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KanColle Naval District Ice Festival - Naval Review on Ice

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KanColle on Ice Logo

KanColle Naval District Ice Festival - Naval Review on Ice is a Festival taking place in July 14th - 15th, 2018 at the Makuhari Messe in the Chiba Prefecture in Japan. The main theme of the convention that will center around "Ice". Tickets to the Live Event were be avalaible to purchase from June 21st -24th, 2018.

The main theme an attraction of the convention will be a ice skating performance which will feature over 20+ Ice skating performers dressed up and performing in cosplay while performing in the ice skating rink.

The performance will be similar to that of Disney on Ice in except with a KanColle theme.

In addition to this, they also sold various foods and merchandise in the "Shave Ice Area" and "Offical Merchandise Area" located outside of the Ice Skating rink area.

Foods and Shaved Ice

During the Ice Festival, it was possible to purchase food before and during the show however due to the heavy demand of food, you were required to attend early so you could obtain a "Meal ticket" These meal tickets could be used to purchase food that you wanted to pay for these could range form one of the following items (but not limited to):

  • Shaved Ice (6 Different Flavors)
  • Zuiun Float
  • Zuiun Crepes
  • Hiei's Curry
  • Kaga's Curry
  • 6th DesDiv Kid's Meal
  • HighBall (Alcoholic Beverage)

Official Merchandise


During the Ice Festival, it was possible to purchase a large amount of Kancolle merchandise from the merchandise booth. There was a grand total of 36 possible items you can purchase which includes:

Seiyuus and Performers

As of current, it has been announced that there willl be over 20+ Ice Skaters performing with among them:

  • 14+ Adult Figure Skaters
  • 6 Children Figure Skaters

3 famous Japanese Figure Skaters which includeds:

  • Ito Midori - 1992 Winter Olympic Figure Skating Silver Medalist, 1989 World Champion, 8 times consecutive national champion of Japan. Winner or runner-up of 10 consecutive national championships she took part in. The first woman to land triple-triple jump combination and a triple axel in competition and seven triple jumps in free skating competition. Inducted into the Ice Skating Hall of Fame in 2003.
  • Mura Takahito - Four Continents champion, Skate Canada International champion, Trophée Éric Bompard champion, 5 times Japan Championships bronze medalist. Began skating at the age of three.
  • Rina Sawayama - Model and Figure Skater performer. Junior champion of Japan, as well as 3 times national ice dancing champion.

In addition to them, Seiyuus who voiced the Kanmusus from KanColle also provide voice overs for the show which include:

Show Performance Summary

The Ice Skating performance itself consist of 2 Acts which focuses on the story the rise of a new Abyssal threat in the Ice Skating rink in which the Kanmsusu must face along with the help of the Admiral will need to face in order to defeat the following figure skaters played the following roles:

The show played out as followed:

Act 1

Wave are shown on the ice floor as the move across the water.
Eventually the water turns to a crimson red cover.
The Abyssal Ice Skating Princess (Rina Sawayama) emrges and begins to perform a solo ice skating performance.
Yuudachi, Asashio, Hibiki, Shigure, Abukuma, one other Kanmusu (Jintsuu on Day 1, Yuubari on Day 2) appear on stage and skate around in a single line formation.
Then begin to change into a double line formation while going around the ice rink
Then Mogami ,Mikuma and Kongou Sisters come out on stage to join up with the others forming a combined fleet
The 12 then begin to perform some basic figure skating and various maneuvers while skating around the ice rink
Suddenly the Kanmusus are ambushed by 2 Abyssal, the Abyssal Ice Skating Princess (Rina Sawayama) and the Legendary Abyssal Ice Skating Princess (Midori Ito)
The 2 Abyssal begin to perform various ice skating maneuvers that were out performing what the Kanmusus were doing on stages (more or less showing they were way better compared to them)
But then... a shadow appears on stage!
A male figure enters the stage and it's revealed to be Takahito Mura as the Admiral!
Takahito Mura comes on stage and begins to perform his skilled triple axles and such on stage and wowing the crowd
Then following that he has a moment with the 4 Kongous as he and the 4 of them skate together while the "Marriage Music" plays
Following this, Naval Excersies commenced as 6 ship girls figured skated in opposite parts of the skating ring.
Uchida Shuu came out on stage as Warspite as she was escorted by one of the skaters to a chair like device which was designed like her rigging as she skated around the arena she would then welcome everyone to the KanColle Ice Festival in English followed by a shorter welcome in Japanese.
Soon a battle commences as the enemy abyssal launch thier attack which consisted of the two princesses and 4 PT Imp Group
The Princesses and the ship girls figure skate around the arena until the skating area goes black
Afterwards an introduction to the Seiyuus who are voicing the show was announced which then lead to intermission....

End of Act 1

Act 2 (Final Act)

Kaiboukan appear on stage and beginning to perform on stage to various KanColle. All the Kaiboukan who performed on stage were children.
Following thier performance, each shigirl appeared on stage 2-4 at a time.
Once after all the Kanmusu entered the stage the ice rink went black and then the arena had a festival stand that appeared and the 6 Seiyuus mentioned in the show appeared on stage on the stand.
The Kanmusu Ondo was then performed on stage.
Following the song the 2nd battle against the Abyssal Princesses commenced
Ship girls continue to skate along with the Admiral as they try to out perform the Ice Skating Princesses
Akagi and Kaga come in to aid and assist in the battle.
During the battle the Abyssal Ice Princess was chased away by the Legendary Ice Princess leaving her alone to fight the Kanmusu Eventually the Legendary Ice Princess was defeated which lead to the final segment where an image of the moon appeared in the Ice Rink followed by the song Tsukiyomi being performed by the Seiyuus (who returned on stage) while the Kanmusus skated around the stage with the admiral.
It concludes with one Kanmusu skating in the light side of the moon while Rina Sawayama (The Abyssal Ice Princess) skates into the dark side of the moon
Which is likely to be intended to be some kind of metaphor of how Kanmusus and Abyssals are one of the same, just two sides of the coin

End of Final Act

Famitsu Article + Photos from Show

Below is an article that was written on Famitsu.com regarding the Ice Skating Festival. The follow information and pictures are all property of Famitsu.

On 14 and 15 July 2018, a Kantai Collection event “KanColle Chinjufu Ice Festival in Makuhari Special Harbour – Naval Review on Ice” is taking place at Makuhari Event Hall in Chiba prefecture. Performers include top-notch ice skaters as well Shipgirls’ seiyuu, in what turned out to be an astonishing event.

Figure Skaters

  • KanColle Chinjufu Ice Festival’s First Striking Force and Kido Butai’s Main Force’s Special Formation teams.

Special Guests:

  • Ito Midori (Olympic silver medalist, and 8-time consecutive champion of Japan)
  • Takahito Mura (3 times world champion, Four Continents Championship champion, Pyonyang Olympic representative)
  • Sawayama Rina (Ice skating junior champion of Japan, ice dancing 3 times champion of Japan)


Just for this occasion part of the Makuhari Event Hall was turned into an ice rink. The show started with Sawayama Rina’s solo performance as Abyssal Ice Princess. Next, the Special Formations appeared, with Shipgirls like Akagi, Kaga, Kongou sisters, Yuudachi or Hibiki and began performing fleet maneuvers to the rhythm of KanColle’s BGM.

Ito Midori in role of the Abyssal Ice Legend Princess, accompanied by the orchestral arrangement of “Modorenai”, gave a very powerful performance worth of the main villain.

Amid the battle group of skaters, the sole male role was given to Takahito Mura, whose role was, of course, that of the Admiral. Wrapped in the white navy uniform he performed spin jumps etc. However, as befitting of the Admiral, there were also Shipgirl commanding scenes with his participation.

The performance was tailored as a story told by ice skaters, BGM, sound and lighting effects, to show the interactions between the Admiral and his Shipgirls, training and practice, the appearance of Kaiboukans, and of course battles between Shipgirls and the Abyssals. In addition to the ice show, seiyuu took on stage performing “Kanmusu Ondo” and “Tsukiyomi”, and for those with taste for instrumental music there were wadaiko (Japanese drums) and violin concerts held in the venue. As such, you can see that there was an abundance of very entertaining content, which makes me believe that this way of presenting and enjoying KanColle is a very real possibility.

My thoughts as an Admiral Admiral Mura, full of dignity and self-confidence was just too awesome. Fairy-like and charming Sawayama Rina was truly, truly splendid as well. As for the last boss Ito Midori, as expected I can only say “wow, that was astonishing!”.

Translation provided by Huggykaze

Game Announcement News

"During the 3rd and final show, Uchida Shuu announced to the public in English the following message:

"The following information is really important so listen carefully: This year KanColle is moving towards its second edition: HTML 5 mode Let's meet again at our Chinkufu in HTML5 block 1"

Many thanks to MagicSwordz for his hard work at attending both shows.


In addition to all this, there are also several other features which were shown as Ice Festival which included various Kanmusu stands, The Kongou and Haruna Bungee decotrations put on display and the Kanmusu Ondo Dance takign place out in the convention area. Below are picture of some of the others things that were found there.