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Kancolle Style Vol. 2/Sarah Emi Bridcutt Interview

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The Following interview was conducted in the Kancolle Style Vol.2 Mook featruring Sarah Emi Bricutt.
Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Seiyuu of Kanmusu such as Suzuya, Kumano, Yuubari, Maikaze and Hatsukaze

Within this 6 page Article, Sarah Emi Bridcutt does an interview and talks about her experiences with KanColle, her voice acting career along with how she gave some of the Kanmusu thier voices, some of her experiences with the game and her invovlement with the KanColle Naval Review.


Interview with Sarah Emi Bridcutt

Japanese English
Page 1

セーラ 恵美 ブリドカット


Voice Actor Fleet

Cast Interview
Sarah Emi Bridcutt

Out of many different ship girls Sarah Emi Bridcutt lent her voice to five of them, all of whom have markedly peculiar personalities.
She told us about the origins of those pecularities as well as noteworthy incidents during anime recordings or events.

Page 2




 そうなんです! 第弐回「艦これ」観艦式の時は熊野をメインでやらせていただいたんですけど、














いきなり金背景だぁ! って鳥肌が立った記憶があります。

The circumstances behind the creation of that popular line have been revealed at last!

-- Now that KanColle has celebrated its third anniversary and entered its fourth year, is there anything that left a particularly lasting impression on you when, for example, playing the game or attending offical fan events like the Naval Reviews, and that you would like to share with us?

I've received letters, presents etc. from fans of many different franchises, but even among them nothing makes me witness a bigger burning passion than KanColle, like, I can really feel it when people tell me "I love this character!", and that passion gets even stronger over the years, you know.
Taking the five girls I voiced as an example, let's say Suzuya, people don't just tell me that they love Suzuya, they're really specific, like "I love this one line of her!" or "I can totally imagine how Suzuya's there right in front of Kumano!", which I really appreciate.

-- Even at events such as the KanColle Naval Reviews the admirals responded with affection to those lines, didn't they?

They sure did! At the Second KanColle Naval Review I was mainly playing as Kumano, and whenever I shouted the line "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!" the crowd just went nuts and laughed.
I could tell just how much Kumano is recognised by them, not to mention loved.

-- Speaking of which, how did the line "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!" come into being in the first place?

I was basically told "Kumano is a well-bred girl from a rich family, but also such a try-hard that she ended up being kinda weird, so please give us a shout with all that in mind, if you will". *laughs*
It was supposed to sound dignified, but also as if not even Kumano herself knew what she was doing, so it ended up as "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!".

-- Kumano also has many limited-time voice lines where she's being playful.

When she was going "Omnomnom" while eating the ehōmaki during Setsubun, I initially imagined her trying really hard to eat it, but the line turned out to be too hard to understand, so I was instructed to "please make it a bit more intelligible, but still sound like your cheeks are stuffed", among other things......

-- There are more and more scenes where both Suzuya and Kumano appear together, aren't there?

The limited-time voice lines, to name an example, had moments where each line had them talking to each other, turning it into something like a conversation between them. That way you have so many more ways to play around with the characters, which is so much fun, don't you think?

-- I'm sure the ship girls have thoroughly become second nature to you by now, but what was your impression of KanColle like back during your first recording sessions?

When I was told about it, I looked it up before starting to work on the voice recordings to see what kind of game it was, and I got the impression that it was a game about warship that apparently was so popular that prospective admirals had to enter a raffle first, but when I got the script my first reaction was something along the lines of "That's...... a ship?". *laughs*

-- Well, they're cute girls no matter how you look at them.

There are many works out there that feature anthropomorphised items, but I was really surprised, like "So that's what warships look like when you turn them into humans...".
It was my first time getting exposed to the genre, so I had these little moments where I could take one of Yūbari's lines and do some research to find out that, a-ha, so that's how her line is related to the actual ship, or when I found out that Suzuya is named after a river, which I found extremely refreshing, and also really impressive how a simple voice recording job for a video game could be so educating.

-- I see you really put your heart and soul into your ship girls' voice line recordings. Which one of them did you get first in the game?

The first one was Yūbari, whom I built with All 30.

-- Now that's some luck!

Until then I didn't have any luck getting even one of my girls, so one day I decided to do the daily quests and hit construction with all 30. I still remember the goose bumps I got when I saw the golden background.

Page 3





 私、巻雲ちゃんが好きなんです! 自分の担当艦娘も大事にしているですけど、










 まず鈴谷は、台本を見てみたら「ちーっす」、「あざーっす」と軽いなぁ! ギャルっぽいなぁと(笑)。

-- By the way, I'm sure your Suzuya & Kumano already are decently levelled, but what about Hatsukaze & Maikaze?

......I honestly don't know why, but no matter how much I've tried during events, I still haven't got them!

The acting impressions of five completely different girls

-- Well then, who is your favourite ship girl, including the ones you voiced?

I really love Makigumo! The girls I voiced also are precious to me, but I just can't help but love Makigumo and Akizuki...... I even have rubber straps of them.
I don't want them to get dirty, so I put them on a pouch I use at home.

-- You love those sleeves, don't you?

Yep, those dangling sleeves are just so cute!
As for Akizuki, I love that silhouette of hers, her straight ponytail and this certain presence her slender pose emanates are also nice, and she's strong of course. *laughs*

-- I see everyone relies on her for Anti-Air Cut-Ins. *laughs*

Totally, I'm always grateful for her work during aerial combat.
I wasn't exactly doing it on purpose, but before I knew it those two ended up reaching Lv.80, leaving everyone else behind by a huge margin.

-- So it really is Akizuki whom you rely on the most when push comes to shove, right?

Yes, it's Akizuki. If I had to name someone I voiced myself it'd be Suzuya and Kumano. I'd say I have a rather laid-back and casual playstyle, but even then I managed to remodel both Suzuya and Kumano into aviation cruisers relatively early, and they see quite some action during events and other occasions, so I rely on them a lot.

-- Well, apart from Zuiun they can also mount other equipment such as drum canisters.

About those drums, I've already voiced another character that can equip them. *laughs*
Lately she's been carrying nothing but drum canisters for transport missions among other things, which many players find somewhat depressing, but even then they still love her a lot, so it's all right!

-- Moving on, what was your impression of each ship girl you voiced when you recorded their lines?

Let's start with Suzuya. When I read the script and saw lines like "'Sup!" or "Thaaanks!", I thought that, wow, she's so casual! Like a gal. *laughs*
Back then during the recording session they also told me to "make her sound less like a highschooler and more like a gal, like really really casual", so I took that to heart.
For Kumano I was told that she's from a wealthy family and doesn't know how the world works, and also that "she's weird". *laughs*
And before I knew it that weirdness has become one of her charm points in further voice lines, so I'm really enjoying playing her!

Page 4






提督を巻きこんで一緒の楽しもう! という感じで、悲しい過去がよぎった時などは、




 そうなりますね! あとはコンビニのサンドイッチとかですね。自分は熊野と違って完全に庶民なので、



あとは鈴谷なら「どーする? なにする?」が好きですとか、熊野なら「とぉおぉお!」がとにかくすきですとか、




 戦闘以外だと、第六駆逐隊の子たちとのお鍋を作るシーン! 原作ゲームでは正統派なんですけど、

-- Let's move on to Yūbari then.

Yūbari takes the spot of a traditional heroine. I felt that she's in a rather even position where she can approach the admiral with romantic interest or just as childhood or regular friend.
That's why I don't have much leeway with her lines, but I make sure to throw in the occasional "Huh?" or "Woah!?" to show her cute side.

-- Ah yes, her "Don't leave me behind!" line. *laughs* All right, let's move on even further to Hatsukaze, someone who apparently refuses to drop.

Yes, after all these years she still doesn't want to come to me. *laughs*
She's acting cool, but that doesn't mean she's distancing herself from the admiral. I imagined her as a girl that's at a difficult age because she hit puberty. She's showing her cute side with her lines or that Christmas outfit. And of course the whole deal with her dear Myōkō being scary. *laughs*
When asking about her I was told that "she's really seen hell on earth, so you should be scared".

-- Well, she did shear off her bow...... All right, let's move on to the last girl, Maikaze.

I imagine Maikaze as the youngest, like a 11 or 12-year-old elementary schooler, but I also made sure to express that she's trying hard to keep up a happy-go-lucky facade in order to deal with her depressing past, acting all energetic and cheerful, and dragging the admiral into her shenanigans.

-- Lately she's been interacting more and more with Nowaki.

She certainly is. I find the whole "Nowacchi" thing really refreshing.
During our first recording session there were hardly any lines directed at other ship girls, so I was glad to realise that yes, she does have friends.

-- I was about to ask which line left a particularly lasting impression, but I'm assuming it's "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!", isn't it?

I guess so! Not to mention the one about buying a sandwich at the convenience store.
Unlike Kumano I'm just a totally ordinary woman, so I thought to myself that huh, I guess that's a fresh experience if you're a girl from a high-class family.
Even additional voice lines have her talking more and more about food, so I got the impression that she's kind of a gourmand. *laughs*

People imagine and love them in different ways

-- Is there anything that left a particularly lasting impression on you, be it the way the admirals out there have expressed their support for the ship girls you voiced or something else?

There are a lot of fans who've told me how much they love Suzuya and Kumano, but there also are many admirals who love not just those two but all five girls.
I heard some even call them the "Bridcutt Fleet". *laughs*
I'm just overjoyed when, for example, I get letters that read "I'm sorry, but I took the liberty of shortening it to 'Brid Fleet'", not to mention all the fanart presents.
And of course comments like "I really like Suzuya's 'Oh, what'cha doing?... What'cha wanna do?'" or "I just love Kumano's 'Wooooo↑ooooah↓!'", or parodies of lines like "Tell me your opinion later!", "~One! ~Two!" or "How many?". Long story short, I receive many different kinds of feedback, which shows me just how differently people can express their love compared to other franchises.

-- Yūbari also starred in the anime series. Was there anything you had to keep in mind when playing her?

When working on the anime I kept asking "Does Yūbari make an appearance here?" on several occasions, especially for fight scenes, and pretty much begged them to let me ad-lib lines for getting hit if she did just so that I could make her appear more present, even if it was just for a little bit.

-- Well, she did appear not just in fight scenes.

Ah yes, the pot making scene with the girls from the 6th Destroyer Division. In the original game she's rather generic, but that scene highlighted how she's not so impartial to mechanics, so I was aiming to portray her as a bit of a nerd in that regard.
For the part where she's wearing a welder's mask and breathing heavily I used a cup to make my voice sound like that.

Page 5




すごく嬉しかったですね! できることなら、鈴谷と熊野の非常に中睦まじいところをお見せしたいです。










-- I see you've had quite the memorable moments during the anime recordings. *laughs*

I guess so. *laughs*
She got to wear a mask and an orange jumpsuit, something that had never happened before in the game where she's always carrying her rigging around, so it was like a breath of fresh air for me.
Also, that tanktop she wears underneath the jumpsuit looks really cute on her.

-- Speaking of the anime, Suzuya and Kumano made an appearance in the film preview trailer that was shown at the KanColle Spring Festival.

I was totally surprised, but also really happy because I've always wanted to see them in the anime, wearing those blazers!
If possible I'd love to show just how intimate they are with each other.
Even among sister ships Suzuya and Kumano are an odd couple, in a good way, which I find really funny, but these two are also pretty girly, two sides I'd love to show off if possible.

Bridcutt Fleet looking for member #6 !

-- Before the film's release there's still the 3rd KanColle Naval Review that's coming this summer. Are there any fond memories of the Naval Review events you would like to share with us?

For the stage plays I appeared as Yūbari during the first naval review, then as Kumano during the second one.
During the first one my role was to deliver the punchlines when needed, like shouting "Don't leave me behind!" while trying to keep up with the others.
Furthermore, I was able to show a never-before-seen side of the ship girls in my conversations with the other voice actresses and share it with the admiral audience right in front of us.
For me that was a really fun and enjoyable part, not just in general but also as an actress.

-- What about the 2nd Naval Review?

At the second one I didn't intend it to be so funny, but even when I - as Kumano - said a little bit weird lines besides just "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!" everyone was laughing really hard...
It really came across to what degree everyone loves Kumano, with her being cute but getting hyped for all the wrong reasons.
Also, at the first review there were many admirals who hadn't got any of my ships, but when the second one came around I met quite a lot of them who had them at their base, which made me extremely happy.

-- Now that the 3rd Naval Review is coming up soon, if there's anything you're looking forward to, feel free to share it with us.

After Yūbari and Kumano I'm really looking forward to who it's gonna be at the third one!
I might play Yūbari again, or maybe this time Suzuya, Maikaze or Hatsukaze.
I'm not just looking forward to participating in this official fan event, but also to whom I'll be able to play as.
And I think all the admirals who're coming feel the same, which makes it even better because it's a festival we can all look forward to together this year.

-- Speaking of which, is there anything you wish to see or try in future KanColle events like those?

Since the game has regular events where several characters get to wear Halloween costumes or yukatas, why not hold real life events where the voice cast also gets to wear Halloween costumes and such?
I think that'd be lots of fun!

Page 6


ありがとうございます! かわいくってもう仕方ないです!










そしてTVアニメに留まらず、PS Vitaに続いてアーケード版と、ここまで大きくなって・・・・・・と、

-- Whether it's the Oktoberfest or frying sauries, the game certainly has a large variety of events.

And from those this year's rainy season finally gave Yūbari the limited-time outfit I've been waiting for!
Thank you so much! She's so cute I don't even!

-- Well, then let's look forward to even more limited-time outfits in the future. *laughs*

I'd also like to try my hand at a drama CD.
Interacting with other ship girls who're all part of the same story is something I've already done for the anime, but everything being audio only also has a certain appeal, so I think it'd be fun if we expanded these interactions even further.

-- All right, we've already talked about those five unique ship girls, but is there some other type of ship girl you would like to voice?

I'd like voice a big sister character. Who also happens to be a hardcore sadist.
And maybe a calm, gentle girl.

-- Makigumo is cute, isn't she? *laughs*

Yes, exactly someone just like her. *laughs*
If it's the older, sisterly type I'd love a character who's as stern as Yamato, but also keeps her cool and possesses the strength of a knight.

-- If she's a stern knight I suppose she'd be a battleship. If we consider foreign ships there are many to choose from.

Yes, a battleship would be great!
If I got a sixth role I'd finally be able to make a fleet consisting of the girls I voiced, so a battleship or aircraft carrier would be nice, not just for me but also for my naval base. *laughs*

-- And to wrap this up, a message to all the admirals out there, if you please.

You never stopped loving this game, and now it's already the 4th year since its release. I am deeply grateful for that.
Now we have not just the anime, but also the PSV game and the arcade version. To think that it'd become this big...... there really have been quite some moments where I thought of it as a precious child of mine, and I honestly think it's all because of your support.
There'll probably many more fan events in the future, including the Naval Reviews, so let's keep it going!

Special Thanks for Admiral_Mikado for the translation of the article and DNG for providing the article.

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