonder if I could do that too... but if I were to voice any what should they be like...".

-- Speaking of which, what kind of ship girl would you have liked to voice?

A happy-go-lucky girl, and maybe someone like Kitakami.

-- And then you actually did voice the level-headed and energetic Zara, and Pola who does everything her own way.

A few days before the recordings I was told by the office that I'd get to work for KanColle this time.
I didn't get what they were talking about at first, so I asked again.
And when I found out at that I'd get to voice Italian ship girls of all people I couldn't contain my astonishment!

-- What was your impression of that ship girl trio like when you were looking through the script?

I thought that Zara is really level-headed and loves her sister very much.
Also, I couldn't help but think that she might love the admiral a lot as well.
Pola is... special...... or perhaps I should say eccentric.
The script had a buttload of lines with wave dashes to indicate long or drawn-out vowels, so I figured I might as well voice her however I wanted.

-- I see, so you were having a field day voicing her.

I was wondering whether it's okay to go this far, and when I let my own head-canon Pola run wild they said "Hold on for a second, please!". *laughs*
But after reviewing everything they basically told me that it was ok for me to take Pola into this particular direction, so I continued with my carefree performance.

Page 4


























-- And as a result she became quite the sensation.

She certainly is in a league of her own. If I had to name ship girls that might like alcohol then Jun'yō or Nachi come to mind, but none of them overdo it as much.
Where others drink responsibly, Pola really does as she pleases.

-- Now that you mention it, Jun'yō started the trend of ship girls that enjoy alcohol, but I think that in the end they know when to stop.

But Pola is constantly three sheets in the wind. *laughs*
Sheesh, she's so hopeless.

-- Speaking of which, what's your attitude towards alcohol?

I enjoy it sometimes. Lately I drink just about anything, but since I'm from Kagoshima I'm particularly fond of potato schnapps. Like Kuro Kirishima.
So many different Kirishima flavours have come out recently, like black, white, red, gold or madder.

-- ("Sometimes"...?)

But when I drink wine I get boozy almost immediately.
Pola is usually drinking so much wine, so I wonder if she's ever been sober...
But she's just so cute for being such a lost cause, so I'm really attached to Pola!

-- That drunk yet cute side of hers sure has charmed many admirals out there as well.

Which I'm really grateful for. She can be quite a handful though. *laughs*
However, I'm more worried about Zara's stomach.

-- As far as I can tell from the voice lines Zara has been pushed around by Pola long before the latter's official appearance.

I heard that as soon as Pola arrived Zara enjoyed a sudden surge in popularity among admirals.
She might be difficult at times, but I'm really glad about this. She's the level-headed big sister after all!

-- The hourly lines provide an insight into their relationship as well.

Well, there's Pola who's getting naked and leaving a mess, and Zoara who's trying to stop her. After listening to it again I think it really a fun, little scenario.

-- And now to the third one, Aquila.

At first I thought that Aquila was a level-headed, mature woman, but I was so wrong. *laughs*
In her hourly lines she has moments where she just wants to leave early when told she's on kitchen duty, or how it's perfectly normal to have someone make food for her, which shows that she simply does whatever she wants.
She wants to be level-headed, but is anything but, which is kind of cute.

-- Her "good good" when constantly checking things sounds fluffy somehow.

Her lines feature weird onomatopoeia like "Grrrrahh".
She's supposed to be the most mature of the three but instead seems to me as another girl for Zara to take care of.

Anything special you realised when you actually got to voice them?

-- When I was listening to the pronunciation of the trio's Italian I really got the impression that they were native speakers.
Did you practise a lot before the recordings?

When I was still in university I actually took Italian classes; it was my second foreign language. I'm not at exactly at a level where I can conduct research, but it's good enough to get a feeling for the pronunciation, so I had an easy time voicing some parts. Italian pronunciation is pretty close to how it's actually spelt after all.

-- Well then, so what impression did you get when you actually started voicing them?

Pola already made an appearance in Zara's voice lines long before I had to work on the former, but even then I already knew that she was quite a handful. *laughs*
I thought that if Zara didn't take care of her she'd be totally helpless.
But at the same time I got the impression that she really loves Pola.

-- And with that impression in mind, what did you think of Pola when you started working on her voice lines?

To be honest, when I started working on Pola's lines I'd almost forgotten about Zara. *laughs*
There's also this weird mutual trust between them, like, no matter what Pola does Zara will surely stand by her.
It's because it's Pola that makes it worth it for Zara, or something like that.

Page 5



――――そして、まだGraf Zeppelinと会えていない状態で臨んだAquilaの収録についてですが。







大丈夫だ! と思ったら実はダメだったりするところはAquilaに似てると思います。


 そう! 大丈夫、忘れ物なし! と思って席を立った時とかに、ついつい忘れ物しちゃうんですよ。


酔っぱらった自分というのを客観的に見たことがないですから、そこはわかりません! ですので、

慢心に要注意? 情報収集は大事!






 戦艦! めっちゃでっかい戦艦がいいですっ!


Gorizia(ゴリツィア)とか。すごい名前で、まさかゴリラみたいな獣型艦娘なのか!? とか、

-- Come to think of it, if Pola was docile then Zara probably wouldn't have to be that dependable.

I think they're sisters that support each other. Even though Zara is doing most of the supporting. *laughs*

-- And what about Aquila's voice line recordings, which you had to attend without Graf Zeppelin in your possession?

She's a special case. She appears mature but also has her failings, so for me she's surprisingly hilarious.

-- Which line of that trio had a particularly lasting impression on you?

Speaking of Zara and Pola, I think their conversation at around 20:00 shows the best what they're like.
I also had fun with Pola's night battle line. She might be three sheets in the wind but still very much gung-ho!

-- For Aquila it's her "good good", isn't it?

After we were done recording her lines I sometimes caught myself saying "good good" as well.
For those around her the situation might be anything but fine, but it's cute how she still says it. I love it.

-- You certainly have voiced three very unique ship girls. If you had to choose which one of them resembles you the most, who would that be?

I'd say I have a little bit of all three of them in me.
Since, you know, I honestly believe I can be as diligent as Zara.
When I'm lazing about at home my Pola side is showing, and when I think "Everything's fine!" even though it's not I think that resembles Aquila.

-- That reminds me, didn't you forget something at the photo shoot earlier...?

Yep! I think "Alright, forgot nothing!", get up from my seat or whatever, but end up forgetting something anyway.

-- By the way, do you become like Pola when you drink alcohol?

I might start mumbling near the end of my sentences, but I've never seen my drunk self from an objective perspective, so I wouldn't know.
So I voiced her with that nice feeling of being just a little bit tipsy in mind, and we all know how that turned out. *laughs*

Pride goes before a fall? Gathering information is important!

-- Moving on, are there any events or ship girl action you would like to see in the game?

I wouldn't mind making a fleet with Abyssals. I also voiced an Abyssal ship after all.
Regardless of what I'd do with that fleet, I just want to have fun with Hoppo! I also love the Supply Depot Princess!

-- During the Summer 2016 Event it was like they were hanging out in a resort.

When I first saw them I thought they went there just to have some fun. *laughs*
I wonder what it'd be like to see the world of KanColle from the Abyssals' point of view...

-- What a deep topic this has suddenly become...
Anyway, if you were to form a fleet with only the ship girls you voice, what girls would you like?

A battleship! Like, a really huge battleship!
It might not fit my personality though.
And maybe a truly unique ship like Hayasui.
I'm sure there'll be a time for her to shine!

-- Come to think of it, during the past events Hayasui really had the chance to shine...

And I just want more girls of the Zara-class.
Like Gorizia. She has a really awesome name, so imagined her as the beastly type, like a gorilla.

Page 6


 あ、それかわいいですね! 名前で呼ばないで、みたいな奥ゆかしい子みたいで。




支援のキラキラはがれちゃった~! あーあ! みたいな(笑)。


いつもうまくはいかない! 艦娘にあたっちゃいけない!(笑)


ついつい演習しかやらない日ができたりするんですよね! どんどん便利なシステムが増えていますし、

――――あれ? 艦隊内の順番なら、もうドラッグ操作でできるようになっていますよ。

 え、できます? 最近実装!? あ、あと装備のスロット順番を入れ替えるのは・・・・・・。



-- Please leave it at a girl who's just self-conscious about her name. *laughs*

Oh, that'd be cute! Like a modest girl who doesn't like her name. Well, this is making my imagination run wild.

-- And to conclude our interview, a message to all the admirals out there who're playing KanColle, if you please.

I do run expeditions during events, but there's this thrill when my resources are starting to run out.
When I deploy large ships to the last map of an event I can see my resources melt away, and I can feel the excitement of "Will I make it? Will I make it?!?", which is fun in its own way. *laughs*

-- Not to mention your instant repairs...

Oh God, yes! Don't get me started on Combined Fleets!
The expenditures for support fleets are nothing to be sneezed at either.
And then, after meticulously preparing everything, my fleet still gets heavily damaged either on the first or pre-boss node. Whoops, and now my support's sparkles are gone! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Something like this. *laughs*

-- I see you're really doing fine in that regard...

That's how the world is, it's something you can learn from KanColle.
It won't always work out! And don't lash out on your ship girls! *laughs*

-- And to always be prepared for such events you shouldn't neglect your daily PvP and expeditions.

Well yeah, that's true, but sometimes I just don't the time to switch around ships and equipment, so there are days where I do nothing but PvP. I know the games is constantly getting new quality-of-life additions, but I also want to be able to easily switch ships around in a fleet!

-- Huh? If it's within a single fleet you can actually switch ships around via drag and drop.

Wait what, you can do that? They actually implemented that recently?! Uhm, then what about moving equipment between slots...?

-- Yes, you can do that too via drag and drop.

U-until now I've changed equipment one piece at a time...!
I'm shocked...
Don't be a know-it-all like me, everyone.
Let's all stay down-to-earth and keep stockpiling!

Special Thanks for Admiral_Mikado for the translation of the article.

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